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  1. Patti in Upstate NY

    This is a new one for me

    You guys are the best. It is not my problem and my client knows that. I haven't been asked to solve it nor will I offer to. Not unless I'm hired. She called because her stepdad received a paper check at his address with the wrong name on it (not "in care of") and the preparer was rather rude to her. He said "I've done your parent's taxes for 25 years and never had a problem until now. Just cash the damn check and give him the money. It's not like it's income to you." She was offended. So was I. That's not how I do business. I've known the family for a very long time, long enough that I went to the Mom's funeral last year. There may be snakes but not the stepdad. And not the daughter. One of the reasons I follow this board is to see what you all see in your offices. It's always helped me to read about some crazy thing you've never had happen. I learn from that. From you. For me - this was one of those things. Take a break but don't go away. I appreciate all of you.
  2. Patti in Upstate NY

    This is a new one for me

    One of my clients called earlier today. Her Mom passed away in 2017 and she (daughter) was the one who gathered all the tax info to deliver to their preparer because her Dad never did paperwork and at 85, wasn't about to start. She said there were a few questions she was able to answer and all was well. Until the refund check came payable to "Karen Smith" which is her first name but not her last name. For the record? Neither name is even real. Confidentiality and all that. She called the preparer who said "we'll fix the file going forward but just cash the check and give the money to your Dad." He's not her Dad. He's her stepfather and the name on the check is not a name she's ever been known by. It's her first name and her stepfather's surname. She wasn't willing to endorse. Thank you - I have a client with integrity...........Who knew? The preparer is asking for a POA to be able to discuss with IRS which I told her was okay for Dad (Stepdad) to sign. I also vented and told her how useless it was to check the box to allow the preparer to discuss the return. But my software is relentless. If not a surviving spouse claiming the refund then I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to make it happen. Not ATX. I use Lacerte. How and why did IRS issue a refund to a person who isn't real? I mean.....she's real. She's been his "daughter" for 50 years but they never shared a name. The preparer never asked for her SSN. I can't continue without it. I told her to review the copy of the return and specifically, the 1310. Just venting..................:)
  3. Patti in Upstate NY

    yes tax: sad story serious loss

    This 3 year old post was invaluable. Tom? What do you drink? I'll send you a case of whatever it is........ As promised. Here I am. Asking for more. Sorry. Especially when I'm new. My clients were quite surprised to hear what the law was and that their gain is $293K. They're thinking about purchasing another two family in another state and they understand they only have two years to make that decision. But they want it to be an informed decision. Do I make an official election? Or did I read correctly that by not reporting the gain this year that we are in effect making the election to defer the gain? I am soooooooooo tired.
  4. Patti in Upstate NY

    I'm new and here to say thank you

    I'm about 20-25 miles north of Albany. Very small town. Not much here but the Hudson river which is 50' from my front door. I am blessed to have a room with a view and since I work from home? An office with a view. To Tom - I'm glad I made your day. Too many times we forget who we help and only remember those we failed. Shame on us. I'm about to resurrect the thread that sent me on the path I researched and led me to your post. At the 11th hour? I appreciate any and all advice. Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate it more than any of you will ever know.
  5. Patti in Upstate NY

    I'm new and here to say thank you

    I'm actually not new - I've been reading this forum for years. At the end of every tax season I swear I'm going to join and donate and tell all of you how you helped me get through the last few months. Then I'm too tired. We're all tired. So that's not a good excuse anymore. I've done taxes for 32? years. On my own for approximately 28 of them and the hardest part has been not having anyone to bounce things off of. Well. That's not entirely true. The hardest part is the fools who walk through my door who make me wonder how they managed to find their way from their house to my office......... My biggest challenge this year was a client who I've had since day one. Two family rental totally gutted in a fire. Okay. What does this mean? How do I report? What is the impact? Involuntary conversion, right? Wait. Is there a casualty loss? OMG! Oddly enough - Bulldog Tom (who beat himself up for missing something on a return) gave me the answer in a post from 2015. Bless you Tom. And know that last year I finished a partnership return on 4/17 and forgot to e-file it. Yeah. Totally forgot to hit "send." At least the extension was filed on time and it was "only" two months late. I still suck as a preparer and I ate the penalty. Tom and all of you keep me sane. You make me laugh. You make me feel like I'm not alone. My sincerest appreciation