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  1. I'm filing a return for a new client that has a part year in Oregon and California. I have to file a Form 8958 and claim both peoples incomes for California because it is a community property state, even though one of them has to file a separate federal tax return. Is there a simple way to do this in ATX or do I have to file one Federal Return for the wage earner and 2 separate California returns for the domestic partners claiming each others incomes? (frustrating because one partner only has social security that will be claimed while the other has W2 income.)
  2. Is there a way to preset the options in the billing invoice to always check mark the boxes to 'charge by the form, invoice, display' so I don't have to do this to every single tax return?
  3. I found the duplicate last night and did that just like Rita suggested. That was very useful. I will probably go back and try the MFJ vrs MFS Form just to see how accurate it is. Thanks everyone!
  4. Will ATX Max allow us to do a married filing jointly return then split it into married filing separately to compare what is best? I have husband living in Oregon and Wife living in California. Trying to figure out the best way to file for them. Combined income is $190,463.
  5. Tracy Lee

    1099 c

    It is taxable. Line 21? hmmm. Not following you. Line 21 on the 1040 is refunds. Line 21 on Schedule 1 is student loan deduction.
  6. Tracy Lee

    1099 c

    Can't find a form to download for a 10-c Cancellation of debt. Does one exist under a different name or am I putting it on line 8, Sch 1 - other income and entering it myself?
  7. I have client that pays his own health insurance. I have imported his K1 form his Corp into his 1040 tax return, so all his business data is there. On line 16, Sch 1 (1040) under Business 1: His business is not showing up so I can continue with the deduction. What am I missing to get his business name to appear in the drop down box?
  8. Client has a federal refund coming so the program doesn't want to calculate estimates; however we know they are going to owe next year and want to pay in regardless. On the federal Options tab under 1. select method of calculating estimates I chose f. Enter an amount, but that is not producing my record or vouchers. What am I doing wrong? I don't want to have to change the IRS estimate wkst if I don't have to.
  9. Tracy Lee


    Ohhhhh. Thank you!
  10. Tracy Lee


    So if I understand this correctly, even though the married couple each have their own plan and their own statement; because the statements are identical and Part 1 shows both the spouses name on both statements, I need only to add the amounts from one of the 1095s because this is the credit for both of them?
  11. Tracy Lee


    I need to enter two 1095-A statements for a married couple but can't seem to find a way to enter the second one. I'm only able to enter data on form 8962 for the filer. What am I missing to be able to add the wife's statement?
  12. Missed the boxes at the top of the Schedule C. Thank you!!
  13. If I understand correctly, if we as a service industry have a taxable income under $160,725.00 married filing jointly we can claim the QBI credit. Form 8995 is making me override the Qualified Business and Specified Service Business Columns to claim this credit which was not the case last year. Is this now what we have to do or is there somewhere else I need to mark in order to claim the credit without overriding the program?
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