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  1. Try to create an efile file and you will know if you are required to enter a number for line 25.
  2. This is the way I understand it. I have a mother who didn't have any children in 2019. On January 31st, 2020 she gave birth to a child and qualifies for Head of household based on my interview. She quit her job on January 14th, 2020 after earning only $1,000 to give birth and to take care for her child. Even though, her job in cleaning has always been available as an essential job, she didn't go back to work in 2020. Since she earns $500 a week, in 2019 she earned $26,000. She is a new client and will bring copies of her 2019 filing. So will prepare her taxes and I will enter $26,000
  3. Send an email. "Sincerely, Dennis Dixon (800) 495-4626 d.dixon@wolterskluwer.com Wolters Kluwer"
  4. ATX payroll 2019 will do it without any issues but it is interesting that qbooks does that. Thank you for your reply and for sharing your experience.
  5. I am not able to print to paper file.
  6. Quickbooks is friendly when updating people/income from 1099misc to 1099NEC but now I have a problem. Client was a non-filer for 2019 and now he is ready for both years (2019 and 2020). I printed out two 1099misc for 2019 and gave it to him to distribute. Then I prepared the 1099NEC for this year and it was a very simple process, which only included a few clicks and all the 2020 data transferred correctly to 2020 1099NEC. Client came back and told me that a check for $1,000 was for a 1099misc for 2019 and I need to print a third 1099misc and an updated 1096. I cannot do it and t
  7. ETax847... so you tried to efile a few 1099NECs and all of them were efiled but one was rejected by the software while preparing the efile file?
  8. So, basically most people that collected unemployment for 9 months in 2020 will benefit by using 2019 earned income to calculate EIC (unless they made $14,800 or more on the first three months of 2020).
  9. That server hosts the data from 2013 to 2019 tax years that proseries accesses. I called proseries and they said that in order to move that data, I had to uninstall and reinstall every year. Then I have to export the data and that takes time. To add the pain, they have about 20 returns each year with password. When it is time to export a file with password, the program doesn't continue until you skip it or you enter the correct password. The process takes about 3 hours but with that stoppage for passwords it could take a whole day. Then you have to go to each computer (total of 10) and instal
  10. I just retired a Server 2008 R2... but I would like to keep it sharing files but I need to upgrade it to Server 2012 and then to server 2019. That means that I will invest about $2K buying Windows server 2012 and 2019. Does anyone know where I can buy cheap software? The server 2012 upgrade software, I will use it only for a couple of hours and then upgrade to 2019 where it will be my final destination. There is no direct flight from 2008 R2 to 2019, so I will have to upgrade to 2012 and then upgrade again to 2019.
  11. Disable the firewall completely for 5 minutes and test.
  12. If the IRS had bank information from the last filed return (2019 or 2018), tax payer was going to get direct deposit. They were also going to get direct deposit if taxpayers went to the website and enter their bank information in time. All others were going to get checks or debit cards. I guess the IRS said... let's put our printers to work but we also have contractors that can help by issuing debit cards. Let's give them 40% or 60% of the load to them. I got a debit card which I was going to trash because I thought it was fake. The tax return was filed as Pacun Gomez and Mrs Mari
  13. I owed 14K and the interest and penalty was about $200 each based on a letter/bill I received a week ago. I filed in time but I didn't pay, so I was expecting a 25% penalty for not paying plus interest.
  14. Can you share, how exactly are you exporting and importing?
  15. Let's imaging for a minute that last year I did the 1099-misc for Uber. I have the info for all the drivers but now I cannot just plug in the income numbers because the form has changed to 1099NEC. Do you know how I can transfer the drivers to the new form or do you think I have to manually enter them?
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