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  1. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    Thanks for the valuable feedback!
  2. Any advice on how I can make tax season work better. In years past, I have set clients' tax appointment dates to come in or upload their documents to the Client Portal and they don't keep these appointment dates I set or bother calling to reschedule until they are ready to come in. In other years I have put the language, "please call to schedule your appointment" and that hasn't worked either. Any advice from those that have a tax season that flows as expected, and if so, what have you found to be most effective? Thanks!
  3. 2017 Tax Organizers and Engagement Letters

    Thanks! that did the trick!!
  4. Does anyone know how to add Tax Organizers AND Engagement Letters to all marked returns? When I try it, currently only the Organizers are being included but not the Engagement Letters. Please help.
  5. Rate Increase

    What % will you be raising your prep fees by for the upcoming tax season?
  6. Bitcoin

    will bitcoin companies be issuing 1099B's at tax time or what will clients be receiving tax form wise who trade in this space?
  7. ATX Update Released Today

    My software received an update today. I'm not sure if it improved any of the current functionality though.
  8. Equifax Hack and Tax Season

    Will the IRS scrutinize returns more closely to prevent fraudulent tax filings as a result of the Equifax Hack?
  9. Attracting New Clients

    Now that tax season may be over for some, does anyone have any good marketing moves to make to attract new clients for the upcoming season?
  10. Clients are residents of the state of Georgia. They sold their rental property in 2016 at a gain. Is there any additional filing or an additional tax in the State of Georgia that they need to be aware of? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  11. When a return is efiled and the status is accepted with messages, how does one find out what the messages are? Thanks!
  12. ILLMAS, you're a life saver! I had no idea that field somehow got prepopulated! Error fixed. Thanks so much!!!
  13. Any idea why I would get the error message "you must ask your employer to refund the excess to you. You cannot claim it on your return." Seen in the summary totals worksheet below line 17.
  14. Taxpayer had multiple employers in 2016. Is it true as of 2016, if one employer withheld too much Soc Sec tax, he cannot claim the excess credit on his tax return as in years past? I'm not sure if the is a new rule change. Please help
  15. Employee Stock Options Sales

    Client received a 1099B for the sale of company stock with no cost basis. How do I treat this and is the sale included in wages on the W2?