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  1. Report both on the 8949 and use the H code in column F putting the adjustment $ in column G.
  2. We can now file 1041 in Colorado with just the name. I agree with Abby Normal run error check and see what pops up.
  3. Colorado will probably look at the 1099R early distribution as non military pay and taxable since your client separated from the military and was a resident for 1 to 60 days. CDOR is great at revenue raising and matching forms about 3-4 years after the fact. The department will bill for as little as a dollar with penalty and interest after the fact, I kid you not. Just looking at the Non resident status, what pops out to me is the "full-year Colorado resident" and "nonmilitary income". Also be aware that the Colorado Department of Revenue hardly ever answers their phone, not even the practitioner line.
  4. Colorado Department of Revenue will want their share. I would do a part year and allocate as such. If taxpayer was 55 or over it may not be taxed in Colorado depending on the amount.
  5. ATX forum said 1099INT will be released later for efiling.
  6. I believe that you are correct. REIT Dividends are the only Dividends that qualify for the QBI deduction.
  7. I agree with KC, I wonder where is our lobby? Where is my government pension?
  8. Catherine is correct . You will need to follow Revenue procedure 2016-51 to make corrections and contributions for eligible employees.
  9. I would fill out the 8606 part III for the year in question and attach with a letter explaining that there were no earnings along with a copy of 1099R and the CP2000.
  10. Colorado encourages E file of W2' but will accept paper filings.
  11. I am so thankful for this board. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. I have found that without a POA, the signed preparer & authorization to speak worthless at the IRS.
  13. Recently, I had the same problem. I finally had my POA put up on the CAF after faxing Practitioner's Priority twice for a client and requesting that they forward POA to the designated unit. :(
  14. I hear you and I'm with you on this matter.
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