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  1. Mike D

    Best practices in switcing to Drake

    I too switched from ATX to Drake back in 2013 and did not purchase ATX since. There were a few hiccups as can be expected with any conversion however Drake support is the best! Good luck.
  2. Mike D

    For New York State Drake users

    To my knowledge the $20,00 pension exclusion is automatic based on the birthdate! I take this deduction for many of my clients as well as myself and you cannot edit this field on the NYS return. Did you check the birthdate carefully and make certain that it represents 55 1/2? I'm not sure about the S Corp payment screen, it may have something to do with the evaluation copy? I would call the support line and I am certain they will know all of your answers in a reasonable amount of time. Good luck!
  3. Mike D

    Drake & Microsoft Updates (Printing Issues)

    It seems like every time there is a Microsoft update I lose some functionality! Old software automatically becomes obsolete and printing problems ensue as well. I have contacted Microsoft and they resolved some of my issues as they are certainly aware of this charade!
  4. Mike D

    ATX Max and Drake

    Unfortunately you must purchase Drake software in order to use their forum! I converted to Drake from ATX 4 years ago and haven't looked back. As with all software nothing fits 100%. Some workarounds, learning curves, idiosyncrasies, etc. The best support of all. Good luck
  5. Mike D

    Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    You can access the Tax Advisor AICPA using the following link for free. http://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2016/feb.html Mike Dubin CPA
  6. Mike D

    2018 PTIN

    Filed yesterday, confirmed today. No issues and no cost! Mike Dubin CPA
  7. Mike D

    Over an hour on hold for support

    You all need to consider Drake! Lower cost. Excellent technical support Over 50,000 users I used ATX prior to their being absorbed by . They made my mind up for me with all of the bait and switch, fixed assets were free and then they weren't, price increases, etc. Drake works quite well in most scenarios as all software has its workarounds. Mike Dubin CPA
  8. I agree with jklcpa that Drake would is a better choice vs ATX, albeit you will never have 100% success with any software. I switched to Drake 4 years ago from Tax Works which was a quality program, ultimately absorbed by Ultra Tax! I have also used ATX for 8 prior years before they were absorbed by Wolters Kluwer. My recollection of ATX is that it did not handle multi states well at all. I needed to go into each state and fill in all the information as well as repeat every time numbers were adjusted. I have a small but somewhat complex practice encompassing multi state partnerships. Drake handles all of this quite well. Their support is overwhelming and the price is quite good for the value. Best of luck Mike Dubin CPA
  9. Mike D

    Client copy of large tax returns

    About 6 years ago I decided that for all of my computer literate clients that I would only provide them with a pdf copy of their tax returns. I accomplish this by using a cd rom. For some of my elder and/or high wealth clients I give them the option. Should any client that I provided with a cd rom to request a copy of their return there is a minimum $25 charge. For all returns in excess of 50 pages the charge becomes $50. This has worked quite well for me in saving time, paper, toner, postage, etc. Mike Dubin CPA
  10. Mike D

    Toner Cartridges

    Here's some great news, I purchased the cartridge below from Amazon.com, albeit a refill, for a total of $12.07. I had previously purchased refills from a local franchise and the last time I paid $80 for 2 of the same cartridges. I have about 800 copies so far on the $12.07 and it continues to work quite well. 1 X Compatible Toner Cartridge Q2612X For HP LaserJet 3055 (Black) - 3500 yield - Black - Best of luck. Mike Dubin CPA
  11. Mike D

    I did it

    I have used Drake for the past 2 years and agree with the consensus that there are some learning curves as is with any new software and the tech support is excellent. FYI you can email tech support on Sundays and probably wait about 10 minutes for a response! Love Drake Mike Dubin CPA
  12. Mike D

    Client wants to hit my E&O insurance

    In my formative years of practice I recall a very similar situation where the client intimated that I omitted a form 1099. I had to admit my fault but was quite reticent about the omission. I resolved the matter by filing amended returns and paying all penalties and interest. This was prior to scanning and copying so I developed my personal internal controls. Every piece of physical information that I received from the client was marked with a red pencil checkmark by me. Believe it or not I had a client subsequently attempt to blame me for omitting multiple documents. I simply asked them to find the original document and see if they had a red pencil checkmark on them! End of story. Today I scan all documents still using the red pencil checkmark. Old habits never die! Mike Dubin CPA
  13. Mike D

    Picking 2013 Tax Software

    I mirror ed_accountant's sentiments as I too have purchased Drake software. My practice is compsed of about 80 tax returns 85% 1040 and about 12 mixed business returns. The cost compared to TRX and Tax Wise that I used in the past few years is about 3 times the cost however I am tired of conversions, learning curves, and all the aggravation that resellers have caused. In addition to the tax software Drake offers Drake Document Manager, Client Write-Up including after the cact payroll efiling, Drake Tax Planner, etc. They have over 40,000 users and have consistently been rated in the top 3 companies in many surveys including the AICPA. I hope that because of my decision I will sleep better during this coming season as well as far into the future? I will let you know my experiences as they develop. In any case best of luck with your search. Mike Dubin CPA
  14. Mike D

    Went To A Drake Seminar in Orlando

    Too rich for my blood! The equivalent package closely compared to Drake would cost over $15,000 from Ultra tax. That would include all modules, states, payroll, client writeup, etc. Maybe in my next life. Mike Dubin CPA
  15. Mike D

    Drake seminar worth the time?

    I attended a Drake software seminar in NY today and came away quite impressed. There were 85 people in attendance including user's of Ultratax, Protax, ATX, Tax Works, Tax Wise, LaCerte, etc. The price for the complete Drake package before 05/31/13 is $1,095 which is not alot for what you get. All modules, all states, payroll, client writeup, document manager, tax organizer, tax planner, CPE, etc. I am leaning towards purchasing Drake for 2013 as a long term solution, as I have had it with conversions, learning curves, etc. Mike Dubin CPA