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  1. Thank you everyone. As for the dividends, I did actually enter them as per the dates paid rather than apportion them.
  2. Hi, A client died in 2021. From his consolidated 1099, there were numerous stock sales. Am I assuming correctly that for sales prior to his date of death, I enter only those on his final return, and for sales after death, I calculate the basis as of the date of death and enter those on the 1041, Sch D? Would they then all be short-term (acquired at date of death and sold before end of year)? And how does the IRS understand that some proceeds are left off of his return because they are placed on the estate return? Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I did that and for me the submission ID never changed. I finally just transmitted it again and after it was rejected again was able to change the ID by recreating the efile. Pain in the neck but at least it finally worked. Thanks.
  4. Did some research and see that it is not an uncommon error. Plus there are instructions and tips for recreating the Submission ID. HOWEVER, everything I have tried thus far, the Sub ID remains the same. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Thank you. Wow, what a great tool. So it says that the reject error is that the Submission ID has the year 2020 when it should be 2021 (it's a 2019 return). I'm assuming Submission ID is also the E-file ID? I re-created the e-file but it looks like the year string in the ID is still "2020". How do I modify or fix that? Is there a way? Thanks.
  6. I filed a 1041 and NYS Estate March 18. It is now April 11. The NYS return was accepted (after a rejection) 3/23. The Federal just says "Transmitted to EFC 3/18/21". This was 3 1/2 weeks ago. What's the deal? What can/should I do? TIA for any advice.
  7. Hi, new to ATX. Client had paid Federal and NYS/NYC estimated taxes. I can jump to estimated tax worksheet from Line 65 on 1040 no prob. But when I jump to the NYS worksheet from line 75 on the IT-201 the state amounts are entered in a different 1040 worksheet and the city amounts are just written in separately. Problem is the 1040 worksheet is used to calculate the deductible amount on Schedule A, so I want to be able to enter the State and City amounts, but then back on the state worksheet it shows both amounts as the state amount. If this question is not too convoluted can anyone tell me how to enter the city amount separately from state so they both appear on Sch A AND on pg 4 of the IT-201 properly? Thanks. Just FYI I am doing a 2017 return so the state taxes are not limited. TIA.
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