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  1. We have a client who receives only SS and a small pension. They filed a joint return for 2019 in order to get the stimulus payment. The box was checked for the wife being a dependent of another by accident on that return. They received no payment as a result. We filed an amendment to correct that error. The IRS told them that even though the the return had been amended that they still didn't qualify because the box was checked on the original return and that they can't claim it on the 2020 return either. He didn't get a payment for himself even though he was not shown to be a dependent, just
  2. Thanks Judy. For some reason, the search feature on IRS.gov doesn't like me.
  3. Is there any way to make a change in the name of an entity that has an FEIN? We have a church that no longer uses the full name that was listed on their SS-4. The organization is exactly the same, they just are no longer associated with the denomination named in the last two words of the name. I told them that I thought that they would probably need to get a new number if they insist, but I know that someone in this group may know of a way.
  4. A local employer has an employee that has been told to isolate due to Covid exposure. Is he required to pay the employee for the time that they are out of the office, or is that just an option? He doesn't want to "get in trouble".
  5. Yes. The employees all received their W-2 and the 941s were filed for both Federal and state. Our office did the payroll for him. He was given the W-3 to sign and mail. I'm hopimg that this is somehow a duplicate that got lost in the pile of paper.
  6. We have a client who was going over old records and came across a red copy of his 2015 W-3 and W-2s. The envelope for mailing was clipped to the forms. He has received no correspondence about this. Should he mail this in to the SSA or let sleeping dogs lie? One of his employees is going to check his Social Security statement to see if the wages are listed. The 941s were all filed for that year and the employment taxes paid. I'm hoping that this is a duplicate copy.
  7. An 80 year old man died last year and the family has been going over his papers and settling his estate. It seems that he had an IRA that he had never taken any distributions from. He really didn't have a filing requirement as his income didn't exceed the minimum, even if he had taken the RMD. The balance in the account went to his sister's estate as she passed shortly after he did. The funds were passed to her heirs through her estate. My problem is this. Should the original TP be subject to penalty for not taking the RMDs for all those years? Does the estate have any responsibility for
  8. I have a young lady who just received her green card and SSN in December of 2019. Prior to that time she worked for 5 months in Qatar. She had no US income in 2019. Her husband is still in Qatar. I'm assuming that she would have no filing requirement as she had no US economic activity in 2019.
  9. Thanks ! It just seems weird to file a 1041 with no K-1.
  10. I do a few 1041s but this is a new situation to me. A TP with no family died and left everything to 2 churches and a local fire protection district. There are no other beneficiaries. He had a revocable trust which became irrevocable on his death. The trust has received his pension payouts as well as farm rental income from another state and farm income (unsold crops) from this state. They sold farms in both states. My question is do I prepare any K-1s for this or does the entire thing go out as a charitable deduction on the 1041 ? This may be kind of basic, but at this point I'm arguing
  11. We have a husband and wife who formed an LLC for a property in a resort area. They rent part of year and also have personal use days. When the days of rental and personal are entered on the Form 8825, the program (Drake) does not do any allocation of expenses as would occur on a Sch. E. Are we using the correct form (1065) or should we be using a sch E on a 1040 ? The LLC lists both as partners. Or do we just need to do the allocation manually?
  12. Thank you Abby! F4 worked. Life is good again!
  13. I've found the purple field. It's a box at the top of the 1040 that links to the Injured Spouse form. I can't seem to restore or delete anything to remove the color. Looks like I'll have to roll the client over from 2018 and re-enter all of the data.
  14. I guess I'm just dense. When I click on the error message, it takes me to the 1040 which has no direct input fields. There are no pink override fields anywhere on the return. The error started showing up when I added a billing invoice to the return. I've deleted that and it's still there. I'm still trying to figure out what "sheet 1" is.
  15. I'm getting an error message that is preventing me from forming an e-file on a return. It says: 1040... Estimate .....On sheet '1' you entered a value of ". When I click in the message, it sends me to P.1 of the 1040. I have no idea what it's trying to tell me. There are no estimates on the return. I've checked every input sheet and have come up empty. Any ideas?
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