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  1. mwrightea

    LLC Reporting

    I'm with Bhoffman and Abby Normal on this issue.
  2. mwrightea

    Abby & SoNot's Excellent Adventure

    Perhaps you should explore a travel blog. I so wish I could have been there, your photos are amazing!
  3. mwrightea

    1040 PostCard

    Colorado went from one page to six pages in the last few years.
  4. mwrightea

    It's time for a new printer

    Where are you buying the Toner?
  5. mwrightea

    It's time for a new printer

    I use a HP P3015. Works great the cartridge/drum is expensive and I go through two a year.
  6. mwrightea

    Renewing this month?

    FDNY you are certainly a charmer!
  7. mwrightea

    Gift Tax - Crypto Assets

    "But if this is going to be an ongoing arrangement, it sounds to me like they should form an investment partnership to hold all the money and report all the income and then each investor would get a K-1 to reflect their share of the gains or losses. But I know that is not helpful retroactively" I agree with Gail.
  8. mwrightea

    Renewing this month?

    I've been with them since the beginning a Max customer and no dice. I must not be as charming as you
  9. mwrightea

    Renewing this month?

    Not working with my rep
  10. mwrightea

    Catch-22 SEHI PTC

    B. Jani Nope sadly that doesn't work in this situation. I appreciate the effort all have put into this problem.
  11. mwrightea

    Form 8283

    ATX used to roll over on 8283 and had a lot more useful features prior to 2012.
  12. mwrightea

    Deceased Client's Tax Refunds

    Since you can check part 2 question 3 yes, and then E file. I would set it up for direct deposit if that is the desire of the personal rep and see what happens. Worst case scenario they issue a paper check.
  13. mwrightea

    Incorrect cost on rental property

    I agree do the 3115.
  14. It hurts me to type "IRS adjusted numbers". I feel your pain....................
  15. mwrightea

    Form 8283

    Love the master form, H8 the 8283.