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  1. SueC

    need WI & HI 1099-G info

    You can get the 1099-G for Wisconsin online at http://www.dor.state.wi.us/eserv/Form1099G/index.html, but the payer EIN is 39-6006491.
  2. SueC

    A new one for me... puts - how to enter?

    Lion - In Prosystemfx, use input Form D-8. As a description enter something like "Broker xyz account" in box 40, put the total losses in box 41, the total gains in box 42, and the program will enter them on Form 6781, Part I and calculate the 60/40 split. These are index options, which are treated as Section 1256 contracts, as opposed to writing a put or call on a specific stock. Those are the ones that get listed on Schedule D individually. I have never attached anything to mine and have not had questions, but now I suppose I should look at what should be attached.
  3. SueC

    ROTH Conversions

    Just so you are aware, Wisconsin has recently passed legislation conforming to the federal treatment of Roth rollovers.
  4. SueC

    Sch H>>>>Please help!

    Once you answer Yes to Question A, it tells you to skip Question B and C and go to line 1. Line 1 through 8 will calculate SS, Medicare and w/h. Then when you get to line 26, You haven't checked Yes on Line C (on page 1), so you bring the net taxes forward from Line 8 instead of putting -0- on that line.