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  1. cbslee, Thank you for confirming the approx. date I've had "mentally tattooed" for yrs. Time plans to retire is a pain & made me doubt my mental calendar.
  2. Has ATX announced this year's official e-file shutdown date?¿ My quick search = no info. I want to use my time wisely. After 47+ yrs in "Our profession" ~ I'm ready to 98% retire. I'll likely hit 50yrs. before being concerned with only my taxes. Yes, I was @ my desk with a Pencil & ten key calculator Before "Earned Income Credit" existed. Oh, the stories all of us could tell.
  3. J.B. ~ Did you discontinue "curb-side / car-hop" service? I'm sure you offered such service years ago. (ATX was in Maine & we saved taxes in early a.m. hrs) Stay safe & good season.
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