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  1. Things happen. I get this via school and other non work "groups" every now and again. I usually let the sender know of their boo boo. The majority will never notice the mistake, and it is very rare when someone would try to do anything with the list of valid emails they were accidentally sent. Personally, I ignore any such confidentiality notice. Why? If sent via a regular email, the sender already knows the message cannot possibly be considered confidential, making the notice moot and a WOBW (waste of bandwidth). If the message might actually be confidential, then regular email should absolutely not be used to send.
  2. A multi state employer that looks to be properly reporting! It would be interesting, to me, to know if the employer is profitable enough in the "other" states, to make it worthwhile to have employees and filing obligations in those states. I once used a real address by mistake in sample data for a NYS45 paper form (to get approved to print on plain paper). It took about a year to prove to NY that I was not a NY employer. The sample form was sent to their forms approval department, not their processing department, yet they still elected to try to ding me.
  3. I made it to itemize this year because of charitable bundling (which I have selected odd years). SALT limit is also a factor this one last year (making some changes for 2020).
  4. Certain RV groups have good information on domicile selection and support, for the layperson. Escapees is probably a good single source, and IIRC, does not require a fee to read their documents. Escaping CA, NY, and more and more states, requires "real" planning and effort, as any crumb and the "former" state will claw back taxes easily. If one has the ability to choose, there are three usually better than the rest choices, TX, SD, and FL The first item to consider is medical coverage. If on Medicare, then any of the three is fine. If not yet to Medicare, then, if "mobile", there may be certain locations with better out of state coverage. https://www.escapees.com/education/domicile/ For the OP, TX is a good choice, but will require family moving as CA will "win" a domicile case if the TP leaves CA yet leaves spouse and children in CA.
  5. If you or the client is more comfortable with the former "allowances", the new calculations have "implied" allowances. Married filing jointly is similar to the former married/3. The two job settings, besides having a different set of calculations, has no implied allowances. All other status choices have two implied allowances. This was more talked about at the end of 2018, before they delayed the implementation to 2020...
  6. For me, I only sign things the client never takes. Meaning only things I directly file/report.
  7. My spouse of 33 years thanked me today, for us not being homeless.
  8. While I do not prepare for money, I would prep for the recipient only if I could believe they are running a business. A business license or other business document would do the trick. When I was younger, I would likely have looked the other way. I have a similar battle every year about now. S Corp's wanting to fudge a W2 and W3 to reflect the >2% shareholder/employee insurance. While it is true, the W2 and W3 need to reflect the amount to maintain tax benefits, the amount is also wages, taxable on constructive receipt, and should be proportioned to every paycheck. Most face the issue only at tax time, when their preparer tells them their W2 is not correct, and then fail to believe it when they are told it is also taxable wages. The "extra" complication is the person who is usually handling the payroll is also the shareholder/employee, and has a tough time separating the issue to the employer and employee perspectives.
  9. My fav is if the person being paid can sub the job out to others, or have someone else do the work, and no time accountability. If not, then employee. If someone really is running a business (not an employee), they likely have setup some sort of entity to help shield their personal assets from any business issues. Extra complication with being in separate states, if employee, as the employer has exponentially complicated their HR and payroll compliance issues (which I have posted about before).
  10. That is the magic word, to me. If the entity being paid could not have others work, (and also whenever they elected, not for a specific amount of time within a window, and did not have other clients, business license, business insurance, etc.) then employee is proper. In the OP, the deduction for a day off is employee all the way. Probably not a huge chance of getting caught, but I personally would not be comfortable with a 1099 in the OP.
  11. 16.30 pacific is coming soon. Just about 70deg outside, so it will be a nice evening to be outside. Less than 2 hours until toes up in the hot tub. The latest interesting message is from someone claiming their "tech person" says something was only partially downloaded because the file can still be seen in their download folder. "Ding", time to get a new tech "expert". Of course, the truth is probably something else, but one can only deal with the information given...
  12. Today is my annual procrastinator's day. The last day for my customers to, on time, get their end of year and Q4 reporting done. This year, I have likely sent more 'reminders' than ever before, but the next few hours will have some interesting questions asked. Someone wants me to walk them though efile signup and setup, today, as their printer is out of toner. Several want to know how to "back" add S Corp Owner/Employee medical insurance payments to their 2019 payroll. Another wants to back enter their entire 2019 payroll so they can prepare W2 forms today. Happily, I was able to have a nice distraction messaging with a customer who was amazed the programmer was helping them. --- Interestingly, I like the compressed deadline. It means after today, I can breathe much easier, and eat lunch away from my computer My wife says my household chores begin again tomorrow! Kitchen is due for repainting, my office (son's former bedroom) needs to be cleaned up and rearranged as my wife and daughter want to use the closet, etc.
  13. My passengers always take on the comments about idiot drivers. While I see them, I usually am not affected by them. After roughly a million miles on motorcycles, I still drive like I am invisible to others, even when in our motorhome towing our Jeep. I was young, dumb, and invincible back in my MC days, and was almost always the rabbit (the fastest moving vehicle). Back to the OP, I just filed my personal, and tried not including DL info. I got a warning (from the software) that my state return (CA) may be delayed without DL info. No warning for the fed return.
  14. For payroll purposes, to compare, an employer would be NUTS to deposit pay into an account not controlled by the employee. Employee will win a claim the funds were not given to "them", should a different account holder (possible exception for spouse or legal partner) "take" the funds. Some will not direct deposit unless the account is only controlled by the employee. Quick online search implies the IRS will flag the return in some manner, if the account does not belong to the TP.
  15. I cannot answer on the proper way. I can suggest "motivation" as there is likely a big cost difference when insuring a vehicle in a company name, and possibly in the financing and registration as well.
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