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  1. MeF is down

    I heard it was mostly TurboTax filers & Block. If intuit probably their pro software too. I just heard about the extended due date...ugh. Well have more time to do my own extension
  2. Help Please - SMLLC Disregarded - ATX Entry For CA

    I’ve always done sch c then 568. But I’ve always had an issue with filing. So this year it’s in the same file as the 1040? Or a separate file with dummy 1040?
  3. New Tax Law and 2018 Planning

    CA allows you to itemize even if the federal standard is taken, as long as the schedule A is completed. So no much less work for me. I’m seeing big savings in my people that are hit hard by AMT. but then again, the 200-500k range isn’t exactly middle class.
  4. Tax Software Question

    The checkbox is only good for math error kind of stuff. Like if client said they paid all 4 estimates and got a notice saying they only paid 3. Not an audit.
  5. Tax Software Question

    Atx rolls the info over, so the only time you have to check the box is on the first return you do for a client.
  6. same guy - 2 IRA withdrawals paid back

    2nd IRA distribution is taxable and subject to penalty unless otherwise exempt. When client put it back, it’s a contribution, possibly deductible.
  7. client qualified for PTC at BOY, but changed by EOY

    IRA to get you to 400%. Had a client that required $1600 to IRA. Saved them $4000.
  8. Did my own return when I moved from California last year. On the input worksheet for the sales, make sure the state is coded correctly. It will default to the resident state on the return address.
  9. Attach multiple brokerage statements to efile

    Acquired yes for ‘various ‘. Date sold, you can’t use various.
  10. so the calls start - cuz it's pi day?

    My hubby made me pie

    Get his end of year pay stub too, may have items that were added to the W2 but not reported in box 14. I had a client with these (Rusch) RSUs & SSARs. Hopefully your client saved all of the statements. They were truly confusing, but then again my guy was retiring and had no idea his vested options were worth what they were. Always missed a few zeroes when looking at the statements.
  12. I’ve told my couple of PMI clients early March. If I file before then I’ll be a hero.
  13. Roni Deutsch is Back!!

    Ugh, I wonder why she didn’t get charged.
  14. HELOC Interest

    I had one with student loans paid off. Became an amt preference I had to calculate each year.
  15. End of Entertainment Expenses?

    I’ll have to see what Spidel says, but I think that falls under entertainment. Travel meals are fine, but entertainment meals are gone.