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  1. Hi guys, at the beginning of the season I called ATX support asking how to enter the PYEI words or how to do it in ATX program in order to use PYEI to qualify for EIC/CTC. Agent support told me just to enter the income and that it didn't matter, so I did. Those returns are still processing I assume because of the omission of the words, should I amend to include this words? Numbers will stay the same. Please help. I've called customer service a few times and don't think I get an accurate answer when I do.
  2. Do we have to wait until ATX creates the exclusion worksheet? Do we have any dates?
  3. I need help depreciating a new lawn mower (10k) and a skid steer (60K) in ATX. What would be the category and subcategory and how do I elect not to claim the 179 and just do it over the years? I don't think ATX is calculating it right.
  4. Rmm

    Form 1099-R

    Aren't you supposed to use 8915-E and choose distribution due to coronavirus in order to waive the penalty?
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