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  1. I am finishing 2022 income tax returns - do I mail them in now or wait until Jan 23rd or so when e-file reopens to file these? Which will take less time? What about 2020 and 2021's? Thank you, Darlene
  2. A couple were sent in later as they came to me new - Their tax preparer would not do the ERC and the business was clearly qualified for it!
  3. no Georgia tax preparers?
  4. well, I have 1 left to do but I have at least 3 that have been waiting over a year and 1 2 years!! and they are legitimate!! Don't promise if you cannot provide!! and in fact, if it is for a restaurant - they are mostly all still suffering.. attendance is down and food prices and labor are high! D
  5. For the most part, I raised prices 20% this year - but have been way too low for too long. And will go up at least 10% again. However, my issue is how to raise the prices when some of the clients have listened over the years and send their paperwork in so well organized - I can fly through it and should lower their prices!! When I think I will get flak, we talk about the rising cost of everything else - labor, paper, toner, etc and they agree all is up. Many of the lower end do their own - 1 S corp is using turbo - good luck! And I do need to downzie D
  6. I see in 2021 - there was a credit if you filed both 2020 and 2021 Ga returns - What line does that go on? I cannot seem to find that in the instructions or on the tax return - I have 1 client.. He filed 9/12 and if I have 1 year to amend Ga - I need to do asap. thx D/WI
  7. My biggest issue is I have 2 clients that objected to the price I charged. One is a new client and his former CPA would not do it and he clearly qualified. and the other said it was too simple! I still argue with the 2nd - I said do it yourself and the 1st only paid me for 2 of 6! And I doubt he will pay me for the last 2 as the IRS grabbed the 1st 2!! However, they will also not get sent! They both said I charged too much and it was under 10% - Letters coming thru are about 20-25% D
  8. Thank you!! Definitely no advice then!! And this is her 3rd child so - I think she would easily qualify for Marketplace and maybe even a form of low-income health ins D /WI
  9. I thought you were retired!!
  10. Legal couple has a great painting business. 2 of the family not legal from Mexico help him as equal partners. How can they be paid? Form a LLC in Mex so he can hire them? By not showing the deductions, which I found out is what they were doing - they no longer qualify for their insurance - income was too high, and guess what - No insurance and the couple are having a baby and need insurance - which at the business' income is a minimum $10,000 for a policy. Any ideas? Thank you, D/WI
  11. Congratulations!! Besides your children, grands are the best! D
  12. MCBeck - what about working for me remotely? We are growing even though taking no new clients - how do you say no! and I need a good tax preparer!! Best, Darlene
  13. it is worth a try.. I have had success D
  14. Client came in for a LLC set-up - barely making it - single parent, etc. Mentions she will inherit 2.5 million when 90+ year old parents die 1 of 11 children, They were farmers in east central WI!! One time farms made money. I suggested she ask for a gift now! But she said as the youngest, she was pretty much ignored.. The question is - who pays for the tax - Her or the Estate? Depends on how the will is written? The parents do have a financial advisor.. Thank you.. D
  15. oh my ! thank you! I never would have thought this number was printed! Always a secret! Best!! Darlene
  16. I am so looking forward to retirement!! I say I should have done this about 5 years ago so I could enjoy traveling, visiting children and grand!! One of my long term clients wants me to set up consulting.. If that is like baby start-ups - no thank you!! Too much work.. I want to get a bike - maybe one of those recliner ones.. Visit lots of places in my state and within a days drive - draw a compass circle.. as my hubby is unsure anymore about sleeping in hotels Or just get a Rv thing on the back of the truck.. and stay in Walmart parking lots! And rotate between children Read, sew, crafts - and clean out my mom's house - auction this fall yet? if my brothers mediate well - pray for me - we have a week or so before time means court - it will be 3 years! July 10th since she passed. But first I need to know how to sell this in the Northwoods! I will stay on to train and transfer the business so less are lost.. Any advice - here or private email please? I will pay a fee for any help!! Thanx D in WI
  17. my notebook is misplaced!! someone's head will roll - as I keep that special so carefully!! And I do not have the number - I scrolled thru here as I know I have seen it - but I cannot find the number only reference to the number. Please help me out Thankyou, D in gorgeous Wi
  18. Received information via webinar on the CFO Project - has anyone had any experience with this - + or -? Sounds like a good fit for transitioning to retirement - has systems - which I have tried to implement over the years and not been very successful at.. Hate to pay for for something but look at it as a class or training?? Thank you, D in WI
  19. Dear Marilyn, So sorry to hear that! So glad you were able to get away and hope that did not spoil the R/R too much! Best, D In WI
  20. Hmm I do not even leave my beer bottles or alcoholic fancy cans in my office trash! I take them all upstairs at night!! so office staff does not see! Discussion is how to drink the moonshine 2 quarts client gave us - for the 18th - get our husbands to be DD's?
  21. my efile return create says Main Info - error -enter first name, last name and soc sec for spouse and choose HoH -married for the status for WI He died in 2022 I have checked special conditions 06 in the box, primary taxpayer dec. but it said that before and after I checked the box I changed WI to Hoh - married and then it says must be that for Fed all sorts of red pops up as you can imagine when that is checked as they are mfj I have never had this issue before. Any idea? Just trying to get her the VA prop tax credit! Thx D
  22. won't it allow it if he says he is real estate? Marked wrong? d
  23. I use verifyle and It is at no charge through NATP? or maybe NASEA - one of those organizations - Most of the clients use it easily - except for those who do nothave emails or do nt ever look at them - I have quite a few So we mail - had a LLC new business today - that I have to do that with - I said I am emailing your SS-4 and when we receive the accepted papers - you will have to check the email!! A Blessed Happy Easter to all (this week or next or Passover) a church group came in and bought a lot of lamb for their Seder Meal - yum! Hubby delivered 2 racks of lamb to our family in Oshkosh - I can smell it - but said sorry - cannot come - working yet D
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