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  1. Hi Do you know if DRAKE make the check in the form and the proper control for Multi-State Apportionment ATX does not Thanks
  2. Hi how do you replace the CCH payroll system with DRAKE we use payroll networked and it works well with ATX Can you use Drake with docusign Regards
  3. EXCO

    ATX to Drake

    We are a small practice with 20 tax preparer using ATX for the last 10 years We have no huge issue except not able to efile 1040NR not able to batch efile extension and needed to open them one at a time We are familiar with the input in ATX not handling complex tax return and import of K1 Do you think Drake is made for 2000 - 3000 tax a year multi site and networking we were thinking of moving to CCH Axcess but not sure if much better than DRAKE as impossible to test without buying
  4. EXCO


    thanks for your help
  5. EXCO


    thanks i am looking to axcess but this at least 10 times the price of ATX Prosystem I do not know Will test Lacerte and Ultratax also the price a ridiculously high for missing an efilling capabilities
  6. EXCO


    Hi i am not understanding why ATX does not let u Efile 1040NR I have more than 500 a year to send on paper Why it is not getting done???? also i need to batch efile extention federal and state thanks
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