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  1. Perhaps you have forgotten about the infamous "shoe bomber"?
  2. Based the lead sentence in the announcement, "The IRS and its Security Summit partners today called on tax professionals to use the free, multi-factor authentication feature being offered on tax preparation software products.", it includes desktop software.
  3. If the dealer picked up the equipment, there must have been an unpaid equipment loan. Suggest you make some inquires as to the status of the loan, sometimes the issuance of a 1099 C is some years down the road, since there may have been ongoing collection action for several years.
  4. cbslee

    CA CRTPs

    The most problematic issues are: Paragraph 1 - the detailed table of fees per form for preparers like myself that don't charge by the form. Paragraph 2 - the explicit steering of prospective clients to FreeFile and to VITA which doesn't bother me since I have very few clients that would qualify. I wonder how much Intuit and H & R Block have to do with this bill they have pretty much done everything they could to misdirect people away from FreeFile toward their fee based software.
  5. In Oregon since the state standard deduction is so low, we have a new Oregon Schedule A, therefore anyone that owns a house will itemize for state purposes.
  6. One of the reasons that I left ATX for Drake several years ago was the release of Oregon Business Entity Forms kept getting later and later. The last week in February was way too late for me!
  7. cbslee

    2020 Form W-4

    There have multiple lengthy threads about this topic for the past several months. Instead of asking us to regurgitate what has already been posted, I suggest you read those threads. It's the employer's responsibility to follow their employees W - 4 as filed nothing more.
  8. You have a potentially big issue here, because when the bldg is distributed to the owner from an S Corp, IRS rules require it to come out at FMV, which if the bidg has been in the S Corp for awhile, more than likely would trigger a large taxable gain. In the past I have had to head off several clients from setting up S Corps to hold rental property for this exact reason.
  9. I don't put phone numbers and emails on returns unless I am forced to. My state of Oregon is rapidly moving toward requiring phone numbers and emails on almost all returns. However, unless a client is totally off the grid, their phone number and email is on thousands of servers and more likely than not due to all of the data breaches is also available on the dark web available for sale.
  10. Sounds like they are employees on monthly salary.
  11. This has been an ongoing problem ever since the program was rewritten about 8 years ago. During the printing process the printer cache gradually fills up with garbage until the program crashes or stops printing. The only fix is to exit the program and clear the printer cache or rebooting your computer which also clears the printer cache.
  12. There is a thread which started last Thursday with 10 posts discussing your question.
  13. The Tax Book says to "report unreimbursed volunteer expenses as cash contributions. Do not report them on Form 8283." Pub 526 probably has more details on this.
  14. cbslee

    Opening ATX

    When I was still using ATX, I would always have to lower the level of security in the UAC so that ATX would run properly.
  15. Copied from IRS enews: 3. IRS, partners nationwide mark Jan. 31 as "EITC Awareness Day" The IRS and its partners nationwide highlight the Earned Income Tax Credit on Jan. 31, "EITC Awareness Day." Outreach events and activities are scheduled to promote EITC awareness around the country. For more information about the EITC or to use the EITC Assistant, visit IRS.gov/eitc. Fortunately, I do very few of these returns
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