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  1. Form MS 80-107 required to be filed with MS tax return showing W-2 and 1099R MS income. Form will not take designated source (W-2, 1099R) therefore will not be released for e-filing. Anybody have this problem or know how to solve it?
  2. OOps. I just checked and the ATX Clergy Worksheets have finally been update and loaded. You can enter the Housing Allowance amount on worksheet #3 for 2018 tax year.
  3. MAMalody


    You might want to also see if this "rental" could change it's property tax exemption. Just a thought.
  4. A multiple year contract would be fine and if they choose to designate all/some as housing allowance, this would be the place to do it. The designation must be prior to the payments, whether the designation is at the first of the year or otherwise. In your case, if the contract was prior to the first payment in 2018 and covers the entire time period you specified, you would be good for all payments. The Clergy Worksheet #4 with ATX will allow the housing allowance to be used for SE Base computation. The Clergy Worksheets for 2018 tax year have not yet been posted by ATX, nor Publication
  5. While I don't disagree with the above, why not just call ATX and ask them?
  6. As a prior IRS auditor I would go with Catherine, Max W, and Bulldog Tom. I would handle it just like schirallicpa said his experince was.
  7. When I checked there is no way to turn off the auto update feature. If someone knows how to do this, I would appreciate a path for it.
  8. ILLMAS has probably hit it on the head. You are probably talking about bank processing time and the payroll is all completed at the same time. The paper checks are issued on Friday and the submission to the bank is on Friday, maybe after COB. A couple of business days to process, Monday and Tuesday, and the funds are available on Wednesday. If the pay period ends on Thursday, there is no solution to this problem. I mean, it can stay the same, they can get paper checks on Friday or the employer can make them all do direct deposit and they will all get it on Wednesday. Out of curiosity,
  9. I'll second that. I have trained with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief crews and sure don't want to see any of you in harms way.
  10. For the few that I do, I use ProPay. (This is not to be mistaken for PayPal).
  11. Typically, the 403(b) contribution would not be part of his taxable income. The regular life insurance rules should apple his life insurance,see if the amount is required to be reported in box 1 and if it was, if required..
  12. I have done what you have for the last couple of years. My problem is my entire client base in handled through the Internet. I do no office appointments, therefor much of the docs/conversation the IRS wants verified I don't actually do. I have known most of these folks for years and know their situations.
  13. Has anybody put together or have a questionnaire that goes over all the stuff on the Form 8867 that you have your clients sign off on? If so, would you be willing to help me NOT reinvent the wheel and provide a copy or send me a copy (clergytaxes@aol.com)? Thanks for your consideration of this.
  14. That is exactly where I have it entered. I have a copy of the IRS letter so I know I have the correct number. This is becoming a source of irritation. Wait a minute......... I finally figured it out. I forgot to enter the PIN number for the efile tab. Once I put the number in there, all is okay. Sorry about unloading on you all.
  15. I used the Filers Info tab to enter the info into the ATX software. It was a six digit number (software says it must be a 5 digit number). Error says: 1040 EF Info Error For MFS filers, if the taxpayer enters a PIN, the spouse must also and vice versa. 1040 EF Info Error The spouse's PIN must be 5 digits in length and may not equal to 5 zeros (00000) Any additional clues would be helpful.
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