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  1. I am going to delete McAfee as I actually prefer Windows Defender which has been getting great ratings for some time now. I formally used Zone Alarm which got so bad it blocked the ATX program.
  2. Well the new machine is up and running. As yet I cannot get the Chrome browser to successfully download to replace the default Microsoft browser. It starts downloading and then simply stops uncompleted. Do any of you know of a solution to this? I am using the Mcafee security software furnished and suspect it is somehow blocking it.
  3. I simply cannot let this opportunity go by without adding my two cents. A longtime client who is forever a couple of years behind in her filings called me last year after three years of not hearing a word from her. We got her 2014 and 2015 filed last year 2016 early this year and needed to file 2017 and 2018 this year as well. She and hubby have one of those wonderful hobby farms and have always gotten refunded and as a result no fines or penalties until NOW. She called me earlier this year concerned about a notice she got. She brought it in and on examination I burst into laughter as it was for some man in Colorado. We basically dismissed it. Unknown to me she had received notices concerning her 2017 return which was unfilled. She finally stirred herself to action and brought me her 2017 info along with a threatening notice from the Service. It was addressed to her husband. On checking the info and computations I noted no info for the wife. The Service computed the tax due on a single man over age 65. The couple has been married for 58 years. To my astonishment they computed tax and penalties due in excess of $8,000. I prepared their return and immediately efiled it (2017) showing tax due of $566.00. They will be penalized of course but were happy to find they did not owe over $8,000 !! I contacted the Service at the number provided and advised the agent the couple had efiled their return a day prior to the deadline outlined in the notice further advising that the return was on file at the Andover Service Center for their inspection. I frankly expect another crappy notice from the Service to arrive and the client will simply have to call them this time around if it does. It really makes you wonder how many poor souls panic and pay these notices off even though they surely are riddled with factual inaccuracies.
  4. I think I used killdisc on one some years back. It completely destroyed the OS.
  5. I now have two older computers to dispose of. Some years back I used a software program to destroy the Windows OS on one of my computers I gave to charity. I plan to give both of these to Goodwill but am uncertain if a software solution is the way to go. I am not knowledgeable enough to remove the hard drive and destroy it. Any ideas?
  6. Well I went ahead and bought another Compaq which I have never had any problems with. Of course, that is an HP. I really hate having to relearn a new OS. I am going to contact ATX tech support to see if I can download my 2018 program to the new machine as I like most have offsite (flash drive) backup. I'll keep the old Windows but will leave it off the net. My thought was I could move needed files over by a USB cable but evidently not.
  7. I could not agree more Lion. Probably one of their ninety day wonders !
  8. As mentioned some time back I am now researching a new computer. Dell has a sale going on but I recall someone in the forum pointed out some current problems with Dell. I have had good service from my HP computers but the prices on the Dells are quite attractive right now. Does anyone know if their problems noted here have been resolved?
  9. Well y'all have once again relieved me of another problem. I was unaware I had to love math to prepare taxes. An appraisal of the property by the executor ? The sucker was unaware he was an executor ! This is one of those little details he will now have to become familiar with.
  10. I am simply wondering if since the husband owned 3/4 of the house if the house is inherited 3/4 of the depreciated value or does the widow inherit it at the stepped up market value which is of course much higher? This is a reminder of why I am considering folding the tent.
  11. I reviewed with the client's attorney the record on the land transfers and it was his judgement that the husband owned some 3/4 of the property. The half interest purchased by he and his wife later was placed into joint ownership when bought from the brother's widow. The attorney concluded that the client owned 3/4 of the property and that his wife owned 1/4. Both husband and wife were employed at the time and I have no clue whose funds bought what but am comfortable with their attorney's decision as to who owned what. She has inherited 3/4 of the farm at the stepped up value with her 1/4 interest being valued at it's value at time of purchase. The fact that they converted the house on the farm to rental is my only sticking point.
  12. A client inherited an undivided 50% interest in his father's farmland and a house on the farm along with his brother. Later on his brother died and the widow sold her half interest to the client and his wife. Since he was unmarried when he inherited his 50% interest he owned this himself. After marriage he and his wife bought as noted the other half of the farm. This gives him a 3/4 interest in the farm land and house and his wife a 1/4 interest. He has now died and his wife has inherited the property. Her son having power of attorney is selling the farm and house. Since the father owned 3/4 of the farm this passes at the stepped up inherited value to his wife leaving her 1/4 interest valued at the price paid years back. The house was converted to a rental years ago and is now mostly fully depreciated . And therein lies my problem. How do I apportion interest in this mostly depreciated out property?
  13. I regularly make estimated payments. Because my income comes in irregularly I have for years attached a 2210 explaining this. No problem until this year. The PPS rep waived the entire thing explaining that the 2018 tax changes were largely the reason. The Service appeared to me to have completely ignored the 2210 I sent noting I had incorrectly computed the form and simply dividing my total income by four. Go figure.
  14. Yes amazingly so. I was unaware I might resolve a personal issue through the PPS. My initial contacts with the Service basically pointed me to PAYING the penalty and then going through a byzantine process to get my money back. I did not have to use my FTA but was able to take advantage of the regs applying to TY 2018 because of the tax law changes placed into effect in December 2017. The person spoken to was unfailingly polite and saw to it I will get my $19 penalty which I myself computed fully refunded ! ! This pointedly reminded me of how valuable this forum is and the collected wisdom of members such as yourself. I think I saw a donate toggle the last time I came in so I will kick in for that. I have a real jim dandy of a situation coming up which I plan to put into the forum in a couple of weeks. I look forward to reading what my fellow tax folks have to advise. Again my sincere thanks for your help.
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