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  1. It might help if you told us what you have already tried.
  2. In Drake my deceased spouse had the word "deceased" and the date printed in the box with the deceased spouse's last name.
  3. I agree with Lion. I'd treat it as a reimbursement or offset to renovation cost which will reduce depreciable basis.
  4. You'd think that, if you could look out the window and see them in the car, they could look in the window and see you moving around inside and know you were home. (You do move around a little while you're working, don't you?)
  5. I, too, use Libre Office for most work, but I have a copy of Office 97 which I need for a couple of filings with the state.
  6. You'd think an interstate sale would be exempt from sales tax.
  7. Why would you want to give your client 5 more days to procrastinate?
  8. A client one time brought in a QuickBooks P&L with only two lines....Income and Expenses.
  9. Is the non-profit really an non-profit? Did she receive a letter from IRS granting non-profit status? Is she filing a 990 for the non-profit? Etc. Etc. Etc. I'd worry about the non-profit really mucking things up.
  10. Why is gift tax even in this discussion? If family and friends gave (loaned) him money and he invested it for a profit, then he is returning the loan plus interest. I'd suggest reporting all on his return, calculate the tax on the earnings, and pay out to the recipients their loan plus earnings net of the tax paid.
  11. "don't laugh, they're in alphabetical order!" That would make me laugh!
  12. Mine too. Using the quiet to get some work done. See how hard I'm working right now.
  13. If you do Louisiana sales tax they have LATAP. Both TNTAP and LATAP work the same way - must be using the same software. If you think those names are cute, Alabama has MAT - My Alabama Taxes.
  14. Just be sure you get paid up front.
  15. I don't think Randall is trying to pin Edge to the taxkbar at the bottom of the screen. i think he wants a row of tiles WITHIN the Edge browser for his favorite web sites.
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