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  1. My thoughts exactly..................
  2. If a 1099K is involved, I would take it in and out on the return. That way, it's a reminder if there is ever any correspondence from taxing agency.
  3. I had client that did not receive EIP 1 because of income on 2018 return. Once 2019 was filed he received full EIP 2. I am also amazed at how many don't know how much they received. Must be the accountant in me.
  4. Only 1040 was extended to 05/17/2021 as far as I know.
  5. Colorado is usually a rolling conformity state. However, they have decided that UI excluded on Federal will be added back to Colorado. I guess the unemployed are like tax preparers and don't have much of a lobby.
  6. If only 1040-ES were included.
  7. Rita, I am deeply sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
  8. Put it on Line 8 Schedule 1 and deduct it on Line 22 Schedule 1 of the 1040 if it qualifies.
  9. 8879 in ATX was released on Friday!
  10. I also always report. Better safe than sorry later.
  11. Look in the print packets. Set up how you want your returns to print out by moving forms up or down.
  12. This is truly heartbreaking news. He was such a kind soul. Prayers to his family and friends
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