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  1. Christian

    New Form 1040

    I printed a test page. This will be my 37th year in 2019. In my wildest dreams I would never have thought the Service would sqush (this is the Southern form of squash you Yankees !) the Form 1040 on a half full page. Maybe as Abby suggests we can add some snappy add on the bottom.
  2. Christian

    New Form 1040

    I was going to point that out Abby but Catherine beat me to it. And Taxman are you saying the 1040 is not going to fill a full sheet. Good grief. It sounds kinda naked.
  3. Christian

    New Form 1040

    In looking over the new form and attached schedules I can see how it may be more simple for some but more confusing for many. Subtracting figures in a line item arrangement wasn't all that bad was it ? Who knows maybe it will increase our traffic.
  4. Christian

    Twenty Percent Reduction For Business Owners

    Oops. It looks as if I have made an error and confused clients. Have patience you too will get older.
  5. In trying to understand these new rules I have this situation. A client and his business partner own an LLC. The client receives a W-2 each year from the partnership. As I read the rules his W-2 income is not subject to the twenty percent reduction. Am I correct on this ? The twenty percent taken at the corporate level ?
  6. Christian


    Another reason she is your ex right Abby ?
  7. Christian

    ATX 2018

    The new software looks to be working a ok. I am still using my old computer and it actually seems to load material much quicker.
  8. Christian

    ATX 2018

    What a relief ! I feel confident I can handle the new setup. I won't have to sell out lol.
  9. Christian

    desktop purchase advice

    I usually buy a Compaq or an HP but oddly enough I never pay a great deal for a good computer. If memory serves I've had this one going on seven or eight years. I always shut mine down after use and my guess is this prolongs their life considerably.
  10. Christian

    Windows 8

    Thanks for all the input. If I make the change I will likely wait until after April 15th next year. With all the ballyhoo about security an encryption file is probably a good idea going forward. I have had no problems as I maintain virus and malware security in place at all times and run one or the other on shutting down my system. Unless in use I do not leave the system running.
  11. Christian

    Windows 8

    My processor is an AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon (tm) Graphics 1.40 GHz.
  12. Christian

    Windows 8

    I note ATX is recommending Widows 8 as it has an encryption file unavailable on my current Windows 7. I have a 64 bit machine and would like to know if any of you upgraded with a 64 bit computer and had problems as I may do so. Th argument can be made I should move on to Windows 10 but I am no tech whiz and fumbling with a conversion just before tax season and the coming release of ATX 2019 is definitely not in the cards.
  13. Christian


    That is to say his attorney should raise this point. In view of the fact he was clueless about the change in the law leaves room for being pessimistic. I sent his attorney an email discussing the new law including the paragraph from Divorce Magazine and suggested he have further discussions with the firm's CPA. I wish them luck since it apparently has been a contentious divorce.
  14. Christian


    I must be missing something here. Under the new law the former wife will receive the same alimony amount even though her former husband is now paying tax on it. It is not reduced by the taxes he is paying and looks to be a win situation for her.
  15. Christian


    In reviewing the replies and looking over the highlighted items as well I come away with the thought that IF the parties have drawn up the divorce settlement as the client tells me they have ("We have already agreed to everything.") and signed it he will likely be able to continue deducting the alimony EVEN THOUGH the decree itself falls on January 4th of 2019 as is noted above " Experts believe an instrument signed before December 31, 2018, will qualify for pre-TCJA tax treatment, even if the divorce is not yet final". In the end I suspect his attorney has been outfoxed by her attorney and that the final settlement document has not been signed nor will be until after January 4th.