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  1. Pacun

    941 efile

    Sorry... it is a corporation filing 1120
  2. Pacun

    941 efile

    It is a hair salon.
  3. Pacun

    941 efile

    Yes... that's it. Where do I get it?
  4. Pacun

    941 efile

    Have you efiled 941s quarterly using the payroll ATX software? I have noticed that you cannot duplicate 941 forms for 2018, so what do you do, keep printed copies? I was hoping to have 941 FQ, 941 SQ, 941 TQ, and 941 FQ but I am not able to keep multiple forms. It is also asking me for a 4 letter code given by the IRS but my client doesn't have it. Where can I find that code?
  5. Pacun

    Fraudulent 1040X - I'm speechless!

    I wouldn't call the number on the letter. I would my client to call 1-800-tax1040 and ask about their account or any letters sent to them.
  6. Pacun

    What would you do?

    Get back to work because someone hit the mega millions and ain't you. I will do the same.
  7. Pacun

    What would you do?

    I follow the same principle and I buy tickets constantly. I have always known the outcome and I have not been proven wrong. OUTCOME= I lose my investments.
  8. Pacun

    PTIN Fee refunds

    I don't mind about my refund but it was nice to go on line and renew my PTIN without paying anything.
  9. I love when clients wait until the extension deadline to give you crucial info. Moderator note - this topic contains the posts related to timely filing of e-filed returns that were originally all posted in another topic that had significantly derailed from its original subject.
  10. Pacun

    Land cost percentage

    Client purchased a warehouse in Chantilly, VA and I wonder how much to allocate for LAND. It is a warehouse with two outside parking spots and a loading dock. Is 35% for land too much? Where can I find such information? I have seen that tax bill and they didn't break it up.
  11. Pacun

    LLC and Truck Expenses

    It is my understanding that you have to use the same method for all your vehicles.
  12. Pacun


    After considering, your client was the owner of the house and therefore able to deduct.
  13. Pacun

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    The Dell No 2 on your suggestion is a Latitude E-6430 which is very old. My little daughter uses a Latitude E-6440 and she uses it to play and watch videos, not as working tool. I do think that I rather buy 2 or 3 DELLs with the price of an Apple. If one of my dell dies, I have one or two more to replace them. In your suggestions, if I apply my theory, I would buy at least 5 computers with the price of one from my suggestions. I guess it is a matter of taste. Personally, I love when my computer boots up and opens ATX in less than 2 minutes.
  14. I don't have a cite but you can capitalize all those expenses. I like this question and I hope someone else answers it for you. Someone could argue that you can use those expenses on Sch A, but what if the person already has two houses? Also with the new law, you might be limited or not benefit by using those expenses on Sch A.
  15. I agree. Catherine wants to build suspense and expectation before telling her joke(s).