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  1. Sometime back a forum member posted an entry in which a question was raised concerning the appraisal value of items a client wished to sell. One or more members posted the names of appraisers or auction houses that they were familiar with (one in Washington D C if my memory serves) and I failed to print the replies out. Now I find I need this type of info and would appreciate any input from anyone. Alternatively if I can be furnished the original post and comments from here that to would be appreciated. I'll be sure and print it this time for sure if received.
  2. That's really something. The mother bear is so accustomed to human exposure to fear no harm from humans to her cubs otherwise all those hefty critters to the right would have been heading for the hills.
  3. I wonder how this will impact banks and others who have been using Turbo Tax as a marketing tool.
  4. Well with support going to 2025 I surely have no concerns. I still use Windows 7 on an older computer and it received an update this week ! Go figure.
  5. I have just received a notice from Microsoft concerning Windows 11. I have only recently adjusted to Windows 10 ! Does anyone have a handle on how much longer Microsoft will support Windows 10 ?
  6. If he has filed the return and failed to report some income from 2020 his only recourse is an amended return. If he has unexpected income for this year 2021 he can simply send in a quarterly estimated payment by 9/15/21. Of course Abby is right (as always) if the received amount does not require the payment of any estimated tax.
  7. "Poorly or incorrectly formatted " must be a new offense. I am not surprised by anything that comes out of our Department of Taxation. When have they not been sticky Gail? I had to contact my state Senator too get my $25 refund back on my return some years back. Last year they kept my $61.00 refund explaining I would receive a letter as to why I would not receive it. I'll likely be gone to glory before or if I ever hear from them. For the current year I went to my account to pay my quarterly tax estimate only to find the monthly calendar on the State website was a day off and it would not process my payment.
  8. Needless to say I have never seen a hamburger on this site.
  9. I have just read that federal employees with the addition of the new Juneteenth holiday get 44 paid days a year off. Are you really surprised that work is delayed and service sinks. Soon we will be right in there with the Ukraine and the like. And Possi I am delighted to hear some part of the Department of Taxation works well having not myself encountered it myself.
  10. A client who filed in October last year called last week to advise he got his refund at last plus $275.00 in interest. The interest sorta soothed his pain.
  11. Suffer in silence ? I always come in here to moan and groan. I feel better afterward but suspect I am being ignored.
  12. Finally got a work around that did the trick.
  13. I called WK this AM to renew only to find they are celebrating Memorial Day by being off on May 28th. Oh well I'll renew online. On attempting to access my account my password which I just changed recently did not work. Oh well I'll change it yet again. This allowed me to login on a ATX site but not the renewal site so I logged out. On returning to the ATX login site my NEW password did not work here !! Hopefully someone will report to work in Atlanta on 31st.
  14. Heaven knows I am no authority. My nephew is an Anglican Catholic priest and somewhere along the line discussed ministerial licensing with me. At a recent marriage a Baptist minister mentioned something along the line of by the power invested in me by the State of Virginia (which I found unusual). It's likely a moot point as I doubt she will produce it. In any event I am advising the couple speak with an immigration attorney and if they choose not to then I will prepare a mfs return if they are happy with that. Frankly, I am getting away from returns with potential problems and only entertain this one because of my long relationship with her parents.
  15. I too am considering a switch but I am staying put for 2022. I haven't made significant fee increases in ages so I plan to start moving them up in 2022 which will take care of any ATX increase.
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