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    Since no one responded to the thread for the week of 3/24-3/30, I hope you all like my decision to make @Eric an Honorary Aficionado for putting up with us (probably mostly me bugging him at times), and I'm also awarding him a crown of golden laurels for keeping this forum up and running for the last 11 years. Thank you, Eric! If anyone that has benefitted from this forum has not yet donated to Eric, please consider doing that to help keep the site up and running. If you consider the time another member here may have saved you by providing answers not easily found in other reference materials or sites, or if this site has helped make your season a little easier or more profitable, I think you'll agree that a donation isn't too much to ask.
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    My assistant and I went for a doubles massage. My neighbor brought us a little bottle of champagne, so we had some bubbly before going. This gal, Cynthia, has become like a daughter to me. With no job and no plans for a career, I took her under my wing last year. She was even better this year. I'm helping her study for her EA (even though I have no plans for my own) so she can plan her future in taxes. Personally, this has been the most peaceful, joy-filled, and productive tax season in my life. Thank you for all your assistance, all your laughs, and for being my extended office. This is my safe place, right here. What a difference this site makes in my business and my spirit. Saturday, I begin HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS. Yes, 62 this month, and I'm finally able to fulfill a dream of mine. I am going to a Christian camp so that if I fall off the horse and "wake up dead," they know how to pray me UP! AMEN? I'm a very blessed woman! Thanks, and God Bless y'all.
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    I hit golf balls because the golf season has officially begun.
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    I'm actually not new - I've been reading this forum for years. At the end of every tax season I swear I'm going to join and donate and tell all of you how you helped me get through the last few months. Then I'm too tired. We're all tired. So that's not a good excuse anymore. I've done taxes for 32? years. On my own for approximately 28 of them and the hardest part has been not having anyone to bounce things off of. Well. That's not entirely true. The hardest part is the fools who walk through my door who make me wonder how they managed to find their way from their house to my office......... My biggest challenge this year was a client who I've had since day one. Two family rental totally gutted in a fire. Okay. What does this mean? How do I report? What is the impact? Involuntary conversion, right? Wait. Is there a casualty loss? OMG! Oddly enough - Bulldog Tom (who beat himself up for missing something on a return) gave me the answer in a post from 2015. Bless you Tom. And know that last year I finished a partnership return on 4/17 and forgot to e-file it. Yeah. Totally forgot to hit "send." At least the extension was filed on time and it was "only" two months late. I still suck as a preparer and I ate the penalty. Tom and all of you keep me sane. You make me laugh. You make me feel like I'm not alone. My sincerest appreciation
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    I've never understood why they put those "Deer Crossing" signs along the road where they do. Too many deer get hit there. They should move the signs to a safer place.
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    Ok, I didn't, but I've seen that statement out of pros, and I just want to say: I cannot do 16 returns on a Saturday with the door locked if I manage to pick up the info for my only 16 clients who brought all their $%^&. I hope those people mean "my assistant and I," because even with a wine per diem, I can only make eight returns look like ten.
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    Not that I won't be here tomorrow working. But there was a time when the kids were young that I would leave early on Good Friday and we would do eggs and make things on Easter Saturday and visit the bunny. At least this year I have promised not to work on Easter Sunday. May the bunny fill your basket full of extensions!
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    Just dropped in to lighten a moment of your stress....Good luck and happy return's to you all....
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    I took my staff to dinner at a local restaurant. We ate, drank and laughed for two hours. My receptionist had her baby on April 12th, so we had a 5 day old baby boy at the table with us. My wife and I will relax at home tonight. Rich
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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonynitti/2015/04/05/ten-days-until-tax-day-how-to-tell-inconsiderate-clients-youll-be-extending-their-returns/#3e7153702aea Dear _________, I heard you stopped by the office today at noon. Sorry I didn’t get to see you; lately I’ve been spending my lunch hour in the parking lot, sitting in my car and quietly weeping. Judging by the disorganized pile of unopened envelopes and food-stained receipts on my desk that alerted me to your visit, it looks like you dropped off your tax information. How sweet of you! But here’s the thing. It’s April ____th APRIL _____th!! The tax deadline is in less than ten days. And you know this. You’ve always known this. Because unlike Thanksgiving, Easter, and Arbor Day, tax day is always on the same exact day of the year: April 15th. Well, except when it falls on a weekend, in which case it might be the 16th or 17th, but you get the idea. Yet, despite presumably possessing the ability to comprehend the standard Gregorian calendar, here you are, dropping off all of your information mere days before the deadline -- just as you did last year, and the year before that -- and leaving me a Post-It note thanking me for “squeezing you in.” Only I won’t be squeezing you in. It’s nothing personal, it’s ju….OK, maybe it is a little personal. I have to know -- why are you dropping your stuff off now? I could understand if you were waiting for a K-1 or some other information from a third party that just arrived in the mail, but that’s not the case. You’re a W-2-mortgage interest-charitable contribution kinda’ guy, and you’ve always been that way. Yet, simple as that sounds, you can never manage to get your information to me before the calendar turns to April. And that’s freakin’ rude. Squeeze you in? When, exactly, would you like me to squeeze you in? Last week I worked ___ hours, and I still have ______ returns to get out the door before April 15th. And every single one of those _____ returns is in the queue ahead of you, because those people had the good sense -- nay, the decency -- to bring me their information BEFORE THIS WEEK. So by asking me to squeeze you in, you’re basically saying, “Hey, I know the next ten days of your life are going to be pure hell, but do me a favor…when you mercifully reach the end of the months-long pile of returns you’ve had to complete, just knock mine out real quick.” It's as if I was asked to run a marathon, only to have you show up with 100 meters left and move the finish line back another mile. And for that, I hope you c0ntract a raging case of pinworms. Come to think of it, actually, it would be a refreshing change if you conceded that you were at the end of my list. Because if memory serves me, every year you drop off your information on the 5th or 6th, and then start calling on the 7th to find out “how things are coming.” Well, this year, let me tell you in advance “how things are coming.” Since tax season started, I’ve put on _______ pounds. I haven’t seen my kids during daylight hours since _______. My neighbor just told me that the Fed Ex guy's/Avon lady’s car is often parked outside my house for hours at a time, but whenever I get home, I’ve got no packages/cosmetics but one helluva happy wife/husband. THAT’S how things are coming. So no, I won’t be “squeezing you in” before April 15th, because that’s a physical impossibility. The only time during the day when I’m not sleeping or preparing a tax return is on my drive to and from work, and careening off the road while trying to prepare your return at 70 mph is not how I intend to die. Although to be honest, right about now the idea of eternal rest sounds pretty damn appetizing. In short, I’ll be filing an extension for your return. See you in May/hell. Sincerely,
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    Just got a 1098-T with detail showing qualified tuition and all payments made. A great way to start the day! Thank you Wesleyan University! You get it! (But you could add totals next time, just sayin'.)
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    Hi everyone! I'm sort of new to this forum. Joined last year, but haven't participated. I mostly lurk around between the wee hours of the morning and the quiet time after dinner when I herd the last clients out the office door. I don't really remember how I found this place, but I am glad that I have. You've all provided me with help (I find a lot of answers here to supplement my own research - so thank you! ) and humor (because we all need it this time of year), and I'm grateful for that. 3 more weeks! And then we can have our lives back. At the very least, we can sleep while it's still evening.
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    My first thought was that this preparer turns out a lot of incorrect returns. He claims this is his average day. My last thought is that he turns out a lot of incorrect returns. Yesterday I managed to do six returns and talk to eight people in eleven hours, just me. Word, @ILLMAS. I had a fun conversation with a client about SNL and "Land Shark!" (He yelled that coming in the door.} He said SNL made more sense when he smoked marijuana. Also listened to a precious friend talk for one hour about the stress her family is under going thru a very terrible, terrible messy thing. I vacuumed the waiting area. Dishes are still in the kitchen area, but I'll get them today. My life is so good. I'll stick to it.
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    So yesterday afternoon I called @Possi to see if they survived, and they were DRINKING AND HAVING MASSAGES. Wait, what? I thought I was your best friend, not Cynthia. I see how it is. Then I went home, had five little candy bars, and whoever named them "Fun Size" clearly did not understand fun. Then I hiked around the farm smiling and enjoying the sun, thankful for a good season. Discovered a new baby calf, which is always like Christmas morning to me. Thanks to all of y'all for everything you do for me. And everybody please stick around because I need you all year.
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    Hooray....The ...Last ... Day....---Hope You all had a peaceful and successful tax season. Now You can dance... IN THE OFFICE: OUT OF THE OFFICE: OR - ON THE WAY HOME - TODAY:
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    Same as Rich, took staff and family to dinner at this great little Italian place in town. One good thing about tax season ending on a Tuesday is we almost had the restaurant to ourselves. I'm sure the restaurant and wait staff appreciated our business too.
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    Made myself scrambled eggs since i make the best scrambled eggs ever
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    My son (my assistant) and I went out for Japanese . He had sushi and I had hibachi shrimp and broccoli.
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    I spoke with client and she remembers getting a correspondence from SSA to confirm her appointment. She had no appointment. She also thinks it's her ex wishing her dead.
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    Wow, maybe she's BAAAAACK! Won't she get the same response if she files paper? Still, that seems like the only option. File and pay, then carry your risen self to the SS office and scream "HALLELUJAH!"
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    This. It's a piece of paper. We've all done it. I can't wait to see what I did this season.
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    Nah, my one complainer guy's broker fees were only $9,057. He doesn't like my (finally up to) $350 fee. He's been struggling with my enormous fee for ten years now but manages to drop in five times a year to get advice. I have decided he will get the opportunity to find a better, less expensive alternative than me next year. That's right, I'm letting him live to regret trying that haggling ship on me. We don't do that here. If I think I'm paying too much, I smile politely, thank you, pay your fee, and don't come back nine more times. My #1 rule is everybody in this office is happy. My #2 rule is if everybody can't be happy, Rita will be happy.
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    When I become President and make the rules, everybody will open their own mail and dispose of all of the envelopes before it gets to the accountant's office.
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    OK, I am going to give this another shot. This is my own tax return. This is why there are people trying to secede from California and create the 51st state - Jefferson. So, I changed jobs in 2017. CA imposes State Disability Insurance tax on workers in CA. It phases out when your income reaches a certain level. When you change jobs like I did, it is possible to have paid in too much, just like SS tax. I had excess SDI withheld this year. So we file our taxes like every other year, and set it up for direct deposit. We got our federal refund a couple weeks ago, but not the state. We had just about got to the point that we were going to start looking up where our refund is when the letter comes in the mail today from the FTB. They held my return and are going to mail my refund in a check because they found an error. Me! An error! I don't think so! Especially not on MY RETURN! It turns out that the state of CA does not round when they match SDI withheld. Each of my W2's were xxx dollars and just over 50 cents on the SDI withholding, so ATX rounded it up. CA held up my return because they don't round up, they add the two together and rounded, and the amount I claimed for SDI was off by $1. I am sure the dumbasses in Sacramento feel really good about how they spent more on the letter, and postage, and the postage they are going to spend to mail my refund check, to save the overburdened taxpayers of CA $1. I kid you not. This is how stupid these guys are. Judy, I am counting on you to get me the votes for this post. I want my star! Vote for me...Vote for ME...VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!! Tom Modesto, CA
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    What did YOU do to celebrate the end of tax season? Sleep? Eat? Drink? All of the above? My husband and I are going out in about a half hour, to get me a hot fudge sundae. That's my celebration.
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    Headed out early this morning to my getaway in the country. Arrived at 5 am and it was snowing! It stopped at about 7 and I cleaned up all the downed branches and fixed the plow damage. I loved it, no thinking and my back aches but it feels so good. Got a haircut and a great lunch with a friend in my favorite Greek restaurant, ate and drank with a smile knowing I'm done. Just got back and this is the first place I went to check. Glad to see everyone is having a good time. I'll be in bed early....very early. Best to everyone, you did good, we should all be proud of ourselves.
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    I was supposed to meet with other preparer friends for drinks, my daughter calls me that she needs shoes for our vacation (starts today) and I had to cancel on them. But I did have a drink and my daughter had ice cream.
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    Well I hope you have a great time and enjoy that sundae. My wife and I are being so elaborate, we are just spending a much needed evening together. Now that I have all the scoop on the IRS outage it is time to shut this thing off. Enjoy!!!
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    Closing the season with 474 returns done - 5 -1120; 60 -1120S; 26 -1065; 5 - 1041; 3 - 990; 6 - other; and 369 -1040. Extensions are done. Will be here tomorrow, Friday and Monday working on quarterly payroll reports and payrolls and putting out fires - very low key, low stress.
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    We usually hold broker statement clients to about now, but this guy was in FL and just got back to a stack of mail. But he's one of my longest, best clients and he absolutely loves me... and his wife just died.... so I didn't bill him for a redo.
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    Not looking to jinx ATX, it's been working flawlessly this year. Nice to have a program that you're used to and functions well. With that said, I've noted that it's taking me longer to complete a return this year. I'm sorting through more information, have more missing documents and more questions from clients. Maybe it's related to all the news about the new tax law or maybe it's just because. Whatever the reason, I have noted a time increase. For those clients I deal with in person, I have told them personally. For those who receive my invoice as part of their packet of information, I will include a letter. I plan on raising my fees for 2018 25% to 50% across the board. I'm providing notice to my clients so there are no surprises. There are many reasons for my decisions, with that said, I have several new clients this year who have brought me their previous returns. They easily paid two to three times more than what I would have charged. I always knew I was on the low side, I never thought it was that significant. Shame on me, I guess.
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    My BFF @Possi and I met on TheTaxBook site, and have all but left there because of the abrasive personalities of some. Can't tell you how much we both enjoy the company here. Also, every time we want to kill someone we call one another and vent. Half the time we can't even hear what the other is saying because we're laughing so hard. Snorting actually. "Laughter does good, like medicine..."
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    Awhile ago I made a rule in my office that no one could ask me a question about any matter that was less than $100... because NOBODY GIVES A A FLYING.... UM..... TRUCK! YEAH, THAT'S IT, TRUCK.
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    JJStephens - I have got to say that you are scaring me just a little bit. Are you OK man? I know we all joke about offing a client now and again, but you know we are just joking, right?
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    Today marks the 29th anniversary of the day I met my Hubby. Best day of my life!
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    Well, here ya go. ILLMAS took the initiative to start the post for this week after having to deal with a drunk client and the resulting bathroom disaster too. He gets the star award.
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    You know how you explain to clients the first year Junior went off to school that you need the Bursar's statement from college, and they remember to bring that every year forever and ever? Yeah, me neither.
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    File a paper extension. You never know what might happen when you get all the doc's
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    Never do returns in pen!
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    I am working Saturday and Sunday, but I will do egg riddles, hide eggs, stuff a basket for my son (thank you, Amazon), and go to Church, egg hunt, and cook brunch for my family. A blessed Easter to all!
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    Thank You....Happy Easter to you too......And all the folks on Here.....
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    That could be similar to my husband's reaction when I get home before dark anytime from January through April.
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    I changed all my passwords to; "incorrect"
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    Now I understand what’s behind the gold star
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    I want to salvage a confessional from an old church.... and put it in the corner of my office. When the client says "Do I..." I would just say "Go over there and tell them your sins..." LOL