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  1. I'm having a problem with the ATX 2020 tax program. If i try to check the "news" button for new messages, I get the "this program has encountered an error and needs to Close" message. It then closes no matter what i do. This only happens on one computer and the other years have no problem. Any ideas?
  2. The business was open and available in March. It had to close down due to the Covid shutdowns. They deal with parties and other gatherings which did not happen in 2020. They are doing some business this year.
  3. Thanks Lynn. I had a mental block on this.
  4. I've just been given a partnership return for a new business that started in 2020. Because of Covid, they were unable to do any business in 2020. They have expenses such as rent and utilities, but no revenue. They do have revenue in 2021. Do i need to file a return for 2020, or should I write off the expenses as start-up costs and amortize starting in 2021 ? I've not encountered this situation before.
  5. No. Drake tells me to mail the signed form, but also says it can be e-filed with the return. Confusing.
  6. I have a 1041 that will need a Form 8855 . Can that form be e-filed with the 1041, or will we need to mail? I've never used this form before.
  7. I found the problem! I was having problems with the Drake program not starting when I clicked the desktop icons. Evidently when that happened DStart would start running and not stop. After several attempts, the apps would run the CPU up to 100% and slow everything down. I ended the DStart apps and re- installed the desktop icons for the 2 years of Drake that were the problem. Everything is running up to speed now. Thanks Abby for your suggestion. That got the ball rolling for me.
  8. I see that I have 4 DStart processes running at 24% of CPU each. The CPU is evidently running at 100% overall. Is that it?
  9. This machine has 16 GB RAM. The problem affects resident programs, internet and network based programs. This is a rebuilt machine with Windows 10 Pro installed and has been quite good until today. I've re-booted several times. When i tried to access Task Manager I got a message that no apps were running at this time. Is it time to get a big hammer?
  10. This morning my computer has been running very slow. It's like the processor has slowed down or something is interfering with the process. I've run anti-virus and disk cleanup, but no improvement. Any ideas ? I'm not good with Windows 10 yet.
  11. Thanks cbslee. I missed that when I was looking earlier.
  12. We have a client who is interested in applying for the second round of PPP loans. He had received an amount in the first round and has been forgiven. The problem is that he changed from a sole proprietor to a corporation as of 7/1/20. So when he would compare income for 2019 and 2020, the business would not be the same type. Nothing changes other than the structure. He still owns and operates the business, has the same employees, etc. Does this change disqualify him from the program ? My co-worker asked me about this and I'm not sure. I would really appreciate input on this from those of
  13. My understanding is that if he works from a union hiring hall, his mileage to a temporary remote work site would be deductible if he is on location for more than 24 hrs. He would go to the site and stay all week then return for weekends or if the work paused due to weather, etc. I also remember court cases, but darned if I can find them now.
  14. I'm currently working on a client's behalf with Appeals (Tax Court) regarding a 2017 tax return. Client is a truck driver that works through a union hiring hall for a company that had projects in WI and MI. He would drive his personal vehicle to the work sites and be on site for a week or so and then return home until he was called out to work again. The original preparer took mileage to and from the work sites as well as lodging and M&IE. The revenue officer is OK with the lodging and meal allowance, but she has it in her head that the mileage is commuting. I believe that the mileage is
  15. We have a client who receives only SS and a small pension. They filed a joint return for 2019 in order to get the stimulus payment. The box was checked for the wife being a dependent of another by accident on that return. They received no payment as a result. We filed an amendment to correct that error. The IRS told them that even though the the return had been amended that they still didn't qualify because the box was checked on the original return and that they can't claim it on the 2020 return either. He didn't get a payment for himself even though he was not shown to be a dependent, just
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