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  1. At least use a money order or something without your name... Any trace where you show any sort of control or participation in payment is bad. While I have no idea what the exact tax prep rules on this are, payroll liability can "catch" anyone who had any sort of participation or control. Defense is expensive, and someone wanting you to handle the payment must have a reason for doing so.
  2. I have not used any other brand for more than trial, so I cannot compare. I can share I don't think ST has caused me any issues. The issues I have are all connection based, nothing ST can fix. For instance, when I was in one our national parks, and was "reaching" with all the gear I had on hand to keep and boost my cell connection, I was able to get done what I needed to, albeit at dial up type speeds (no one near us had connection either, so we "shared" connection with some of our neighbors). I have not come across a time when I had good connectivity where ST did not work. ST has settings, like I suspect all do, which alter the resolution and screen update frequency based on connection speed. I find those settings work just fine for me. Like physical computer use, the display is the speed limiter, so set your remote software for the lowest display settings you can tolerate, and you will get somewhat of a faster "feel" to the connection. Also, if you can set the main screen to the same resolution as your remote, or to not have the remote software do any scaling, that removes another "step" the remote software must do, which speeds things up. When your mobile device has a different resolution than the main, there are settings to scale, or show in original size. I prefer the scaling off, even when using a phone, as my old eyes don't see small well anymore. Fortunately, the main app I need to use remotely is one I write, so I have been able to adjust the sizing and fonts to be legible on both the main and the mobile...
  3. Thanks to all for working hard for the OP's client. Those of us who deal with disabled children are often left on our own to find out how to best help our kids... We have run into "professionals" who have had less knowledge than they should, and often must rely on the wider community to get suggestions and answers. "all the help they can get": In most localities, there are disability "rights" organizations which can sometimes represent disabled people, and always can steer towards quality advice. In our case, we recently went to a free seminar where a former SSA employee gave some great advice in plain language. While your client likely has been dealing with the process for some time, even those of us who have, should always be listening for changes, new interpretations, and for things we have missed. If I knew then what I know now... can be costly (as I again recently found out). I did not realize there was an auto qualifier for utility discount if a household person is receiving benefits, which for us, will be more than 20%! I knew about the plan, but they buried the auto qualifier deep, and only plainly show the income qualifiers. For SSI recipients, CA recently joined the majority in allows recipients to qualify for food benefits... which the person who shared to me about the utility discount had missed. And, since my daughter's benefits will eventually be based on my SS amount, I need to be sure not to file before my benefit hers will be calculated on is at it's max, and I severely regret some of the choices I made regarding income in my young adult life, zero and low SS wage years are painful, should I not make it to max benefit age for her.
  4. I have to pick one or the other in the next year, passport or real ID. I was mentally ready, until I had to help our daughter get a new ID. Probably will go with a pass-a-port (nope, not born in Jamestown either) in case we want to visit Canada again. I always snicker at my DL since so much information is outdated, and could easily be checked if the "system" really cared. If my DMV worker can be qualified to vouch for my real identity, but cannot see my hair is no longer black... and that I no longer at my racing weight of 170. And with the comment about a pay stub being accepted as proof of anything, I will no longer scoff at the one jurisdiction where the employer must SIGN the stubs...
  5. IIRC, the DMV employees had to be trained (certified?) to process the Real ID apps, and no further checks are done (maybe only name match on the SS, but most in CA had already linked their SS to their DL). Years ago, I was part of a youth spoorts program, and we had do do deeper checks then, for any volunteers, and even deeper checks for All Star players. Thankfully, we had some "in the know" locally who were able to help (this was before the electronic methods they use today to try to deflect liability). After all these years, I finally felt the desire to get my tribal ID. I had to send more information than needed for a Real ID. Of course, the tribal ID is also flawed, since in my case, it relies on the Dawes Roll, which has no real bearing to quantum, other than who was willing to sign up for the roll, and who was "considered" part of the tribe at the time. One side of my lineage did not sign up as they were afraid of the "federal men". I snicker when I see blurbs saying how "one drop" regulations are gone... (I prefer to think I belong to the human tribe, but as I get older, and worry about leaving family behind, there are available benefits - medical specifically - I cannot ignore.) I know of some people who have had more than one SSN in their lives, for legitimate reasons, and sometimes there are conflicts which also proves the point there is no magic number or card which is infallible. If you ever see a birth cert where the official signature (such as the MD) is typed, even though the requirement is for a physical signature, it does not mean the cert is invalid despite the requirement. Proves looking at a BC in its face is not enough knowledge to prove validity of the BC.
  6. Now that anyone can create and print anything, any item not under jurat is barely worth the paper it is printed on. Since the employer filings with SSA are under jurat, and are filed before returns are processed, there is a fair chance of catching mismatches, misentries, and plain fraud.
  7. Ugly situation, but should end up teaching employers and employees a few hard truths. It makes Abagnale's suggestions very worth revisiting. We should all revisit our banking choices, as there are very easy to manage things we can do to protect our own positions.
  8. The codes were optional. I was not privvy to the entire process, but my cynical hat impression was it was from the big PR processors wanted to try to better insulate themselves from fraud. IIRC, it was announced shortly after it became known that there were a large number of fraudulent filings using certain software. Employers having to file W2's before the individual returns get processed is a more secure method than a made up code which likely could have been reverse engineered.
  9. More of a vent than a question, but discussion is always welcome. Many states are implementing PFML (paid family and medical leave). Some state PFML has language allowing the employer to pay some or all of the employee liability. This, I have an issue with. The state PFML departments are setting up employers and employees for problems, should employers choose to insulate employees from their liability. Why? Employers cannot "choose" to pay employee liabilities with no consequences. Such payments actually increase taxable wages for the employee (and increase all other tax liabilities as well). Think of situations where it is common for an employer to insulate an employee from SS/Medi (and the charts showing how much to increase taxable wages when this is done). I asked one state PFML director if they had considered this issue, and whether or not they had a ruling from their own state and from the IRS as to whether or not an employer paying an employee's PFML liability is exempt from taxation. The answer was that state's PFML folks do not get involved with other taxes, so no, they had not thought about the issue or sought rulings. For my customers, our PFML withholding calculations are done at the employee's full rate. When I get asked about handling a lesser rate, or no employee withholding at all, I have to explain the issue and if the employer insists on insulating their employees, suggest withholding the full employee amount, but consider increasing their wages by the PFML employee rate (plus some additional factor to have their net be about the same as before PFML). Likely though, no one will notice, yet I have to stick to what I believe is correct, and try to educate. --- Some of the interesting PFML setups are when those with less than 25 employees do not have to pay the employee share (which must then be made up by all employees, and by all employers with 25 or more employees). Those states must have smaller employers with a large political influence, or maybe just as likely, politicians who want to sound bite how they helped the small employers (leaving out how the money is made up by higher employee rates on all, and higher employer rates on the larger employers). Another is a state where tips are NOT considered wages for PFML. (Must be a good restaurant lobby.) Tipped employees are only taxed PFML on what is likely minimum wage, and can only get paid PFML based on their likely minimum wage. Perfect, those who would really need PFML cannot afford to use it. But then again, I know complication is what keeps us all in soda and candy... and never will things get easier now that payroll calculations have been fully politicized.
  10. "I learn something new every day." I try as well. I had not thought about household help, as it is not something I run across often. One of my umpire mentors always said it is better to be on the way up - the two choices were to be on the way up (learning), or on the way down (not learning)...
  11. 4. Taxable, IIRC grandchildren employees do not get the family exception. Of course, I am of the thought using the exception is not a good idea when the wages are not trivial. Less zero years for SS calculations, should benefits be needed before (if) the year drops out of the calculations.
  12. It takes real dedication to read the CC reports we get (Elavon via Costco). Same with our prior provider. Generally, if the overall cost for the year is 3% or less, I am good. Shopping for processors is no fun, since you have to weigh many factors, which are hard to pull from most processors. There are things I have learned which I would never post in a public forum... Anyway, this thread caused me to revisit our reports. I pay the per item rate for refunds, so a refund costs me the two per item rates, plus the discount on the charge (1.99% to 3.25%, depending on the card used). While the statement is not very clear, I can find the the original charge with discount and transaction fee, and the refund with only the transaction fee.
  13. The person who is already a partner may be comfortable with some sort of reworking. A potential new partner might not be comfortable without investigating current status. (Nothing is free...) So personally, I would setup a new entity, with the new partners, even if there has to be a slight variation on the "legal" name. My experience comes from resurrecting a long ignored social club (started in the early 1900's). I became involved in the 80's, and would not be part of the board until there was a revived corp (MC club, putting on events, substantial liability). Attorney said it was crazy to revive - even if complete books and documents were avaailable - and instead, started new, with a very slight change in the corp name.
  14. For browser, I use FF for most, Chrome next, and the others when forced. No particular reason. For "security", I use only free, and for many years now, only what Microsoft provides. Any "security" which has a paid element has job 1 of getting paid. This means trying to prove to you it has value, which means they MUST give false positives so you do not forget it is "on" and protecting you from the boogie men and women. This is mainly an issue with their WAG settings, what they call heuristics. This WAGuessing is why you will almost always see instructions to disable your security software when installing software... I test our software using VirusTotal before upload, and will often get a false positive or two from some of the outlier "security" companies. Even the "majors" give false positives from time to time,. In the last six months, compressing a setup file for online use will nearly always trigger a false positive - so the result is wasted bandwidth due to the false positives, since I can no longer compress our setup files. (The reason is many will believe the false positives, which means I lose customers since many "believe" the false positives.) The only real safety is the nut at the keyboard not doing silly things, and making sure to have a good recovery plan. No software can predict in advance (what heuristics tries to sell us) what someone will dream up. McAfee made his fortune selling his "tonic", and has confessed that no paid "tonic" is needed nor can any "tonic" actually protect us. Norton was good when it was Peter's company.... Interestingly, I recently changed routers, and it comes with an optional "security system". The "security system" gives me a warning when reading a safe major newspaper site, as one of their ad services is being flagged as nefarious. I will not be using the "security system" beyond the trial, but I was curious.
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