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  1. Client replaced entire property fence as required by HOA, cost $8000 in 2018. Obtained Heloc in early 2019. Can expenses incurred before HELOC origination be used as home improvements eligible for interest deduction?
  2. I'm preparing a personal return for a MS resident. They have a 1099-Div. ATX is requiring me to input a state in Box 13. I'm sure the Dividends came from many states, what do you enter? Thanks in advance! Carolyn
  3. What kind of renewal offers have you received? It perturbs me I get emails saying what a great deal renewal is but don't see $ with the offer.
  4. Client (salesman) claimed 2106 mileage for years 2016 & 2017. Of course no deduction for 2018. Traded in the truck in 2018. So for recapture calculation should only biz mileage for 2016 & 2017 be used to calculate total business use? Ignore 2018 since it has become personal mileage?
  5. I've been having the same issue efiling a 1040...says I need a program update. Erro 38 I just found this on ATX blog: EFC Reject 38 Related to Ongoing Network Restoration - RESOLVED May 16, 2019 - 9:30AM We have now corrected this issue and you should be able to e-file using the following steps: 1. Close ATX 2018. 2. Open ATX 2018 and Login as Admin. 3. Click Support > Customer Service Utilities > Refresh App Configuration. 4. Re-create all e-files related to this issue and Transmit. It is critical that you recreate the e-files. If you attempt to re-transmit the previously rejected e-file, you will continue to receive the rejection. Link: https://myatx.blogspot.com/2019/05/efc-reject-38-related-to-ongoing_61.html
  6. This is a sole member LLC so there is no transaction to transfer them to the individual. I'm pretty sure the basis will flow through to the individual, my issue is whether this becomes a persona asset at the time of conversion and therefore future losses become non-deductible or if the asset retains it's "character" and is still a business asset.
  7. Client has SMLLC. He has incurred losses to date, and basically discontinued operating as a business effective 12/31/17. He wishes to dissolve LLC, and offficially close the business as soon as possible He has some remaining assets which he intends to sell, hopefully in 2018. The assets will probably be sold at a loss. Will the loss be deductible if the asset has been converted to personal use?
  8. I need envelopes for my 1099's-where do you all order your envelopes from to fit the Uni-form 1099's printed from ATX?
  9. carolynm


    I did-and I'm finding there is lag after I enter figures-anyone else experience this? And I also have a schedule C that doesn't add-I'm pretty sure it was fine before I updated. Technical support is supposed to get back to me on that one today.
  10. Do we need form 8878 for all efiled extensions that we enter the pin for? I get a lot of customers who call and ask me to file and I comply-do I need to get them to sign an 8878...what a PIA!
  11. Anyone know if we can still Efile 2013 forms 1099-misc through ATX? Client prepared but didn't file with IRS. I'd mail except I don't have an original Form 1096 to send with it.
  12. On the 2nd case I took premiums paid less advanced credit-additional credit calculated on return. And then that changed the return credit so reinput until credit claimed on Line 29 matched the Form 8962.
  13. I have a client whose income was at 138% poverty level in 2013. For 2014 their return came in at 70% Poverty level. How do you determine if they are eligible for a) coverage under ACA (by my account they'd qualify for medicare in their state) b premium tax credit (since I don't think they qualify under a, I definitely wouldn't think they'd get "b" ) Unless something has changed in the last month, they are enrolled, and receiving a PTC. They have a NOL for 2014, are losing some investment income in 2015 so I have no reason to believe that the figures will change in a positive way. What do I need to tell them? Carolyn
  14. In the case I'm working on now the couple is actually get additional PTC on form 8962 so I'm guessing I don't use and addback and subtract the additional PTC? I did this a couple of times until the figures matched..
  15. I'm confused on the advance tax credit repayment addback. Would you use the table that limits repayment based on % of poverty income to calculate the addback? I'm doing a client who only has HI of $20000 so they're addback wold be 600? Would anything in the calculations be changed if the taxpayer paid 4 months of premiums outside of the exchange and then opted in? So confused... Carolyn
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