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  1. If I am not mistaken, the IRS agent is assigned to audit our efiling of 1120 form. So he only gets what we efiled on that efile file. Agents cannot go and pull any other information without going through the channels. PLUS they want to know if taxpayers are running your business as a business... and as such, taxpayers should have all documentation handy.
  2. It makes sense, since the requirement is for us to ask for identification each year.
  3. I don't use client numbers so I sometimes use that column to enter what they paid.
  4. Most of the time it is phone or MAC computer that locks the accounts. As you surf, you pass by the IRS site and they try to log on with your old password and eventually you get locked out. Hackers don't waste time trying to guess passwords. All delete all you generic passwords from your windows machines and you should be OK.
  5. Do you have stand alone or network installation?
  6. Reboot your computer and wait for all services to start before opening ATX.
  7. That number will be lower on March 1, 2020. AND yes, there will be many computer running windows 7 in third world countries and many people in developed countries will be be using it on systems that don't manipulate critical information. But I am sure not many Tax preparers will be using in the US. Talking about Microsoft, I wish ATX would sell me ATX 2020 and in 2021 they would release Service Pack 1 for free... in 2022 they would release Service Pack 2 for free and in 2023, they would release service pack 3 for free and in 2024 they would force me to purchase a new computer system with ATX 2024. As much as I hate MS for forcing me to upgrade, they are still inexpensive. I wonder how many lines of codes ATX 2019 has and how many Windows 10 has.
  8. Why do you want extended support if ATX 2019 will not install on Windows 7? I don't understand the idea of extended support if I am not going to be able to install new programs and the patching will be downgraded since Microsoft will concentrate on their millions of Windows 10 computers vs the few people that will pay for extended support. Buy a windows 10 machine ADN leave your windows 7 machine on the side and attach a printer directly to it. Make sure you disable or pull out your wireless card and your NIC and use it until you able to sleep well knowing that Windows 7 is gone,. Don't forget to disable your blue tooth and to lock you office. I just can believe that someone who hosts information... including but not limited to: (Legal Names of clients Date of birth Driver's license number and state of issuance with expiration date. Social Security Number Current address Employer's address Bank routing number and account number(s) Information about sons, daughters, spouses and parents which include most of the info above How much people make and their profession Addresses of Properties Type of Car they depreciate Name of Universities they attend or that their family members attend Daycare where they drop their children) is hesitant to purchase a 1K computer with windows 10.
  9. If anyone has a plan, can you share it with me? Mine is getting old.
  10. Pacun

    Client Labels

    From the top of my head, look for the label number on the physical label and then go to ATX and select that label number.
  11. I am not in front of my ATX computer, so I am not sure if what I am talking about is feasible. So, I should clean up and the mess and I need to check manually add payers only. That way when I client is rolled over, it will not mess up my clean list.
  12. I have duplicates of payers such as DC Gov, DC Government, Government of DC, Government of the District of Columbia, Government of the District of Colombia, and a few other combinations. I would like to hand pick payers and delete them. Where do I do that?
  13. If you believe it is Edge's settings set up to too strict, then you can relax them or change your default browser to Chrome. How about windows firewall, can you check the settings on the laptop?
  14. Are you logged on? Maybe you are just browsing as a visitor not as a member.
  15. Lion, I see the label donors on yours: Sorry for the double image.
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