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  1. txyank

    Great year

    Taxwise was effortless and dependable this year. Support from MAINSTREET was also excellent. Hoping for a repeat for next year.
  2. Finally decided on Proseries...all about reliability and learning curve . Used it for two extensions and found it much better than Taxwise. Can't afford another year like 2012
  3. I use a third party backup(Carbonite). Is that enough? or should I still back up to disk? Oh my,the problems never end..I should have retired this year,for sure. Never had such a messy year as this one.
  4. Just a reminder that Taxwise rolls over the Amended AGI and not the original AGI for 2011. I had a Return rejected and it took a while to find the reason.
  5. I did receive mine last week from Mainstreet Tax Solutions
  6. txyank

    Help with TW

    Thanks, I am still trying to find my way around on the fly. Is there a list of elections anywhere in the program? I was looking for a carryback waiver for NOL.
  7. Support repaired the database and back in business! I am very pleased with the response of Support and I thank them.
  8. I am not able to Efile this morning. I get an error message and the program shuts down. Has anyone else experienced this strange happening? Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. I went to Taxwise through Main st. also. It's not perfect but it works and the price was right for my small practice.
  10. I am no computer expert, but those are some of the problems I had when I switched my browser. I never went back to Explorer and finally it seemed like the Tax program adapted to the new browser. Sounds strange,but then this whole year has been strange and messy.
  11. Kea, I switched to Google Chrome and had a problem at first. It is now working fine. Foxfire should work because that is the one Tech Support recommended . Good luck
  12. txyank

    FORM 4562

    Not all forms 4562 and 8582 are being held up even though they are on the Delayed List. I have a rental using both these forms but the Return is showing READY to Efile. If NEW info is Not added to 4562,it will go. IRS is just full of surprises!
  13. There is a Diagnostics Button on the toolbar in an open return. We just have to get used to finding everything.
  14. txyank

    Thank you Eric

    I know there are a number of knowledgable Taxwise users to help us navigate a new software so late in our tax season. I have mastered the simple returns,so far,but I know there will be questions as I tackle the complicated ones.Thanks in advance
  15. Mostly OK,but it has some strange quirks that take some getting used to. Efiling is definitely a problem but hope to work it out today.
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