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  1. Right, it should be a Partnership tax return, not an LLC. I have already faxed form 2553 and set the effective date of s corp as of January 1st, 2022. However, this LLC was registered in 2021. My question is if I filed as a partnership in the first year, but if I get an S CORP approval, can I file as an S CORP in the second year without having to file a Form 8823?
  2. My client wants to change to S-corp from LLC after one year of registering. In this case, I wonder if I need to file both forms 8832 and 2553. I filed an LLC tax return for 2021 and faxed form 2553 in February 2022. But I have not received the S-corp approval letter from IRS yet.
  3. As for unemployment benefits, my client received unemployment benefits from CA and moved to GA around June 2021. While preparing a client's tax return, I found that the unemployment benefits he received from CA are non-taxable in CA, but he has to pay taxes in GA for the length of days he has lived in GA. Is it right? Tanks for the any your comments.
  4. This LLC was finalized for 2021 but I found the required payment amount of $800 on form 3522 for 2022. Should I pay this amount of $800 for the 2022 tax year? I wonder if this is the kind of ATX software error.
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