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  1. Based on the online CPE classes that I took, your banks interpretation is correct. My largest client with a semimonthly payroll had a pay date which fell on the first day of their PPP allowable window. I specifically asked 2 different presenters whether these were allowable payroll expenses. Both presenters said the way the rules were written and are being interpreted that my clients paychecks dated the first day of their allowable expense window which was April 16th were definitely allowable payroll expenses along with the related state employment taxes.
  2. We started the refinance process back in early September. I think we finally have all the documentation submitted that the mortgage company wants. Now it's just waiting for them to grind thru everything.
  3. The IRS has been understaffed and underfunded since 2011. This situation is like slow moving avalanche moving downhill. It will not be fixed anytime soon.
  4. While I haven't seen any no fee offers, I have seen several very low fee offers i.e. $275 with a higher interest rate, no free lunch. Or it's teaser offer, where things change as you get closer to closing.
  5. If you are referring to an amended Form 1040, I believe you will probably have to wait until 1040 efiling reopens in 7 or 8 weeks.
  6. I have used CCleaner for years, no complaints.
  7. The IRS still has 3 million pieces of unopened mail plus 1 million unprocessed paper filed tax returns.
  8. I really hope this works out for you.
  9. The Senate Finance Cmte is making a bipartisan push to have the both the loan forgiveness and the PPP allowable expenditures be non taxable. They are trying to have this included in the Omnibus Spending Bill which needs to be passed no later than December 11th, in order to avoid another government shutdown. I really hope this happens. It would be a big relief to have this resolved before the end of the year!
  10. Exactly, my client's bank told her, they required notification the next business day in order to reverse the charges.
  11. Most of us are familiar with the rules protecting personal checking and credit card accounts. However, business checking and business credit card accounts have far more lax protections. Although many financial institutions will apply personal account protection rules to their business accounts. Unfortunately for my client their very large bank has been very unhelpful.
  12. Small monthly write up client an Espresso Coffee Kiosk banks with one of the big 3 national banks. Back in September their checking account was charged twice with ACH Debits totaling $ 1,498 from a small former supplier from several years ago. My client notified their bank as soon as they received their September Bank Statement of the fraudulent charges. Their bank told them they couldn't do anything, because they weren't notified soon enough. I had my client file a Police Report. Is this a deductible business expense?
  13. It actually might be faster to wait until efiling reopens in 8 or 9 weeks
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