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  1. Jerry W

    Student Loan and Innocent Spouse

    If the issue is that IRS is taking HER refund for HIS student loan liability, she is the INJURED SPOUSE rather than the innocent spouse. Use Form 8379. Hope this helps. JerryW
  2. Jerry W


    Looks like the planner is wrong. If either spouse is 65 by the end of 2013, they can use the 7.5% and continue to do so through tax year 2016.
  3. Jerry W

    Passord Protecting a 1040 .pdf

    You should be able to go to the Pdf document, right click, then click on Pdf security and follow the prompts.
  4. Jerry W

    Return mailing slip

    You will find the Federal mailing slip when you click "Federal Letter" then "Letter Options". You find the state mailing slip when you click "State Letter" then "Letter Options".
  5. Jerry W

    1099-C for Student Loan. Does insolvency apply?

    I'm not certain about the use of insolvency. If she is permanently and totally disabled, she may have to Request a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge. If you Google the term, you can download the application in Pdf format. Might be worth looking into. JerryW
  6. Jerry W

    Offer In Compromise

    You are correct, assuming nothing has been done to extend the statute.
  7. Jerry W

    Offer In Compromise

    J B, I assume you are talking about making an OIC on the basis of doubt as to collectibilty. From my experience, the best time to make an OIC on this basis is when the taxpayer has little or no assets or income and their future prospects are not very good. If you get a Collection Information Statement from the client, then read and follow the 656 instructions you can make an informed judgement about whether the OIC is viable and has a chance of being accepted. IRS recently came out with some guidance on "pre-qualifying" for OICs. Here's a link. http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Offer-in-Compromise-1 OICs can be time consuming. If after an analysis of the client's situation, they can tell you if they want to pursue the OIC. If they do, make sure you get a retainer up front. If the client has little or nothing, see if they can borrow from relatives to pay you and fund the OIC too. Good Luck, JerryW
  8. Jerry W

    Program update 12.10

    I just saw on the other forum that 12.10 would not be ready until 2/27/2013. JerryW Question: When is the 12.10 update scheduled to be released? Answer: Our target delivery date is Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Updated 2-22-13 We will be building a new release candidate today for 12.10 to go through our testing cycle. Our original target date of Tuesday, February 26th has been moved to Wednesday, February 27th. It will be placed on the Solution Center first.
  9. Form 1040-ES just downloaded in forms update. JerryW
  10. Jerry W

    FORM 8582

    Just did one per suggestion of schirallicpa. Right click of 8582 tab "discard", save return, close return, reopen return, create efile - worked for me. JerryW
  11. I have used most every version of PapePort since PP6. I bought and installed PP Pro 14 but found it to be one of the most unstable of all versions I've used. The system hangs constantly with PP Pro 14. I followed every suggestion, like using CheckPPFolders and changing all .max files to .pdf etc but PP14 Pro still was not usable. I went back to PP 11.2 Pro and the difference is like night and day. I have virtually no hangs or crashes with PP 11.2 Pro. Based on my experience, I can not recommend PP 14 Pro. By the way, I use Windows 7 64-bit, 3.4 dual core with 8 GB of RAM. I have yet to find a work around so that my PaperPort Image Printer will show as a print option. JerryW
  12. Jerry W

    Import to Schedule D?

    I don't know that this will hep but you may want to take a look at week 1 in the link below. http://www.atxinc.com/refresher/ Jerry W
  13. My default printer is PaperPort Image Printer which I use to print Pdf files. When I initially installed ATX 2012, PaperPort no longer showed as a printer choice in ATX. I am up to date in ATX through 12.6 but still no PaperPort choice. The PaperPort printer is available on my system for all other applications but not ATX. I look forward to a fix on this. In the meantime, if I find a workaround I'll post it. JerryW
  14. Jerry W

    Removal of a lien is needed

    The Federal Tax Lien attaches to ALL property and rights to property. Your may apply for a Certificate of Discharge of the lien. The process does take some time. On the other hand, if the PURCHASER has no knowledge of the lien and has not been provided actual notice of the lien, the purchaser can receive the vehicle free of the lien. Your client can then pay the proceeds of the sale to IRS. Absent the knowledge and notice of the lien by the purchaser, this would be a better and more efficient way to handle the matter IMHO. Jerry W