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  1. Julie

    TRX Gone!

    I just got a call from TRX...trying to get me to renew for next year.
  2. Have things changed that you can efile past-year returns? Never could before.
  3. Could never have gotten through the TRX nightmare without your help and support. I expect to spend the summer demoing tax software. Probably will buy something in Dec or Jan. Not May.
  4. I got my renewal letter the other day...must have crossed in the mail with my request for refund.
  5. I had to raise my fees a bit to cover the cost of TaxAct on top of TRX. All in all, not too bad. For other (non-tax) reasons I've had a rather stressful season and I'm looking forward to things settling down. I'm actually up a few clients. although several have not yet paid. I don't do freebies, at least I try not to, but I do sometimes tell people they can pay in installments. Most come through. The others, well....
  6. For free...I'd probably check it out. To trust...no.
  7. Nope...some improvements, but it still doesn't work.
  8. I just went back and looked at TRX for the first time in almost a month....only because I started my own return back in Jan and don't want to retype the whole thing.
  9. I guess I'll watch the updates for a while, but I'm using TaxAct for the foreseeable future.
  10. I just jumped ship...bought TaxAct and sent off a couple of returns I couldn't get through TRX. Thanks, Terry. Oh...and I'm sorry I whined at ATX year after year for ten years....whatever it was I was complaining about was never, ever this bad.
  11. I have a couple returns ready to go, and I can't get them sent or reach TRX by phone (wonder why their phones are busy). If I can't get them out tomorrow, I think TaxAct is my only option. No income in January has been hard on me, and I don't have enough credit to buy anything more expensive. So far, I'm very disappointed in TRX, and I have to keep myself in business somehow.
  12. I haven't been able to get that far...apparently one cannot delete or change proforma'd dependents without an override, which blocks the efile. I have a client waiting...supposedly last night's update fixed this...except that it didn't. It's a simple return...what gives?
  13. I just spent some time on the phone with TRX...apparently you can't change a dependent's surname, either. Another update coming.
  14. Well...I haven't jumped ship yet. I'm looking at backup programs in case TRX can't do what I need done. Right now I'm crossing my fingers.
  15. I also need an EA privacy statement and engagement letter.
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