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  1. One of the two LLC member passed away on December 31, 2020. Would the K-1 be issued to the deceased member or the deceased member's estate on the 2020 Form 1065? Thanks.
  2. I am having the same issue now and found your post. Did you ever get it resolved? Would you mind sharing it? Thanks.
  3. A married client wants to file separately from his spouse whom he lives together for the entire year in a community property state. His wife and he are not willing provide the wife's return so that Form 8958 can be filed. Although they agree to claim each of the two kids, they are not qualified to use HOH since they are not leally separated, divorced, nor lived apart from each other for at least six months. I am thinking of just declining doing his taxes if they don't cooperate, but wonder why would anyone of you professionals here do. Thanks.
  4. Can a SE owner claim paid sick leave under FFCRA when he was told by a licensed medical professional to quarantine himself for 14 days after they found out his assistant at work got Covid-19? I know the answer sounds obvious per the instructions for Form 7202. However, the twist is that he told his employees to stay home while he was the only one who went to the office to work. He didn't get sick.
  5. A client has his primary residence in the FLP for more than a decade and had always timely paid rent. Last year, he stopped paying rent due to the financial hardship and the FLP is in forbearance with the mortgage company as well. I'd think the expenses related to the rental such as insurance, depreciation, real estate property tax, etc. wouldn't be deductible since it is seems personal without the rental income. Does anyone have the same situation?
  6. Lion EA, I have been successfully e-filed 2019 Form 1040 with the IRS acceptance, but 2019 Form 1040X doesn't even get to pass EFC, at least not for me.
  7. Steph M, I tried that three times, and I keep on getting error from ATX system stating they can't accept the return already e-filed. @_@ I contacted the tech support a few times but chat and via email; they are not helpful at all!
  8. He asked me the year of 1040X and I told him 2019. I got a feeling though he was just trying to brush me off.
  9. I just contacted the tech support and he said the IRS is not currently accepting e-filed 1040X. Huh???
  10. I followed the ATX instructions exactly by creating an amended tax return file from the original file so I have two separate files / returns. But I still can't e-file the 1040X. It keeps on thinking I am e-filing the original 1040 that has already been e-filed and acceppted.
  11. I still can't e-file 2019 Form 1040X. ugh!
  12. An S corp on an accrual basis sold all its assets and filed the final 1120S in 2019 with an installment notes. Can the sole shareholder use installment method for his individual income tax return? If so, besides filing Form 6252, do you make the adjustments on Sch D since gains on the accrual basis K-1 flows to Sch D? Thanks.
  13. 1464940

    2018 Form 1120X

    Hi, It doesn't seem like ATX 2018 supports e-file of 1120X, correct? Thanks.
  14. I have been having this problem since yesterday. And yes it is up and running now. Also did we change the forum format? I have been going to the one for ATX and suddenly couldn't find it yesterday while I had to register for this one. I am so lost.
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