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  1. JKL, The 1099/W2 module is usually a PRS format system; the 219 is business license and some free returns, then you have to pay for them one by one (unsure of how many free). The full module gives you unlimited access to federal/state process for payroll reporting, and has free e-file - you don't even need an EFIN for e-filing the 1099s, as CCH acts as the transmitter.
  2. Server connectivity has absolutely nothing to do with internet connection. It pertains to network connectivity (network only), and how fast the server portion of the program responds (standalone and network). The server portion of the program is structured to run through X amount of files... say... 10,000. These files are only form updates, system indexes, and the like.... no actually tax return files, or tax data. However, corrupted form updates, broken index, corruption, etc... can exceed the file count size. This then slows the server process down, which generates the 'Retry' error. With that being said... if you see one or two retry messages... click retry and keep going. If you start getting a whole slew of them... call support; they can resolve it (for the most part). In regards to network connectivity... if your network is not working at proper parameters (say... 100/1000 network switch, CAT 5 minimum cabling, and all hardwired)... that will generate the Retry message, because it takes longer than expected for program and database to communicate.
  3. There is one thing. Deleting the Assets folder (as Illmas recommends) does not work, in ATX 2013, the way it did in ATX 2012; this is due to forms being saved both in that folder, and within the Raven Data files. ATX has a utility in the knowledgebase for this issue; the KB ID is 14839. As well, Jack - there is a slim possibility (very slim, knowing the extent of work you do) that you do not have the state, that the return uses, marked for updates in Preferences. ensure that it is marked for updating.
  4. In regards to rollover of paid preparer information... best practices: In ATX 2014, after install and open, go to rollover manager; once it populates, just click the 'Rollover' button. ATX, by default, automatically has Paid Preparer, Payers, Companies, and EIN sets auto-marked for Rollover. Once this completes, you can setup Preferences for Paid Preparer information in regards to new returns and rollovers. Then proceed to rollover returns normally. In Payroll Compliance Reporting, you actually have to rollover at least one return. I'd recommend a small 1099 return; when you checkmark it, and hit the Rollover button, you will see a pop-up in regards to rolling over other information - Paid Preparer, Companies, Payers, etc. Check mark those, complete the rollover, and then setup preferences.
  5. Fair warning to all - ATX support site is down at the moment.
  6. I always find myself placing double spaces in things when not thinking. I used to play a ton of online FPS games and my Spacebar was my trigger button... double tap headshots ingrained these days when playing online anymore. Tom, it is a good possibility that the operator accidentally double tapped the spacebar. Or, someone might have manually renamed the file in the program for 'ease of finding' or some such line.
  7. My mini-vacation is my drum kit in the garage
  8. MalwareBytes. If Spybot was still good, that is a good service to use as well, but Spybot has not been the same since Vista came out.
  9. There are a few things which can cause the ATX database server to be inaccessible for the ATX program. These can range from anti-virus, to firewall, to sleep state within the computer (i.e. if your computer is set to go to sleep mode at the 10 min mark of inactivity, the ATX service can shut itself off), to other, more mundane issues. WITaxLady, does restarting the ATX 2013 Service in Admin Tools> Services help you any?
  10. You can run various tax programs in VMware, bootcamp, emulators, what have you on a Mac. But be careful - some software companies will tell you that they do not support it at all. Some will help only to a certain extent.
  11. Jack is quite right about 2011 never returning. The 2011 program has encoding that is, for lack of a better term, ancient. It could not keep up with all of the MeF requirements that the IRS has come up with.
  12. This. It also depends on your computer operating system. if you are running that printer on a new Windows 8 or 8.1, there is a good possibility the proper driver for the older printers does not exist. Most HP drivers come through Windows updates these days, and for printers more than 10-15 years old, HP never constructed a driver to work properly on Windows 8. Unfortuantely, when you print from ATX, it is extremely reliant on the driver installed in the computer, and if there is not a driver, the print job will fail.
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    This. Mr. Pencil as well.
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