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  1. That sounds like a problem that I had with my class at a local junior college. The remote student could log in, she could see me and I could see her, but I had no sound at my end. In fact that computer had no sound at all. The volume controls and mute settings had no effect at all. The IT guys fixed it and told me that it was in some control area that I probably could not have found. I think that it was caused by some system upgrade. Maybe Skype doesn't like accountants.
  2. None of the above. Not on a good basis with each other. I guess we'll go with paper.
  3. I just met with a new client who hasn't filed in 3 years. Seems that he has an estranged wife, so he needs to file MFS. Spouse refuses to give him her SS#. I assume that all we can do is paper file and wait for the letters. Any way that we could code the return to e-file? (She is not an alien.)
  4. Thanks. Dan, I've already suggested this to the preparer. She sometimes gets "too busy'.
  5. There was one W-3 that included the duplicate page of W-2 for 2 employees. The duplicates were included on the W-3 totals. (I'm still trying to figure how the payroll software did that.) What I'm concerned with is that the W-2c will delete all wages for these employees, not just the duplicates. I tried calling SSA but I keep getting " your estimated wait time is 1 hour 45 minutes". By the way, I'm a paper person too, but I've had problems in the past with SSA losing the forms.
  6. One of our people who insists on filing W-2s on paper just found that she had sent in a group of W-2s with a duplicate page listing the same 2 employees twice. If she sends in a W-2C blanking out the wages on one page, will it cause all wages for those employees to be zeroed out or just one set ( the duplicates)? I've never run into this before.
  7. I have a married couple that both reside in the USA. Husband is a resident alien who did not work for the last 2 years. He just recently got an ITIN and is in the process of getting his green card. Since they live together, I assume that they should have filed MFJ in past years and that there would be no EIC allowed on the return ( 2 kids). Is there any other way to do this? I'm flashing back to the 70's on this and the rules were different back then.
  8. Looks like the California NR screen will do the job. I first thought that it just applied to military, but it seems to cover everyone.
  9. The credit is given to the taxpayer on the IL K-1P from the S-Corp return. They then enter it on their IL1040.
  10. I get the message every time that I have read the last unread message in the forum. It just happens in the General Chat forum. The error code is 2S136/5.
  11. Agree with Marie. Only CRP payments are excluded from SE tax. All other ag payments are still subject to SE.
  12. I've done several returns so far in ATX and the roll over returns all have the client letters included. I just opened a new client and I cannot find the letters or the cover sheet in the forms list. Where did they go?
  13. I rebooted the computer. re-installed the software, checked the services file which showed the server was running and on automatic. I just don't have a clue what is wrong. It was running fine on Sat., but started this problem on Sunday. I checked this AM and it's still doing it. The other computer which also has a stand alone install is operating perfectly. I'm trying to contact support, but you know how that goes.
  14. I have been trying all afternoon to start the 2018 ATX Payroll program. I was working in it yesterday evening OK, but now I get the server message every time I try to get in. The tax program and prior years' programs have no problems. I even tried re-installing the program, but still get the message. Any suggestions?
  15. This guy is from Tibet. Fortunately he reads English reasonably well, but he has trouble when you explain something verbally. He's a great guy, but when we converse it's like we're speaking different dialects. Than God he has a good sense of humor!
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