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  1. This is truly heartbreaking news. He was such a kind soul. Prayers to his family and friends
  2. Congrats! Unfortunately, I could not bring it up.
  3. You can call me at 415-637-6603 after 10AM to 7PM almost any day

    BTW, My real name is Ed


  4. That is my understanding. I had POA on file with the protest, the FTB called the client and stated the above. I have not received any written documentation nor have I talked with anyone @FTB. Max I would love to talk with you about this matter. I have never filled out a 100S and I am not looking forward to it.
  5. FTB stated that the 1 employee creates presence in California. My client will pay the prep fee and $800.00 rather than fight, they feel this employee is worth it.
  6. They have only the 1 employee that lives in CA, all other employee's and company are in Colorado. All revenue generated in the State of Colorado.
  7. Max, my client just lost in CA. They have an employee that works out of his home in CA on his computer and makes less than $50K. They want the franchise tax $800.00 and a 100S. Client has paid all state required withholding, wc, etc.
  8. Thanks for the cite and information Max W. My client is under all the thresholds. We will see what FTB does with information. Once again, I appreciate the information from all.
  9. One more question, is the index for inflation updated as of 01/01/2018 ?
  10. Thanks all for your replies.
  11. I need help from all California experts. My client has a company in Colorado they recently received a letter from FTB about an employee that telecommutes for their company in Colorado from the employees home in California. This was news to me (the employee in CA). They have no business, sales, property, equipment, advertising, rent or anything else in California. My understanding is the employee moved to California and my client wanted to retain the employee's particular skill set. They do not pay anything to the employee other than wages. The company uses a payroll company and has paid all the CA SWT & OASDI etc on this employee. This employee uses their own computer and logs into my clients web portal every day and preforms via web, duties in Colorado. FTB is requesting that a FTB4694 be filled out regarding if they need to file a State Tax return in CA. I do not believe that my client has Nexus in CA. I am leaning toward part 2 of the 4694 No filing requirement. Clients answers to part 2 are all NO's. Am I wrong? Is this a can of worms, better addressed by an attorney?
  12. Your welcome, I just realized that the Line 7 entry on EIC removes the Medicaid waiver payments from EIC. Hopefully, ATX will make the corrections on the EIC form for the revenue procedure.
  13. If the DHHS in your State issues a W-2 there is a Medicaid waiver option in Box 14 of the W-2. Once that is selected those wages will appear on Line 7 Earned Income on the EIC schedule of the 1040.
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