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  1. 2018 PTIN

    Renewed mine this AM.
  2. Scanners

    I have been using a Xerox Documate 152 for years. Still working and like the others almost a straight shot through for the paper.
  3. DFAS AND 1099R

    Does anybody remember if DFAS issued some 2015 1099'R with the year printed as 2016 and told to use them for 2015 as they would not be corrected? Seems to be an issue in what year IRS is seeing these 1099 R's. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. 1120 s basis

    Thanks found it.
  5. 1120 s basis

    I did not see one for 1120-s stock basis.
  6. 1120 s basis

    Anybody got a good 1120-s basis worksheet?
  7. colors

    Thank you. Now to catch up.
  8. 1120s sale

    The buyer and seller did not structure as a 338 election according to the paper work I saw.
  9. colors

    I have been off board for a while for medical issues. What does the new colors mean?
  10. 1120 due dates

    I believe the 1120-s is still due on 9-15-2017. Anyone know if an additional 30 days may be requested?
  11. 1120s sale

    TP and spouse own 100% of S corp. Operated for 10 months then Sold all assets including name to a new person. I have sold all the assets on form 4797. My question is what do I do with the goodwill. It was listed in the contract. Do I show that on the Schedule D of the 1120-s or somewhere else. Also isn't basis of the stock adjusted right before the sale takes place. There was also a small piece of real estate owned by the Corp that the TP and spouse kept. Should this be transferred to tp at FMV and reduce the basis in the stock. Help greatly appreciated

    Rita B Even tho I take many precautions, if that computer got stolen a reasonably good hacker can get past all the precautions. That's why I wanted to get them off and have only the program there. I suppose we could contact ATX to see what they recommend.

    Ok Guys; I have 3 backups of my 2011, 2012,2013,2014 clients. I want to keep the program on the drive but delete the clients. When I try to delete it says cannot delete if client is efiled in an acceptance state.I remember there was a way but can't remember. Help please.

    What I have is mom died 2011. Estate set up. Real estate value 156K and checking account(<$5000.00). Will passed everything to 4 heirs. No 1041 ever filed. Real estate was sold under the estate name and fed id # in 2016. Funds deposited in estate checking account. In closing account and filing final accounting with commissioner in Feb 2017 all funds paid out. 1 heir during this time frame paid all Ins,taxes, utilities and repairs on said real estate. At time of dispersement , heir was refunded all these expenses. Heir filed annual accountings with commissioner and paid fees each time. The way I see this is that the estate should file a final to clear real estate since it was reported in estate #. The second thing I think is to create a spread sheet on the real estate showing all the fees paid back to the heir that paid them. That being said, do all the expences associated with real estate become deductible by the heirs. BTW Real estate sat empty all this time. What do think is the best possible way to handle this mess?

    Will check this out futher. Thanks all.