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  1. I don't routinely include this form in my client copies. I have done so this year for a couple of folks who came to me this year and had them in their former practitioner's copy. I find the one provided by ATX really lacking when compared to the competition. The state comparison is not provided. I suspect ATX tech support has been appraised of this and likely with no result.
  2. Christian


    This was a personal error (go figure). A malware software product identified an ATX file as a possible PUP and I deleted it before checking the source identifier. My bad .
  3. Christian


    Is the server at ATX down at this time? I can't seem to connect through my program. 7:37 10/5/19
  4. I very much appreciate your clarifying this for me. He did not understand the presentation made to the stock holders last year by management and ask me why income he did not receive and reported on his return as taxable income should be taxed. I have no answer for this as I myself do not understand why this is so. I referred him back to management to explain this.
  5. A client came in and included in his info a Form 1120S which was not received in prior years. He had bought stock in a local assisted living nursing home complex some years back and normally an annual Form 1099-DIV for dividends is received. Last year the corporation converted to an S corporation so he got the usual Form 1099-DIV and the additional Form 1120S. Since he has no active participation in management of the corporation I would usually assume the income items reported are passive in nature. What got my attention is a statement from the corporation stating the corporation is a "specified service trade or business" for purposes of computing the qualified business income deduction. This being the case do I need to change the client's status to active ? I prepare a tiny number of returns having K-1 forms and usually in cases of things being unclear I send them to someone else but this client is a longtime client and friend so I need to go the extra mile. Any input is appreciated.
  6. I recall and having time to rehash it I remember that they combined the IRA and pension lines from the former Form 1040. On the IRA line only the taxable amount was shown whereas on the pension line the gross and the taxable were shown even if both numbers were the same. This accounts for the seeming error. Thanks for your input.
  7. I am finishing up. Will someone refresh my recall on why on entering IRA and pension distributions I need to delete the IRA checkbox to get the program to correctly show the total distributions on line 4a and the taxable amount on 4b. I know that cannot be exactly right and for the life of me can't remember the correct way to enter the info or was this an error on ATX's part corrected in later updates? Down to my last three returns.
  8. It is 11:34 PM and I have spent all day fooling with this computer. I contacted my local isp tech who explained that new computers should be updated immediately as many times they have been on retailers shelves for months. I finally got this done with much prayer and a few unmentionable words. Sure enough the machine got to humming along. I then made another attempt to download Chrome. After a promising start it had stopped yet again. I left the download in place stuck as it was and typed in the Cortana search module Windows 10 has "Chrome will not download" and almost IMMEDIATELY the Chrome browser popped into place. Do you suppose Abby Microsoft had anything to do with this? I activated my existing account and all is well and I am now ready to face the 2020 tax season. I have survived yet another Microsoft OS learning misery.
  9. You know I get the uneasy feeling you are absolutely correct. After trying to download Chrome on booting up the next day you get this handy reminder from Microsoft about how great Edge is and you ought to give it a try.:} Well it's a downloading. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's creeping along but not quitting. I think I'll run to the liquor store and when I return it will have Chrome downloaded.
  10. I have now moved almost my entire 2018 program to my new machine. The Microsoft Edge browser seems glacially slow compared to Chrome. I will be moving to a new provider in about a month increasing my speed to 10 mbs which is a huge upgrade for me in this rural area along with the wi-fi capability it will provide. Someone in the forum suggested sticking with an ethernet connection to the computer for increased security which I plan on doing. The current lack of speed seems to be the reason the Chrome download will not download. Oddly I have had no problems with other downloads and do not yet understand how to check the activation box in the Windows firewall which is likely blocking the Chrome installer.
  11. Thanks to Abby I am now going to use the ATX transfer protocol she so kindly provided. I have a flash drive with 28.6 gigabytes available. Is this enough space for this? The ATX program itself is what 250 million bytes?
  12. Well happy days are here again. The transition to Windows 10 is moving along pretty well considering my advanced age. It seems I will now be able to confront the new tax season with renewed zest and vigor. Would this were the case in other aspects of my life. This . Instead of this I thought y'all might need a little humor today.
  13. I am going to delete McAfee as I actually prefer Windows Defender which has been getting great ratings for some time now. I formally used Zone Alarm which got so bad it blocked the ATX program.
  14. Well the new machine is up and running. As yet I cannot get the Chrome browser to successfully download to replace the default Microsoft browser. It starts downloading and then simply stops uncompleted. Do any of you know of a solution to this? I am using the Mcafee security software furnished and suspect it is somehow blocking it.
  15. I simply cannot let this opportunity go by without adding my two cents. A longtime client who is forever a couple of years behind in her filings called me last year after three years of not hearing a word from her. We got her 2014 and 2015 filed last year 2016 early this year and needed to file 2017 and 2018 this year as well. She and hubby have one of those wonderful hobby farms and have always gotten refunded and as a result no fines or penalties until NOW. She called me earlier this year concerned about a notice she got. She brought it in and on examination I burst into laughter as it was for some man in Colorado. We basically dismissed it. Unknown to me she had received notices concerning her 2017 return which was unfilled. She finally stirred herself to action and brought me her 2017 info along with a threatening notice from the Service. It was addressed to her husband. On checking the info and computations I noted no info for the wife. The Service computed the tax due on a single man over age 65. The couple has been married for 58 years. To my astonishment they computed tax and penalties due in excess of $8,000. I prepared their return and immediately efiled it (2017) showing tax due of $566.00. They will be penalized of course but were happy to find they did not owe over $8,000 !! I contacted the Service at the number provided and advised the agent the couple had efiled their return a day prior to the deadline outlined in the notice further advising that the return was on file at the Andover Service Center for their inspection. I frankly expect another crappy notice from the Service to arrive and the client will simply have to call them this time around if it does. It really makes you wonder how many poor souls panic and pay these notices off even though they surely are riddled with factual inaccuracies.
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