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  1. Thanks Tom! This was in the back of my mind, but didn't find it's way forward until a client sent their CP21B notice to me with the changes (such a nice client to actually remember to send when received to me). I'm going to place the IRS note into my files for documentation. How are all of you handling these IRS amendments/changes into your tax program? Are you entering as an "Amended Return" so that your records are the same as IRS? And I thought tax season was over! I really appreciate this forum. Enjoy your day!
  2. Thanks John. We'll see if she gets her adjustment with the latest round of direct deposits that are supposed to go out beginning tomorrow. I did have her set up her IRS account, so she can track any adjustments. If nothing by next week, I'll have her request the 120 day extension. Appreciate your help.
  3. Form 1310 is not a PDF attachment. It can be e-filed with the return; when filled out properly.
  4. And a proper completed Form 1310
  5. LOL! I only use that terminology with you guys!
  6. It's such a mess. Her original return shows her owing about $900. After the exclusion, they will owe her about a $100. BTW...she tried calling and got the usual "high volume" message.
  7. Hello All! Client just received CP14 notice for tax due; however, she doesn't owe and she has a refund coming to her. How? Well, her return was filed before the powers that be decided to exclude up to $10,200 of unemployment income. Our guidance is that IRS is recalculating and giving refunds over the summer and not to amend a return that is not eligible for other credits. She doesn't fall into that loophole that will allow me to amend her 2020 return. Any others ran into this conundrum yet? Any words of wisdom to calm the poor hearts of these ones receiving these notices? Thanks!
  8. Be careful of popups that make it seem you can click them off with their "X". You may need to delete your history and cookies on your device.
  9. As I look back through my records there was some ATX snafu in 2010 which had me change to TRX. Of course, that was another pain, problem, and dispute with my credit card company in 2012/2013. In 2012, I was looking for another forms based software company for my 100+ small return practice. I changed over to TaxAct. I've been with them since then. I did not run into any huge problems with TaxAct not implementing changes within a reason amount of time this crazy tax season. PS: Happy that I found this forum again. It's calmer and not susceptible to trolling comments. Thank you
  10. My motto "Procrastination on your part does not mean emergency on my part". After a certain date, clients wanting to drop things off or uploading documents or finally answering those last questions are told that they will be extended and I will be starting or completing their returns after June 1st. All clients whether relatives, friends, etc. We are in business for ourselves, we make the final decision regarding our time management and mental well being. I have rarely received pushback for giving them that information and they are free to go somewhere else.
  11. Well, it's been a loooong time since I've been on this forum. HaHa! Anyways, anyone else heard or running into problems with returns that were transmitted and accepted on February 12th? Nothing out of the ordinary on the return; however, IRS Refund status is "your tax return is still being processed". Really??? Thanks!
  12. Ryan, Last year with ATX I used Fee Collect for some of my clients. This allowed my tax prep fee to be taken out of their refund. It is not a Refund Anticipation Loan. Are you able to find out if this type of program is available using TRX software? Thanks in advance for your research. Beckster
  13. FYI......birthdates still wigging out. Other than that conversions going smoothly. BTW.....California E-file uses form 8879, conversion assumes an 8453. I will be rolling over my personal information into the 2010 program within the week and update my findings. Thanks.
  14. Attention: One thing I forgot to mention in my last post was that for some reason my clients whose birthdates are in October, November, December and January have a tendency to change in the conversion. Please double check the birthdates, because you know that can cause some serious problems down the road, i.e. EIC, retirement, Child Tax Credit..etc. Thanks. Beckster
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