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  1. Anyone from Virginia on here?
  2. I have a client with mortgage insurance premiums. He is only allowed part of it on the federal because of income limitations. Does Virginia use the same amount as the federal or can he use the whole amount? I can't find anything on this, and the line through ATX is a blue box with no worksheet. I don't want to short him if he can use it all. Thanks
  3. Ugh, I didn't even catch this on the first one I did. Why is this even an issue though? The worksheet (even in ATX) says the amounts from page one of the 1040 (not the amount from sch 1 line 7). This amount already has the 10,200 taken out.
  4. Atx has updated Sch 1 , now we can finish our pile!
  5. I think you're right about waiting for the update. I was hoping there was a work around, but I don't see one for this form. Thanks!
  6. Is there some way to change this that I don't know of, or do I just have to wait for ATX. I didn't want to make the taxpayer pay sooner than they have to.
  7. Where is the "Unemployment Compensation Exclusion Worksheet – Schedule 1, Line 8" my software is up to date, but I don't see this anywhere?
  8. I just updated forms and the programs. It's still doing it. I just entered zeros to get rid of it.
  9. I did have it on the Fed for 2019, but it didn't go on the state. I'll check with him to see if he heard from VA and if not amend that. Thanks for the heads-up there! For 2018 it wasn't on either since it was expired at that time. Just wasn't sure where to put it on the return. Thank you both!
  10. I don't normally have VA returns. I found this information for 2019, would I do the same for the 2018 that needs amended too? Thanks!
  11. I don't normally have VA returns. I found this information for 2019, would I do the same for the 2018 that needs amended too? Thanks!
  12. I understand that I can make part of the students scholarship taxable to maximize the AOC on the parents return. I keep seeing posts that say the student wont have to pay taxes on the scholarship unless its over 12,200. Putting the 4305.00 taxable part of the scholarship on the w2 worksheet line 4 (scholarship and fellowship grants not reported on w2) is making the standard deduction only 4655.00. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  13. The part 2 rolls over, the part 1 doesn't. It used to say that it was only needed in the first year, now they want it every year. Grandmabee-you cant efile without section 1 filled in.
  14. Doing an installment sale. Previous years required you to fill out part 1 only in the initial year. Now they want part 1 filled out for every year. Where do I get the info from when no one has returns that old?
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