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  1. Here is a little more info that I found: https://blog.tekkersit.com/wolters-kluwer-hit-by-mega-cortex-ransomware
  2. I used it yesterday and it worked
  3. I am not sure that just making an election takes care of the problem. From what I am reading you NEED to do a 3115 for every C, F and E just to protect yourself. I see 3115 as a no win situation.....I think all of us should be putting post up on every board for preparers and taxpayers to be contacting their congressmen to put a stop to this insane rule. Are you trying to explain this to your client that hardly knows what the difference between an expense or a capital improvement. With rules like this you are hardly encouraging people to go into business. I for one do not want to be slappe
  4. That is what I did.....fill up the IRS with paper!!
  5. I have just tried for the 3rd time to efile a deceased spouse and still getting rejected.
  6. I just finished getting '11 & '12 rolled over on new computer. I went with Win 7 pro, 16gb ram, 64 Bit OS, SSD, and Intel I5 processor. Sure hope it makes a difference.
  7. Just wondering if any of your clients have received letters from the IRS requesting more information for EIC? I notice that the orange bar is gone on some (when you check "Where's My Refund) and they say they are still processing. Are they sending out letters? If so, that will put the phones to ringing
  8. The ones with EIC are getting angry because they are not getting their refunds and everyone else is. My question is: Is it our software that is causing them to be held up? I am hearing that H&R, JH and Turbo tax refunds are coming back?
  9. Since the IRS wants us to do their work for them, they tell us what to do and how to do it, don't you think they should be paying us as employees?? They just don't tell us what time to come and leave work, maybe we could start working IRS hours and get benefits??
  10. Yes, I would still like for someone to give us the correct way to enter the suspended losses on a SCorp shareholder. I am sure if they are entered right that they will flow thru. Can someone please help on this? Thanks
  11. KC, Back in Feb you answered a question on the 6198. You made the following statement: You enter the 6198 limitation amount on the worksheet section right after the Line 20 boxes Where is the Line 20 boxes? Which worksheet? I know once you figure this out it probably goes smoothly but right now I am not getting the info in without overriding. Thanks for any help Anne
  12. Thank you, I was looking too hard!!
  13. Can someone please tell me how to put "PSO" beside line 16b in ATX. It seems like you use to do it with an arrow key but I can't get that to work. Thanks for your help. Anne
  14. Do we need to be filing tax returns for individuals that only have SS income and do not normally file? The stimulus pkg includes refunds to them. If the rebate is based on the 2007 tax return, it looks like they should be filing a return. I am sure as soon as Bush signs the bill, people are going to be asking. I had one to bring their monther's ss form today to file a return to get the rebate!
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