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  1. I, and others, disagree. If the only item on a W2 is "informational", then no W2. There is zero requirement for HA to be on a W2, despite what many believe. I understand, some believe the suggestion of including HA on a W2 is actually a requirement, but it is only a suggestion as a possible place to meet the notice requirement.
  2. Another case of someone giving a W2 when it should not be given...
  3. Those that do not treat themselves as employees (when required) with a reasonable wage, found out one of the consequences (PPP loan application). I was having a relatable discussion with a professional who pays themselves 25k in wages, once a year, for full time work, and 6 digits in distributions. The person does have earned letters after their name, but kept arguing what they have been doing is not an issue. It is the old story of do as I say, not as I do... I suppose, as they likely do not advice their customers to do the same.
  4. They may already know, but look into some sort of state funded caregiver payment as well. Can be substantial, and in certain cases, tax free.
  5. I get daily offers of funds, buy in's, etc. For those that watch the AK gold dredging show, Shawn P. found out what it is like to take on selfish "investors". (Investor somehow put the new corp through bankruptcy as a means to cash out the investor shares.) As part of the whole pandemic situation, a couple of my customers was thinking of just closing. But they had a couple of long term reliable employees, and have seemed to have found a way to pass on / sell their businesses. (Neither was all that aware of the ability to hire specialist representation to make such transfers easy, and fair to both parties.) One has a child who wants to keep working in the business, but not run/own it, so they were able to come up with a method to sell to other employee(s), while guaranteeing their child's employment as a non owner. I think both were able to get some amount of ongoing income for their retirement, without cutting the cash flow too much.
  6. The next interim final rules will be published Friday. The amount per owner or employee, if the 24 week spend is used, has been adjusted. https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2020-13293.pdf
  7. https://www.sba.gov/about-sba/sba-newsroom/press-releases-media-advisories/sba-and-treasury-announce-new-ez-and-revised-full-forgiveness-applications-paycheck-protection An "EZ" forgiveness application has been added. Terms have been updated in STRONG FAVOR of loan recipients. I have not disseminated all changes, but there are already articles/opinions you can find via web news search.
  8. In am not terribly familiar with the FTE calculation, since it is not a concern for what I have to deal with. Maybe pesent a bill/quote for your participation using the 8 week, and an estimate of what it would cost if they decided to use the 24 week. The 5% extra forgiven may not be large enough to wait for, given what it might cost them for you to calculate FTE over the 24 weeks. ON the other hand, if the loan is 20k or more, the 5% is at least $1k, which you could get a piece of for your time, and still leave the employer with more forgiveness...
  9. I had a customer who is "vacationing" via a federal institution. He was preparing tax returns for non-native English speakers/writers, and was altering their returns and pocketing fake refunds. He had the gall to make a death threat against me and my family if I cooperated with a subpoena, even though I had no knowledge of his actions, nor any access to or copy of his records (he was using my payroll software). His threat was via email, which the investigating agency was happy to receive. I think he represented himself in court, proving the old adage about being foolish.
  10. A person has the right not to work. Their action may have consequences, such as terminating eligibility for UI, and not making themselves eligible for FFCRA. Of the many requirements placed on employers, managing employee fear is not one of them.
  11. To get the loan off the books in case it benefits the business operation.
  12. 2,3,4. States will be very aggressive on this issue, so employers looking to rehire/hire can reasonable state the job offer and first work date will (eventually) likely be used as their end of UI date. Employers can also, depending on their personal feelings, make "soft" offers to feel out the person's intent. Employers, in states where the C19 UI claims will alter their UI rating/balance, will likely want to very aggressively protect their UI rating/balance.
  13. On a surface 6, I use BL, and facial rec/pass phrase, and the other feature (can't think of the name at present) which restricts certain access to help stop ransomware if I were to do something dumb. I use remote access software, splashtop, when I am not at that computer, this the reason I allow a passphrase in addition to facial rec. The machine has other security features which help prevent any sort of side booting. Security has to start with the hardware and boot process. My hardware does not auto decrypt without proper login, and I can manage remotely, including login and reboot.
  14. I do too. That is why I self encrypt before the data leaves my computer. Most backup services also encrypt, some even with a pass phrase only you know, but I want to know my backup cannot be decrypted by the backup service itself.
  15. Some who get tips have to "turn it in" to a pool of some sort. My reasoning comes from what an unsavory employer did to their employees, one of which, for a short time, was one of my kids. If they were caught not turning in a cash tip, they were fired. Card tips were easier to track at the end of shift, and can be monitored by higher up than the shift manager,, and were tougher for the shift manager to pocket (which was being done with cash). So for me, if it never leaves the server's hands (unless they choose to tip out), I am good with cash. Otherwise, card it is.
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