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  1. ILLMAS is correct. I have worked in QB for 15 years and often have to backup and restore for clients.
  2. I have a client that has multiple personal mortgages and very high income and is subject to the limitation on his Schedule A. Does ATX have a Mortgage Limitation Worksheet? I can't find one. I did find the IRS Pub with the worksheet in it, but would rather work within the tax software if possible.
  3. When I put his W2 box 1 income of $30,424.00 on line 4 of the Sch EIC worksheet that shows: 'Clergy: If you are a member of the clergy who files Schedule SE and the amount on line 2 of that schedule includes an amount that was also reported in 'Wages' on Form 1040, enter that amount...... It gave me my EIC. That seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Does that seem right to you? I called ATX twice with no help!
  4. Yes. I think I might have this figured out. Oh Vay!!! First thing I figured out is that all self employment income, including the housing allowance, is subject to the EIC rules, not just the wages earned.
  5. Ok. Thanks, I have fixed that, but still need to figure out how to fill out the Sch EIC worksheet B and backout the housing allowance from the earned income amount listed on Part V line 6 so it calculates the EIC correctly.
  6. Tracy Lee


    I have a pastor who gets a W2 with $30,424.00 in box 1 for wages that flows to his Schedule C. Box 14 is $21,976.00 for his housing allowance (his own house). I have marked the W2 as clergy in special type (wages) and marked statutory employee in box 13 flowing to Sch C, so his line 1 on his 1040 shows 0 and he shows a profit on his Schedule C. His Sch SE shows the entire $ 52,400.00 because his housing allowance is subject to SE Tax, but not withholding tax. The problem is that he has 4 children and should be receiving some EIC but no where on the Sch EIC (1040) worksheet wi
  7. I'm filing a return for a new client that has a part year in Oregon and California. I have to file a Form 8958 and claim both peoples incomes for California because it is a community property state, even though one of them has to file a separate federal tax return. Is there a simple way to do this in ATX or do I have to file one Federal Return for the wage earner and 2 separate California returns for the domestic partners claiming each others incomes? (frustrating because one partner only has social security that will be claimed while the other has W2 income.)
  8. Is there a way to preset the options in the billing invoice to always check mark the boxes to 'charge by the form, invoice, display' so I don't have to do this to every single tax return?
  9. I found the duplicate last night and did that just like Rita suggested. That was very useful. I will probably go back and try the MFJ vrs MFS Form just to see how accurate it is. Thanks everyone!
  10. Will ATX Max allow us to do a married filing jointly return then split it into married filing separately to compare what is best? I have husband living in Oregon and Wife living in California. Trying to figure out the best way to file for them. Combined income is $190,463.
  11. It is taxable. Line 21? hmmm. Not following you. Line 21 on the 1040 is refunds. Line 21 on Schedule 1 is student loan deduction.
  12. Tracy Lee

    1099 c

    Can't find a form to download for a 10-c Cancellation of debt. Does one exist under a different name or am I putting it on line 8, Sch 1 - other income and entering it myself?
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