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  1. mwrightea

    W-2 efiling with states

    Colorado encourages E file of W2' but will accept paper filings.
  2. mwrightea

    NT-Happy Thanksgiving

    I am so thankful for this board. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. mwrightea

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    I have found that without a POA, the signed preparer & authorization to speak worthless at the IRS.
  4. mwrightea

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    Recently, I had the same problem. I finally had my POA put up on the CAF after faxing Practitioner's Priority twice for a client and requesting that they forward POA to the designated unit. :(
  5. mwrightea

    Business Sold

  6. mwrightea

    Some Clients can't be helped - I feel bad

    I hear you and I'm with you on this matter.
  7. mwrightea

    Well, it's official

    Congrats on being able to sell your practice !!! May you have the retirement of your dreams!
  8. mwrightea


    If total taxable pension & SS is 45k then, yes only 24K is excluded from Colorado income tax
  9. mwrightea


    Colorado excludes 24k of taxable pension and social security income if taxpayer is 65 or older, 20 k is excluded for under 65. Sorry this is a day late!
  10. mwrightea

    Penalty abatment

    I have also had good luck with penalty abatement request. You have nothing to lose by trying for abatement.
  11. mwrightea

    Salary from a non-profit

    I believe that Rita is correct.
  12. mwrightea

    LLC Reporting

    I'm with Bhoffman and Abby Normal on this issue.
  13. mwrightea

    Abby & SoNot's Excellent Adventure

    Perhaps you should explore a travel blog. I so wish I could have been there, your photos are amazing!
  14. mwrightea

    1040 PostCard

    Colorado went from one page to six pages in the last few years.
  15. mwrightea

    It's time for a new printer

    Where are you buying the Toner?