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  1. Judy, I could not agree more with what Margaret so beautifully said. Your husband and mom having you there must mean the world to them. You are truly a special person and like Margaret said, keep yourself cared for, as caregiver in your daily schedule to be sure you can keep up this loving pace that you are doing so well.
  2. Happy Birthday Judy! Milestone birthdays are always interesting, 50, 60, 62, 65, and for me in March, turning 70. Makes you think more about whatever you need to think about in your life stage. For me, the last few years have been about how to improve and keep my health because many people depend on me. At 70 I’m doing pretty well using a program and routine the last few years that have kept me going and fighting old age, it’s a battle for sure.
  3. FDNY

    CP 2000

    At least they’re good at keeping us up to date on progress. Hearing nothing always worries me. Waiting over a year on a decedent’s return, just a certified mail return receipt
  4. Thank you Judy, don’t know what we would do without you. Sending your husband healing vibes, wishing him good health. I’m trying to finish up since 4 am so I could have a normal weekend, not really working out with difficult people. I think I went catatonic for a minute today.
  5. Glad to see this post because last month I made a blunder on a NYS return that was so basic for a class of clients that I handle flawlessly on a regular basis. I only found it because of a local return that kept getting rejected. I’ll amend it but I was hard on myself for not being more thorough in my review. And the embarrassment telling the client, that’s the worst.
  6. What a cutie and she looks like she wants her grandmother to spoil her some more
  7. I’m noticing something similar. Did more returns in February than in previous years but my revenue is behind last year’s.
  8. I always ask the client to check to see if a 1099S was issued. If in doubt I will record the transaction without checking if 1099S was issued.
  9. I don’t do many either but I think in your case you can use the 121 exclusion for sale of personal residence. I did one in NY a few years ago and was pretty easy with the exclusion. The estate tax in NJ ended a few years ago for deceased individuals so you’re good there.
  10. I too have lately not needed support. Whenever there is an issue I’ve been able to fix it with the knowledge base. I’m getting good at it, or just lucky.
  11. FDNY


    I just had 2 8915-Fers that don’t understand how they could owe so much since no tax withheld attributed to this year’s 1/3. They forgot what I told them last year, or just refused to hear it. What a fun season this is turning out to be.
  12. FDNY


    Sorry, also made an entry on line 12 worksheet
  13. FDNY


    The only entry I had to make was zero on line 23. I also did not delete the “Obsolete 8915E” just in case it didn’t work for me.
  14. FDNY


    It worked for me. Did you use the line 23-26 worksheets? Flowchart says to fill in lines 23-26 as applicable.
  15. You will still need 8867 for HOH
  16. Under Form Residency on state info did you click Resident? Then right below doesn’t the NYS county of residence drop down open? I wish they kept it the old way. Like the new 1040 Schedules, more work and time wasting.
  17. That is exciting. Puts what is important into perspective.
  18. Red wine, maybe an extra glass for soothing purposes.
  19. FDNY

    EA & NAEA

    Nice going Terry, congratulations!
  20. I would like to remind everyone of my method of getting through to PPL. Today I called at one minute to 8 and got right through. That was lucky, because I forgot they open at 7 So at one minute to 7 I start dialing, get the message they are closed and then keep hitting redial. It works every time for a brief amount of time on hold. Don’t tell anyone, we don’t want to overwhelm that time slot. Only problem is you have to get to bed early the night before.
  21. And we think of ourselves as being a much younger age, at least in our minds. I enjoy watching reruns of old shows and movies from the 50s and 60s especially set in NYC for memories of the way it was and how cool it is to see the old cars, trains, and buses with people dressed up going to work and out to eat. Now watching Mad Men while a recreation of the times but very well done. Today all the men acting that way would get a firm talking to by a judge. Times change, and it really happens fast.
  22. Last year turned our world Topsy Turvy, here’s to 2022 turning it right side up. All the best to all for a Happy and Healthy New Year!
  23. I am certainly happy clients will be getting a letter on amount of ACTC for our reconciliation. Now we only have to hope they get their EIP correct.
  24. We’ll it sounds like you had a few interesting days of non stop fun or lack of it. But it sounds like you are getting it done. Wish I was closer to lend a hand setting up and with my appetite and homemade wine to wash down that bison. Good luck in your new place.
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