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  1. The Next Generation program is slated to be released for next tax season. I have tested this program, and it is significantly faster. The new program engine is C+ based, and no longer uses the Access 97 database.
  2. Is there a place in the E-Services to look up an EIN to get the DBA name for an employer?
  3. He brings in clients mostly from out of state to hunt and trap. He posesses a hunting, and trapping license during the season. When hunting Bears he baits, and that can be dangerous sometimes. He usually get 20 clients a year during the Bear, and Moose seasons. He target practices with them to keep up proficiency. I just don't want to put a red flag on his return. When I asked him for a list of equipment he uses in his profession these were a part of that list. The only time these fire arms leave his house is when he is either target shooting, or on the job. The percentage of business
  4. Thank you. That helps me on answering his question concerning this.
  5. I have a client that uses Fire Arms in his profession, He is a registered Maine Guide. He guides people in Trapping and Hunting. These are used for protection from wildlife. Can he depreciate them?
  6. Navigate to the NewFiles folder and make sure it is empty before updating. This folder is located inside the program installation folder. If this does not help let me know we will get you fixed up.
  7. No, nothing is closing during the tax season. Just my position will be ending at that time. Pacun as far as the Sch C issue that you and I have it needs to be fixed with a program update. Updating the form will not correct this. How I fixed it in my return was to discard all Sch C's and save the return. Once I brought them back in and re-allocated my assets on the Asset entry and keyed in my figures on the Sch C all was good. There should be an update really soon, the other day when I reported it, I was told a couple of days.
  8. I am currently still employed with ATX. However My last day working for the company will be March 9'th. I declined to offer to move to Kennesaw GA. I purchased the software this year, and became an ATX customer. I have been living and breathing ATX, Taxes, & E-File for 13 years. It only makes sense that my new career should be tax prep and e-file.
  9. I worked for William for may years in Tech Support. I was the guy he went to when no one else could figure it out. William saved me my telling me to take a positioon in Development, as he knew the support days in Caribou were numbered. I will try to answer as many technical questions as I can.
  10. We are in the process of fixing this now. There will be a program update to address it.
  11. I am going to get this in tonight and hopefully have it all fixed by the morning.
  12. The new MEF or Modernized E-File uses XML to validate returns. The new business rules disallows certain characters from being in the return because they are used elseware in the structure of the e-file. Characters such as <>&*^ and so on will cause the Schema validation to fail. Below is an clip from what an actual MEF XML E-File looks like. Look for some of the characters mentioned above. If they are seen prematurly they can cause issues. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<Return returnVersion="2011v4.0" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.irs.gov/efile 2011v4.0/
  13. Pacun if you want it fixed tonight you will need to discard all sch C's from the return and save it. Close it and re-open it. Now add the Sch C's back in one at a time. You will need to re-allocate the Assets if there is a 4562 involved. If you would like help I can call you.
  14. Originally did this return have two Sch C's, and one of them was discarded, and Rolled over? I have re-created this issue if that is you case.
  15. Yes you should be able to file with two Sch C's Let me check something and I will get back in a few min.
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