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  1. Have someone tried to calculate the EiC for California en taxwise for persons with iitin? I am wondering if is there any form to activate this credit or taxwise is not ready to calculate it by itself. any help? O comments?
  2. I got one similar yesterday , my client has 2 sch c, one sch e , one sch a so when I was in the last check I noted a 26k nol . I supposed to it was a proforma error due I was not able to find the source... I just ignored it and override the amount then I efile and get acknowledgment as approved for IRS and state .
  3. I filed around 15 return with TRX I'm 2/2 no refund yet but I just know the problem when the first three customer came in with a letter from IRS requesting the correct form 8812 due TRX was not ready with the form at this time , you can send it by fax or regular mail, just the form 8812 in my case was the same for these customer, check your return if they are using itin numbers is probably the same problem
  4. Alex There is another person willing to back to taxworks if the new version is good as the former was and of course the price it good also. I really miss taxworks and all it features
  5. I'm working in both software TRX and Taxwise I have already done over 30 return all of them 1040 same result in every single return (calculations) for the efile TRX is faster more friendly use except for the state CA is not available, for bank product I efile an actual return yesterday it was going thru at IRS but got an error in bank it appears as been accepted for IRS but don't be in bank so at this time not sure what should I do. That's the problem with TRX no customer support
  6. Thanks for the tips Taxed. I will see the videos in the solution center as my priority tomorrow. I have tw already in two different computers one as server and one as workstation and I downloaded the update only in the server I din't know it has to be downloaded in each computer.
  7. Taxlax

    Thank you Eric

    I joint the group and the thanks to Eric
  8. It fixed an error for CA w2 the information didn't came from federal or main page of w2, but I don't know what else more came in the update
  9. I got an Id and password for tax wise solution center but not for intelliconnect I inquired about it and they said no available for us.
  10. Thanks taxed I got the support fixed it. They said it was a error for skip version 5 and go from 4 to 6. Now I follow your directions and 6 return efiled already .
  11. I got tax wise and everything star pretty nice but I was not able to efile yet , the same update 6 problem...
  12. I have been reading this blog since the last December the most people comment here are familiar to me, the people cheer the free software are new names to me.... Coincidence ??? I don't think so
  13. Hi everybody this is my first post but I was reading you guys since last December . I was aside because as terry I had the hope TRX would be ready for the start season this past January 30th ... You know the history , well yesterday I got taxwise with ultimatetaxservice at 399 for their 899 package, I downloaded the software today and I was able to do my first return , it is easy to use with a little learning curve but the best part is the peace of mind and finally let TRX go. So Renee I recommend tax wise cause is the second software I have already use. I just start in business 3 years ago and TRX was my only first software . Ps I was able to get this great deal $$ thanks to a promotion code I got from W-tax in this forum. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.
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