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  1. I have so far been disappointed with ATX and their supporting statements and worksheets. Is there a better way to have forms with calculating list then the standard in ATX? It just does not look very good when printing out. I have tried to design my own Master Forms, but they don't link directly to the amounts on return. Any suggestions for more efficient way to handle this? Thanks!
  2. I am getting three errors preventing me from e-filing due to my company being located abroad. My previous software would still allow me to e-file, however ATX seems to be blocking... 1. Invalid EIN My company is located abroad and does not have an EIN. With other software, I would just use 00-0000000. Any suggestions for what to use with ATX? 2. Invalid state abbreviation Same problem as company is located abroad. With other software, I would use FO for foreign. Any suggestions for what to use with ATX? 3. Invalid zip code Same issue as above. Suggestions?? Thank you, Ely
  3. we are a GO!!!! 1116 forms are approved for e-file (now just need to figure out how to use foreign address in preparer box...getting an error for invalid zip code+state)
  4. I have been checking and calling every day. I work abroad and pretty much every single client of mine needs to file 1116. This is my first year using ATX and thinking might just switch software if this does not get resolved by this week at the latest. I have also used Proseries in the past and know they're Form 1116 has been working with e-file for nearly 3 weeks already. If anyone has success (or gets an update) please respond....
  5. Gail, Thank you for the reply. The Form1116 is not listed under the "Find Forms" option to give any sort of status. The form is definitely installed. I am encountering a problem when trying to electronically file a return it says that the form has not yet been approved for e-file, which I find very strange given it's already February. Has anyone had success submitting an e-file with Form 1116??
  6. This is our first year using ATX, and it has been incredibly slow. For example, every time the program starts it takes a few minutes to load. And even saving a return takes nearly a minute. Has anyone had a similar experience, or any ideas as to what is causing this??
  7. How is this form still not available for e-filing? Any idea when it will be released?? Is there anything to do but wait....
  8. If a taxpayer is claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Form 2555), they are required to reduce the amount of foreign taxes paid to be taken on the foreign tax credit Form 1116. This is line 12 of Form 1116 "Reduction in foreign taxes". Can someone please advise how to initiate this calculation?? I cannot get it to work and am afraid with override it could have effects in other places. Thanks!
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