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  1. General Ledger Packages

    I agree with you, Edsel, about QB. But it seems there is only one resident 'bookkeeper' who is not that knowledgeable about accounting. All the more reason to keep it simple. Outsource the payroll, let the bookkeeper do only basic entry. And you come in to make the necessary adjustments, backing out personal, etc.
  2. General Ledger Packages

    Yes Jack, even with QB, they need a real accountant in-house.
  3. General Ledger Packages

    A large client? with accounting staff? Not sure here, but with multi-states, maybe they should just outsource the payroll. Then use QB for the rest.
  4. How do I "politely" tell client off....

    For K-1s to people who aren't my clients, I print out page 2 with the codes. From there, they're on their own.
  5. Ohio Retirement Credit

    Thanks. The senior credit will only apply to one but the retirement credit should apply to both.
  6. Ohio Retirement Credit

    On a joint Ohio return, Retirement credit is maxed at $200. What if filing separately and both spouses are eligible for the retirement credit. I didn't see anything in the instructions other than limiting the credit to $200 per return.
  7. Pension Payment as Alimony

    Yes, like forming an LLC for a client (specifically to hold a property) and not actually transferring the property into the LLC.
  8. Extensions

    My biggest headache is the businesses who need to file local return extension. The locals want their own extension with a payment.
  9. Suspended Rental Loss & Disposition

  10. If a rental is converted to personal use, is it considered a complete disposition of rental activity releasing suspended rental losses? There is still another rental and this will create a large NOL.
  11. Pension Payment as Alimony

    There are several attorneys in my small building (converted house) and they do a lot of divorces. I hear them talk about QDROs all the time. I can't speak for the defined benefit pensions, but for defined contribution account transfers, you definitely want a QDRO and a direct transfer.
  12. Annuity withdrawal

    Should be a 1099R. Client needs to request a copy from Ins co.
  13. 1098-T AND 1098-Q

    Once the 1098T and scholarships are sorted out, the 529 money can be looked at. Other costs apply for 529 money besides tuition. And if any is taxable, only the earnings portion would be taxable.
  14. NT - Where is JohnH? Where is OldJack?

    Where is this?
  15. State Estimates - can't create efile

    Fixed for Kentucky.