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  1. Ryanvv126

    S-Corporation Sale of Stock

    I never see shareholder "loan" paperwork. So this makes sense Abby.
  2. Ryanvv126

    S-Corporation Sale of Stock

    When would you use the Special Allocation Percentages on the K-1 input screen? Just curious.
  3. Ryanvv126

    S-Corporation Sale of Stock

    The incoming shareholder bought 25% of the stock from the sole shareholder of the s-corp
  4. Ryanvv126

    S-Corporation Sale of Stock

    Is there a section in Form 1120S to put the sale of a stock of one owner? I know this would affect the basis, but is their anywhere else to put it? Also, on the K-1 input if you bring in a new shareholder during the year, would you have to use the weighted averages to calculate the ownership percentage for that year? I'm guessing so. Finally, when would you use the Special Allocation Percentages on the K-1 input screen? Just curious. Thanks! I've been lurking on here for a while and have really seen some great tips and advice.
  5. Ryanvv126

    Office question

    @David W Ristau CPA How do you put ATX on a virtual machine? That would be nice.
  6. Ryanvv126

    Checking the "Complete" Box

    Where would you view the return completed date?
  7. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else tried out this new feature that came out with the 17.3 release? It is definitely short on some line items when doing the tax mapping. However, it is not bad for importing a simple Schedule C.
  8. Ryanvv126

    EFTPS® Batch Provider Software?

    I use it for my 941, 940, and most estimated tax payments. It is definitely not the most intuitive piece of software, but there are not many other options.
  9. Ryanvv126

    IRS E-Services

    Thank you @Catherine & @Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana for your responses! For some reason, I could not find any information about system maintenance online.
  10. Ryanvv126

    IRS E-Services

    Has anyone attempted to use the Transcript Delivery System in IRS E-Services? It has been down for maintenance the past couple days. I cannot find any news about how long it is going to be down for.
  11. Ryanvv126

    Medical Marijuana

    I was thinking the same thing since the State of Delaware starts with the Federal Schedule A like you said. I wonder if any other state allows for Medical Marijuana to be added on to the Federal Schedule to calculate the state itemized deductions.
  12. Ryanvv126

    Medical Marijuana

    So I had a client provide me with her statement from the medical marijuana dispensary in Delaware for 2016. Apparently, this cannot be deducted on the Federal Schedule A as a medical expense, but I wonder if it can be deducted as a state itemized deduction by creating a proforma Schedule A. Any thoughts? I can't find any answers on the state website.
  13. Ryanvv126

    Selling Rental - Cost Basis Issue

    @jklcpaThank you so much. I'll have to see what the fair market value was on the day of conversion. That will be tough though. Like you said, what he had on his tax return in 2008 could be correct since that was when the housing market took a hit and his property was in AZ. From my understanding AZ took a big hit in 08.
  14. Ryanvv126

    Selling Rental - Cost Basis Issue

    It was after the land was broken out