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  1. The $750.00 Colorado refund is not taxable for the federal or state and no 1099G will be issued. This was a Tabor ( Taxpayer Bill of Rights) refund.
  2. I filed one for a March 2021 deceased client last week and had no problems at all.
  3. Congratulations, welcome to the club.
  4. Automatic extension. Fee's are determined at a later date.
  5. Just had a 1040 return accepted with a 1310with Direct Depost! Boxes Checked as follows: C X 1 Yes X'd 2 A & B No X'd 3 Yes X Make sure you enter the date signed in part III. on form 1310.
  6. My thoughts exactly..................
  7. If a 1099K is involved, I would take it in and out on the return. That way, it's a reminder if there is ever any correspondence from taxing agency.
  8. I had client that did not receive EIP 1 because of income on 2018 return. Once 2019 was filed he received full EIP 2. I am also amazed at how many don't know how much they received. Must be the accountant in me.
  9. Only 1040 was extended to 05/17/2021 as far as I know.
  10. Colorado is usually a rolling conformity state. However, they have decided that UI excluded on Federal will be added back to Colorado. I guess the unemployed are like tax preparers and don't have much of a lobby.
  11. If only 1040-ES were included.
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