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  1. Education credits

    Could it be the school address that is missing? I know there is a worksheet for lots of school related information such as EIN and address, I believe. Been a while for me, though.
  2. Clergy W2 - Is this correct?

    Exemption from SS and MC is not required but is an option for ministers. They must meet 6 requirements and file timely Form 4361. It is quite possible this minister either does not qualify and/or failed to timely file the exemption certificate which certifies "I am conscientiously opposed to, or becausse of my religious principles I am opposed to, the acceptance ...of any public insurance..."
  3. How many times per day

    JB, me, too. And I wonder about future years. How long will we be required to change the password every 90 days? With the 3 year sol, we sometimes go back to prior years to amend or even prepare original returns. Frankly, I have my passwords on my desktop so I don't forget. It's just me here, home office, all alone...
  4. ATX client letters

    I'm good for sporadic periods May-December. Have to figure in reunions, dive trip, senior olympics, etc. TN is driving distance for me; MA, not so much but I will be there sometime this year to visit best friend's new granddaughter (I'll visit my friend, too, I guess).
  5. Grrr, 1099 delays

    Thanks for all the sympathy with or without tea. My concern is that one filed AFTER 3 others was ack'ed within 2 days. I've had many years of efiling 1099's so am accustomed to waiting and waiting and waiting but not when acceptances were so out of order. I, too, have read the IRS info about the FIRE system as I receive virtually all the IRS notifications. As I wrote " Not really expecting answers, just want some understanding (sniff, sniff)." I have patience but not so much understanding...
  6. Grrr, 1099 delays

    I've already had the unsatisfactory email exchange with support and have looked multiple times at the efile status on the website but 3 of my 1099's efiled from Jan. 29 are still in transmitted status while one on Jan 30 was accepted Feb. 2 and one on Jan. 13 was accepted on Jan. 23. The message is IRS is slow and don't retransmit but why the disparity in these? Not really expecting answers, just want some understanding (sniff, sniff).
  7. Anyone put the new Tax Planner through its paces yet?

    I have it with the new program update in MAX and have tried it on a couple of simple returns. Are you sure you added the form to the return? It automatically updated for me.
  8. ATX client letters

    I could bring Cincinnati Chili! It's different.
  9. 2018 exemption amount for elderly?

    One summary I have seen shows for aged or blind above the standard deduction for 2018 is $1300 and $1600 with a note that IRS Rev Proc 2017-58 (only for aged and blind as the tax act didn't change these amounts from 2017 either).
  10. Signature NT

    In the past, I have edited the Master Forms and selected a different font. Guess I got lazy because I just have the name printed now so am not sure that font change is still possible.
  11. Corporation bought a jeep for the owners daughter...

    "Most" of the issues may be resolved, true, but were any expenses (only insurance was mentioned) charged to the corp? What about the licensing and plates renewals? Maintenance such as gas? What is meant by the daughter using it 'in business?' Whose business? And there is still the gift return issue, I should think. I've had ugly situations before but this one is particularly, um, interesting!
  12. SSN masking on 1099-MISC

    From ATX KB: How do I display the full Social Security Number on Form 109x in ATX™/TaxWise® W2/1099-Payroll Compliance? Do the following: Click the Payers Info tab. Unselect Check (X) to truncate EIN/SSN on Recipient copies check box.
  13. email security

    I use Adobe Pro and encrypt at 256-bit level with a password with some parts known only between the recipient and me. This has worked for about 4-5 years now. I send an email ahead stating "(d)to advanced encryption required by IRS, you must now have Adobe Reader 10 or above. If you need to download a free version of Adobe Reader 10, 11 or DC go here <https://get.adobe.com/reader/> There are other pdf readers but you must have one compatible with 256-bit encryption. The files are password protected and the password is XXXXXX" My reading of IRS requirements tells me this meets the standard.
  14. Your Assistant

    I have had a firefighter as a client for nearly 20 years who trusts me implicitly (after bailing her out of deep doo doo with a business misadventure). I had to prove to her with documentation about the disallowed deductions she had been taking and 'all the other guys take them' stories. I just told her, I wouldn't take them no matter what the others did or didn't do. She reluctantly agreed and no longer even tries that now.
  15. IRS Fraud Cases (interesting Read)

    Greed, on the parts of the preparers and taxpayers, is a powerful motivator. Sadly, our society has devolved and continues to do so into a strong consumerist and 'me' centric environment. It's sad to see the growth of me vs. us. There are times when I question clients about non-charitable deductions. When they have to put the value on that bag of clothes, I ask them to consider whether the intent of the contribution was charity or simply a tax deduction. Would the donation have been made without the tax benefit? It will be interesting to see how contributions compare with the new tax law.