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  1. I have a student whose parents will benefit if they make $4K of his scholarship taxable. Is that still an option? I used to see a line that read that it would be more beneficial if a scholarship became taxable when I created efiles but now I don't see the line, neither do I see where I can make it taxable.
  2. I have never seen a return for students just because they study here or students from many DC universities trying to file DC taxes just because they lived in the district more than 183 days if they didn't work. I am pretty sure that NY is well more (much more) aggressive than DC.
  3. It seems that this person had income from DC based on the original post. It is interesting also to see that the poster didn't say that a W-2 was issued but I was under the impression. According to what I read, it seems that the requirement is physical presence of more than 183 even if you are a resident of another state. But I have never seen a return prepared for students who are wealthy and are earning soft earned money while attending American, Catholic, Howard, George Washington or Georgetown Universities.
  4. This is what I would set up. I would ask one of my siblings to gift some money to my father by paying the rent or part of it. I would ask my other sibling to gift money to my father for food. I would ask the other to pay for medical expenses. I doubt there will be much more money left for me and I would also welcome a gift from my siblings. My siblings can gift me money because they are not receiving anything in return... I am doing whatever I am doing for my father and he is enjoying the benefits of my care.
  5. Make sure you have NOT check box 13 on W-2 entry form.
  6. How much Federal income does he have? His standard deduction for 3/4 is 9K. DC counts physical presence... so, he will have to pay taxes on 3/4 if he lived in DC 9 months.
  7. So, Zel's has to file a 709 form?
  8. I can help you with the part year return. It is very simple, enter the dates lived in DC... I usually pay them their fair portion of the tax on DC 40. For example, is someone lives from January 1, to May 31, and then went back to his state and came back to DC September 1, and stayed for the rest of the year, I enter the dates to include 8 months in the district and since in this case the other state is far away, I enter the amounts based on the W-2 information. In this case, I would enter the whole amount for DC. DC doesn't have D-40NR Let's say that you work for the red cross and you lived 8 months in DC and 4 months in another state, I would use this formula to calculate DC fair's portion. I would enter the W-2 income on form 1040. That whole income would be transfer to DC income. On page 2, line 8, income received while non-resident, I would enter the enter =(W-2Income\12*4) and the rest will be done automatically. Provided that you... on data tab, entered the correct dates that will be ONLY 8 months. Same is true for someone who works in VA, lives in the District and in the middle of the year moves to MD keeping the same job. In this case, VA gets 0, MD gets 1/2 of the income and DC gets the other half due to the reciprocity agreements. People here in these three states only pay income taxes where they live. NT.- About 10 years ago, I sent ATX the formula that they should use to help us not to make a mistake when entering the dates of residency and they didn't fix it. So for example, you have a single person who lived in the district from June 1, 2019 until the end of the year and you by mistake enter from June 1, 2019 until Dec 31, 2020, the program will give you a standard deduction of more than $18,000. By the way, DC follow the new Federal Standard deduction and no personal exemption. And if you enter the date of Dec 31, 2021, you will get a bigger standard deduction and your Earn Income Credit which is 32% of the federal will be almost as big of the federal. Thank you for reading the previous paragraph which you can eliminate because we, tax preparers, never make a mistake, correct?
  9. It used to be so easy to change the forms. You used to do one click and then point to the correct field divider and you would expand fields the same way you do it in Excel. I have not done that for years and now I don't find it.
  10. I know but tax payers don't like if they see their name on their return as Pac... they assume that I made a mistake. So, for example if I type... Maria E Calderon Solano but tax payer only sees Maria E Calderon Sol.... they will call me immediately and say.... "I am not related to ex-president of El Salvador".
  11. I guess carrying forward assumes that a taxpayer is trying to avoid penalties next year. Since his tax liability was 0 this year, they expect that the penalty next year will be 0*110%. I would also agree with the IRS if they think that they will ONLY hold money that will belong to the IRS next year. In this case it is very unlikely. My last thought would be that if I wanted to hide money from my vendors or a lawsuit, the IRS will be the best "bank" to have my money.
  12. How do I enlarge the box of the last name for dependents? I prefer not to change the master 1040 if I don't have to, but if that's the only choice, I will do it.
  13. What form are you talking about? 1040NR or 1040?
  14. Add that information on the explanation. Add Name, SS#, months lived with taxpayer, Relationship and date of birth.
  15. One of the items the IRS looks for active participation is the fact that you look for tenants.
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