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  1. cbslee


    The MeF system went down sometime yesterday for unscheduled maintenance and is supposedly back up now.
  2. I believe I read something several months ago that the IRS will not process a check once it's more than 90 days after the date of the check?
  3. Was this letter from one of the collection agencies that the IRS is subcontracting with?
  4. "Can I use my IP pin from last year? No. The IRS will send you a CP01A notice with your new IP PIN by early January of 2022. That's the one you'll need to file your 2021 return.Jan 4, 2022."
  5. Wow, There is no way I would do that return for less than $500.
  6. You just can't please some people.
  7. Hopefully there is a vacation included
  8. cbslee

    CP 2000

    Information mailed in December with receipt acknowledged by IRS on December 22, 20021, still not processed. Just received a CP22A asking for Balance Due Payment by June 6th 2022. Called Phone Number on the letter and asked for an up to date transcript. Couldn't get thru to a live person or get into an on hold queue?
  9. I have never priced by form since tax preparation isn't my main source of revenue, monthly writeup/payroll provides most of my revenue. I price based on my perception of value delivered to my client. A few examples of none writeup related tax returns. The least expensive Form 1040 that I did was $375 - Retired Single client with Schedule B and state Schedule A plus QCDs. i did a MFJ - 1 W2 plus Home Daycare Schedule C plus CTC for $450 ( Probably underpriced this one). My minimum fee for a simple Form 1065 is $500. All of the rest of my 1120 and 1120S returns are writeup related clients.
  10. IMHO, it's much better to consistently raise your fees a small amount every year. For example a $200 return increased just $ 5 a year is a $250 return after 10 years. When you do that your clients expect their bill to be a bit more and most won't complain. When you don't increase your fees, you have trained your clients to expect their fees to remain the same.
  11. Some practitioners suggest using the Spanish line since they speak English on those lines also.
  12. I used it for many years including 2 years after I switched to Drake for tax returns. However they kept increasing the price. In addition they didn't keep up with the changes to my state payroll taxes. At that point, it made no sense.
  13. "Cyberattack knocks Ruby Receptionists offline, disrupting service for thousands." "Ruby said the cyberattack hit its service provider, Opus Interactive, Sunday evening. Because Opus did not provide a timetable for restoring its services, Ruby said Wednesday it has rebuilt its systems on Amazon Web Services’ network."
  14. Follow the money, this way anyone who wants to efile a 94x has to pay a third party. I remember filing 941s on my touch tone phone, took about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes.
  15. Copied from Accounting Today: "The Internal Revenue Service plans to migrate its set of online services for tax professionals to the third-party provider ID.me this summer despite objections being raised in Congress to the authentication company. The IRS said in an email Wednesday to tax professionals that the following products and applications will be impacted: • Affordable Care Act (ACA) for Transmitter Control Code (TCC); • Application Program Interface (API) Client ID Application; • e-File Application; • Information Returns (IR) for TCC; • Income Verification Express Service (IVES) Application; • State Applications (State EFIN and TDS State); • TIN Matching, including Bulk and Interactive TIN Matching; • Transcript Delivery System (TDS); • Secure Object Repository (SOR); • Modernized e-File (MeF); and • ACA Information Returns (AIR). The IRS noted that while the e-Services applications won’t use ID.me until this summer, tax professionals can get ready for the migration and set up an ID.me account now using Tax Pro Account." Once again the IRS is getting a lot of push back from Congress.
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