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  1. cbslee

    scanner recommendation

    There was a good thread discussing scanners earlier this year.
  2. cbslee

    desktop purchase advice

    i have purchased every computer that I have used in my office for the last 25 years and have never had to call Dell once in those 25 years.
  3. cbslee

    Computer Advice (Display Driver Error)

    I am also running Win 7 Pro and have had the device driver error message from time to time, although I only run 1 monitor. The most i have ever experienced is 2 or 3 times in one week. Recently it's only happened once or twice in the last 6 weeks. Most of the time I think it has happened, when I have spun the scroll wheel on my mouse too aggressively or I have clicked my mouse with an imprecise location perhaps confusing my computer.
  4. cbslee

    desktop purchase advice

    First, never buy the "Home" or "Home Premium" version of Windows, always buy the Professional version, which is optimized for business usage. Myself, I have always purchased a Dell Optiplex from the Dell website during one of their promotions, paying about 40 % less than what you are considering. I am a one person office also and I find 8 Gig of Ram and a 256 GB Hard Drive comfortably adequate.
  5. cbslee

    Sch C or Sch A?

    I disagree, the police report is not an attempt to collect, it is the report of an alleged crime.
  6. cbslee

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Upon further reflection, I don't believe this meets the definition of a casualty loss. Since your client is not in the business of loaning money, it also doesn't meet the requirements for the deduction of a business bad debt. I believe that the only deduction it qualifies for is a capital loss.
  7. cbslee

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Is this pre or post TCJA ?
  8. cbslee

    Large employer - no coverage

    My largest client has about 70 employees and does not offer health insurance. They received a proposed penalty for 2015 in June 2018 which was triggered by an employee going to and receiving a PTC from the marketplace. Fortunately they only received the credit for 5 months. The IRS proposed penalty was way bigger than it should have been I recalculated the penalty supported by the 1095s, which I had filed, which was about 70 % lower than the proposed penalty. They accepted the penalty that I calculated. They have yet to receive any letters etc for 2016.
  9. cbslee

    Windows 8

    I have seen several tech articles which explain in detail how to upgrade to Win 8 and avoid the forced upgrade to Win 10.
  10. cbslee

    S Corp sale or gift

    Without any numbers its like shooting.shooting in the dark. The problem is with companies like these, the profit/cash flow stream along with any intangibles are usually the most valuable assets. Therefore an appraisal becomes almost mandatory. In my state of Oregon like Minnesota, the Estate Tax kicks in when a valuation exceeds $ 1,000,000 so it's a whole different ball game.
  11. cbslee


    The IRS announced that Saturday, November 17th will be the last day for the efiling of Form 1040 returns.
  12. cbslee


    Copied from Accounting Today: "The final regulations implement tax law changes from 2015 expanding the scope of the tax return preparer due diligence penalty so it also applies to the Child Tax Credit, the Additional Child Tax Credit and the American Opportunity Tax Credit as well as to the eligibility to file a tax return or a claim for refund as a head of household." Please note the last phrase as the final regulations state, "as well as the eligibility to file a tax return or a claim for refund as a head of household." Woah, how pages will the due diligence documentation worksheets expand to now ?
  13. cbslee

    Some Clients can't be helped - I feel bad

    In my experience, very few taxpayers with similar problems have the fortitude to make the lifestyle spending changes necessary to pay off debts of this magnitude, which is the very reason they ended up in big trouble in the first place. I have reached the point in my life where I really have no interest in working with clients with these problems.
  14. cbslee


    "TCJA changes alimony tax treatment only for alimony orders pursuant to an instrument of divorce entered after December 31, 2018. Couples planning to divorce may want to hasten their proceedings — or at least their drafting and signing of divorce instruments to take advantage of pre-TCJA alimony tax treatment. An instrument of divorce must specify periodic payments and the parties must reside in separate households. Experts believe an instrument signed before December 31, 2018, will qualify for pre-TCJA tax treatment, even if the divorce is not yet final. If the parties sign their divorce instrument before the end of this year, they can also agree to pre-TCJA tax treatment for any subsequent modification of their alimony arrangement. In that way, couples who sign an alimony instrument of divorce before December 31, 2018, can preserve the deductibility of alimony far into the future."
  15. cbslee

    American Samoa

    If the company is performing services in Am Samoa for the local govt then then the company has nexus in AM Samoa and has to file the relevant tax returns. It's no different than a SD company performing work in ND for a ND local govt ? As far as the employees go it would seem to me to be no different than a NBA player who has to file returns in every state that he plays in.