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  1. How are they able to sell the original software cheaper? Why would you want to switch from Ultimate Tax to Sigma Tax? Did you have a problem with Ultimate? Sorry for all the questions, but I've never heard of such a thing. I'm a small business looking to cut costs without cutting off my nose in the process. Thanks!
  2. What do you mean they are a reseller of Taxwise? Is it the taxwise program?
  3. Mine are PA too. I thought it was weird that each received separate letters too.
  4. Anyone else have married clients getting letters from the IRS separate from each other? I would have thought the would be joint letters since they filed MFJ. Each letter has half what the couple would owe as a penalty.
  5. If it's with the same bank and just a different account number the bank should reroute it for them. No need to do anything with the state. I don't think you can with PA anyway. I had clients that this happened with this year, and they received their refund just fine.
  6. Yeah, it may need that. Again though, they would still have to come up with over 4000.00 by the due date to make up for their part, and that would still be due Monday.
  7. He's supposed to be doing that today. I'm just concerned with the due date being so close, if they have to make up the missed amounts on the return, they're not going to have it.
  8. Have a client that had social security and medicare taxes withheld on only 2158.00 of their 59000.00 wages. Of course they didn't notice it throughout the year. Do I file 8919 on the difference and how do we make sure the company's part was taken care of?
  9. M7047

    Premium Tax Credit

    They did. The problem lies with, the first half of the year their income was less and they qualified. Once he got a new job they didn't qualify. He notified them, but with the annualized income, it disqualifies them for the whole year. It's a shame there's no way to input they only received the help when needed and then stopped. They're going to be paying back what they got.
  10. M7047

    Premium Tax Credit

    Client had the credit for the first half of the year and then got a better job. They notified the marketplace and stopped coverage immediately. Their insurance rep claims they can use the amount of income for the beginning of the year to still get the credit, I don't see anywhere that allows you to say which income was earned when, it's just annualized. Am I missing something?
  11. Client had windows installed in 2022, but they were financed for free and nothing is paid on them yet. Does the credit belong in 2022 when they were installed or can they wait and take the larger credit in 2023 when they actually pay for them?
  12. No. There wont be any change in the refund.
  13. Is it considered processed once the student receives their refund?
  14. I have a family and a son of theirs. While playing with who should claim the student, I accidently forgot to uncheck the box for the student to not claim himself and filed it that way. When I efiled them the parents were rejected as they correctly have the student on it but the IRS had already accepted the students one claiming himself. I amended the students to not claim himself and it was accepted on the 24th. I recreated the parents and tried again today and it's still being rejected for the same reason. I thought waiting a couple of days after the amended student one was accepted would fix the problem. Any thought on how to get theirs accepted now? Thanks!
  15. I was thinking that the 396 should be interest, just wasn't sure if it would flag anything since they never received a 1099. Thanks everyone.
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