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  1. Dan says this is personal property, which I have dim memories of the TCJA limiting the use of Form 6252 to only real property.
  2. NEI Mod edit: acronym means "not enough information"
  3. It depends on the facts and circumstances, it could be a reduction in basis or it could be a capital gain.
  4. This morning I have been watching the squirrels and blue jays scrambling to see who can grab the most peanuts. Good preparation for tax season
  5. I remember William, especially his proactive responses to any and all issues. May he rest in peace, a truly good human being.
  6. Pub 908 Bankruptcy Tax Guide & Pub 4681 Canceled Debts & Etc.
  7. Doing this may fix the problem. Opening the return in the original year will update the return(s) to the current version of the software.
  8. Copying the folders over probably won't work You need to use the backup function on the old system to back up all of the clients Then you need to load the backed up files into the new system.
  9. Supposedly, MS is going to announce the cost of extended support for Win 7 early in December.
  10. Based on past posts from members of this board and posts on the official ATX board, your quite likely to have some problems. The most trouble free approach will be to follow the process just like you are moving to a new computer: 1. Back up everything for every year. 2. You will need to do fresh installs of ATX software for each year 3. Then reinstall your backed client files for each year. Based on what I remember from other posters, ATX doesn't respond well to the upgrading of operating systems on the same computer, I assume due to changes in the Windows Registry. Good Luck
  11. 1. Clear your browser history and try again 2. Try a different browser
  12. I am very curious as to how checks paid to individuals and 1099 income reported to the IRS in Box 7 with the matching SSN numbers of the same individuals is reported as Corporate Revenue. What would be the logical justification ? Frankly, my creative imagination doesn't stretch that far.
  13. This not the same as your situation. This is wishful thinking stretched to the max !
  14. Basically they are office sharing and each individual would deduct there share of the expenses on their own a Schedule C. This is very similar to what Real Estate Agents have to do. I don't see any way to set up a business entity in these circumstances!
  15. I have carried it for 27 years and don't regret paying for it. I have never had a claim, however it's like paying for fire or earthquake insurance. Paying for it is annoying until you need it, then it's a lifesaver.
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