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  1. Made me recheck my own software. Thankfully, no issues. I likely used different methods, which is to include all payments as taxable, and specifically exclude when required (programmer speak...). I would guess the software in question failed to add the amount for 940. Might want to check 941, 943, 944, state quarterly, and any other items where it needs to be wages, and places where it needs to be handled for credits.
  2. I was updating life and disability coverage, and had to admit, it has been more than 20 years since I was involved in any of the "risky" activities... Good for the policy costs, but sometimes I long for those days of perceived invincibility. My dad was about 25 in the image for my profile. I was but a pea sized being. Those cars were built like tanks, many raced for more than a decade. The drivers were mere pinballs wearing penny loafers, chinos, and t-shirts, with a leather object which kept their hair in place more than protecting their brain.
  3. Unless I missed something (always a possibility), the official IRS position is paper 1099 forms sent to the IRS have to be the red drop out ink (essentially pre printed), as they have no provision for blank and white copies. On the other hand, I know many who send them in self printed (black and white), but have not heard of the IRS using their penalty process for non compliant forms. On the other hand, SSA has been allowing approved software to self print W2/W3 forms since TY 2001...
  4. Indeed. For me, I get many inquiries asking how to do things which are not allowed. I stick to the rules, then get told I am inflexible. Or, as happened earlier today, someone asks about starting to use my payroll software, and based on their questions, I ask if they have any experience or training, and when they say no, I suggest they will be better of hiring out their payroll until they can gain experience and training. Usually goes over well enough, but some try to make me license to them, which I refuse, because I am not in the business of teaching payroll accounting. It is one of my
  5. I still do not understand that thought. Even if the person/entity had a 70% effective tax rate, the benefit would have been 30% of the PPP. Even if it was a wash, being able to pay employees (those that did not want to be on the dole) was a good thing.
  6. Likely the similar wonder of those who have had student loans in the past, should current loan holders receive forgiveness.
  7. Must be a Catch-22. Don't explain and possibly get grief, explain and either get grief from the fee for your explanation time, or get internal grief for not charging for your explanation time. Out of all of my customers, I think I had one employer defer for their employees (against the advice of their payroll processor).
  8. I am having to learn as I go. Mom and Aunt did nothing when grandmother passed, now mom passed earlier this year. I even had to sign something as an heir for my grandfather, who passed in '71, because the real property title was not changed. The rub is neither made any plans, gave any indication of their wishes, so intestate it is. I have two sibs waiting for their cut with open palms. Catherine has agreed to help.
  9. Handling the estates of my mother and grandmother. I am in need of transcripts for both, for the last few years before they passed. As I understand it, those who have practitioner access can download transcripts, while I can likely only get mailed copies, sent to their last address (which will not work). If anyone can assist (or enlighten me on the process), let me know.
  10. Are you preparing the W2? That implies you are the payroll processor. If you are not, and the W2 is not correct, get the corp to fix it. From the payroll side, the amount the corp pays direct has other consequences, such as likely increasing WC wages. Also, my position is a proportionate amount (constructive receipt) should have been added to every paycheck, to ensure proper withholding. (Yes, the amount is deductible to the employee, but tax agencies get their withholding up front. I get the argument that it should not alter withholding quite often.) The amount should have been rep
  11. I go with whatever is on sale at costco (or similar). The return policy is good, as is their support. Once you get past 30 days of good use, the new drive should last several years (the drive is usually the item which, small chance though, could fail right away). I went with surface pro the last time. Probably the best consumer level security built in, and can be used portable, or to drive a desktop monitor and keyboard.
  12. Fortunately, it sounds as if the estate has enough funds on hand to make the estimated payment, which might lead to a conclusion the estimated payment is not too much of a hardship... --- Trying to close two probates right now. One depends on the other (one is an heir of the other). The real property involved is in escrow, but the buyer is said to have covid. The perform date has passed, with no one getting response from the buyer (only the buyer's brother), so I have had to send a 3 day perform notice to see if that will shake things loose. I am actually fine if the buyer needs
  13. Most understood the forgiveness would eventually not exclude the expenses from countable for tax return, but it was wise to plan for this not to happen. The last I saw was the new PPP would require showing a certain percentage loss of sales compared to a specific time. I like it, as by now, all can see the actual effect and such qualifications make perfect sense. I could be in the small minority, but I have nothing against the first round being based only on stating a possible or likely effect, since the program was implemented before anyone could have hard numbers to go on (for an entire q
  14. The clergy person might be directed to the denominational training for clergy finances. This should have been something no clergy person should miss. There could be other things being missed in their personal finances. (Not that any of the personal finances are the employers issue...)
  15. Of note, the draft Q1 2021 941 has space to handle FFCRA (assumes it gets extended). If FFCRA is not extended, those lines will likely change to "reserved for future use". Amazingly, the form designer(s) elected to not make major changes to spacing and print locations! You can always search/find draft forms at https://apps.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/draftTaxForms.html. Keep in mind, just because it appears in the draft list does not mean they have not already posted a final version on the regular forms list.
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