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  1. thank you for 2014 by chance do you have 2013
  2. ALSO from PUB 504 Considered unmarried. You are considered unmarried on the last day of the tax year if you meet all the following tests. You file a separate return. A separate return includes a return claiming married filing separately, single, or head of household filing status. You paid more than half the cost of keeping up your home for the tax year. Your spouse did not live in your home during the last 6 months of the tax year. Your spouse is considered to live in your home even if he or she is temporarily absent due to special circumstances. See Temporary absences, later. Your home was the main home of your child, stepchild, or foster child for more than half the year. (See Qualifying person, below, for rules applying to a child's birth, death, or temporary absence during the year.) You must be able to claim an exemption for the child. However, you meet this test if you cannot claim the exemption only because the noncustodial parent can claim the child using the rule described later in Special rule for divorced or separated parents (or parents who live apart) under Exemptions for Dependents. The general rules for claiming an exemption for a dependent are shown later in Table 3.
  3. This came from PUB 504 Unmarried persons. You are unmarried for the whole year if either of the following applies. You have obtained a final decree of divorce or separate maintenance by the last day of your tax year. You must follow your state law to determine if you are divorced or legally separated. Exception. If you and your spouse obtain a divorce in one year for the sole purpose of filing tax returns as unmarried individuals, and at the time of divorce you intend to remarry each other and do so in the next tax year, you and your spouse must file as married individuals. You have obtained a decree of annulment, which holds that no valid marriage ever existed. You must file amended returns (Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) for all tax years affected by the annulment that are not closed by the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations generally does not end until 3 years (including extensions) after the date you file your original return or within 2 years after the date you pay the tax. On the amended return you will change your filing status to single, or if you meet certain requirements, head of household. Married persons. You are married for the whole year if you are separated but you have not obtained a final decree of divorce or separate maintenance by the last day of your tax year. An interlocutory decree is not a final decree. Exception. If you live apart from your spouse, under certain circumstances, you may be considered unmarried and can file as head of household. See Head of Household, later. I would say with the facts you stated THAT they had a legal separation on the last day of the year they are SINGLE for the year. SIDE NOTE. it also has been my understanding that a married person that does not live together at any time during the last 6 months of the year (NOT 6 MONTHS OF THE YEAR) then they can file as single or head of household(if have qualifying dependant) as long as it is not just for tax purposes.
  4. I did a return today and both TP were Deaf. took a while to get it done but i happily did it. Took alot of written notes, but i just dont feel they got the point on a few issues they had. I told them i would look into the Tax community to see if i could find someone who did taxes and could sign. They where very happy with what i did and i told them i am more then happy to continue helping them in the future. But i just feel that there were things that got lost in the translation. Both ways. And i would rather loose a tax client knowing that they get what they need. Cliff B 623-932-1971
  5. so i take it the tech center has been closed down all month!!!!!! you must have missed the point!!!!!
  6. This letter was emailed to ATX president just before midnight on January 30th 2013: i hope some of you on the community can relate and add your comment to help better explain your frustrations to ATX to try and get there attention. IT WAS ALSO POST ON THE ATX WEBSITE COMMUNITY DEAR MR JEFF GRAMLICH, I understand that this is a trying time for all of us, and don’t place all the blame on ATX as many have on the forums (but many of us have been with ATX for some time and feel that ATX has reasonably priced product that serve our overall needs) and, I feel that many just are venting and using ATX as a scapegoat for whatever their personal problems are in addition to the overall frustration to the delays we have all experience this tax season. I think many of us would feel better if we just knew that ATX cared and was working on the problem instead of getting the standard corporate respond. We all got an email the other day from Rusty Tillman and it sounded like it was written by ATX lawyers. I can’t speak for everyone but many if not most of us are smaller mom and pop type companies and if we felt like ATX cared about us more than just us being another number or your just what we do for your bottom line. We may be just a little more patient so that you could resolve these problems. Yesterday I work from 9am till 3am the following morning to make sure everything was working the best it can. And if there would have been some updates today posting on the web site to problems that have been identified and that ATX was working on them, some of us would not be clogging the phone lines (knowing ATX was aware of the problem). Many of the forum responses seem to indicate that tech. support is Bs’ing their way to the end of their shift rather than caring that they are solving the problem. Also it perplexes me that with all the problem that u all know exist that each and every employee should have remain at the call centers instead of closing and just shutting the phones off and going home like it was a regular day (it is by far not just any regular day). A couple of days of overtime sucks for any company but you must admit it would have showed all of us that use ATX, that you truly care about your customer more. One of the treads indicate that upward of 300 customer plan on or have left ATX which I estimate at minimum represent 500k of revenue ATX may have lost. It would have not killed any of you employee to have stayed, because as a successfully self employed individual for the past 25 years, I have learned that customer come first, and any employee that griped about staying longer for a few days to get over the hump should be put in their place that without the customer they don’t have a job. I apologize for any grammar and run on sentences in advance for I don’t have a staff of lawyer writing letters for me (and I still have hours of work to go tonight). I hope you read this with an open mind and resolve problems. Because this letter is aimed and helping solving the problem, and is not intended to point a finger at any one. Sincerely Cliff Bennett 1040PRO LLC Dba BENNETT INCOME TAX GOODYEAR AZ Also included is a tech support ticket I sent last night about 10 pm Arizona time: this was email to ATX tech support: OK I WILL TRY THIS AGAIN AND I DONT WANT HALF OF THE RESPONCE TO TELL ME HOW SORRY YOU. SO CUT THRU THE BS AND GIVE ME A FIX. I HAVE BEEN USEING ATX SINCE 1999 AND AM A VERY EXPRIENCE USER OF THE PROGRAM. I AM ON VER. FORMS VER 509 JUST DID UPDATE AT 9PM ARIZONA TIME AND IT ONLY UPDATED FORMS UPATED PROGRAM UPDATE 12.5...... YESTERDAY. WHEN WE ROLLOVER FROM 2011 TO 2012 THE RETURN DOES NOT SHOW IN THE RETURNS MANAGER (I HAVE TO CLOSE THE SOFTWARE EACH TIME I DO ROLLOVER FOR IT TO APPEAR) I JUST DID MY FIRST EFILE AND IT APPROVED WITH NO ERRORS BUT WHEN I WENT TO THE EFILE MANAGER IT WAS NOT THERE SO WHAT DID I HAVE TO DO FOR IT TO be SEEN (YUP I HAD TO CLOSES PROGRAM AND REOPEN.) POOF IT WAS THERE.... THIS WASTE WAY TO MUCH TIME WAY TO MUCH TIME. I AM USING NETWORKED VERSION JUST 2, MINE AND 1 OTHER WORKSTATION IT IS AFFECTED THE SAME ON BOTH. WORKSTATION TAKES UP TO 15 MINS TO ROLLOVER AND REOPEN SOFTWARE EACH TIME. (AND PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO ROLLOVER ALL 1500 RETURNS, NOT ALL CUSTOMER WILL COME BACK AND IT IS A LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE TO DO THAT). I HOPE WHO EVER READS THIS HAS ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE TO TELL ME THE TRUTH. I WOULD RATHER BE TOLD THAT U ARE AWARE OF THE PROBLEM AND ARE ADDRESSING IT RATHER THEN THE USUAL NON ANSWER. OR TO TRY SOMETHING U KNOW WILL NOT WORK. ALSO PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO CALL TECH SUPPORT, AS U KNOW WAIT TIME ARE 2 PLUS HOURS LONG I WOULD RATHER HAVE SOME ONE CALL ME AT 623 932 1971 BETWEEN 9AM AND 9PM ARIZONA AND REMOTE LONG ON. AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. MY STAFF HAS BEEN INFORMED THAT IF ATX CALLS I WILL TAKE IT IMMEDIATEDLY..... MAYBE IT THAT HAPPENS WE CAN COME UP WITH THE SOLUTION TO HELP EVERONE, RATHER THEN JUST A BUNCH OF JUNK EMAIL THAT WASTE YOURS AND MY TIME. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON ATX YET. BUT I AM NOT STUPID AND WILL SPEAK WITH MY $$$ IF I FEEL I AM GETTING THE RUN AROUND BS. I WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY DOUBLE THE PRICE FOR YOUR SOFTWARE JUST TO KNOW I DONT HAVE TO FACE THIS AND ALL THE OTHER PROBLEMS I AM HAVING WITH THE SOFTWARE THIS YEAR AND ALL OTHER THE OTHER NONE FUCTIONALLY ITEMS THAT I HAVE TRY TO GET FIX FOR THE PAST NUMBER OF YEARS. AND YES I HAVE BROUGHT THE OTHER ISSUES UP FORM MANY YEARES NOW..... ALL I WANT IS HELP AND THE TRUTH.... IT IS FIXABLE... FIX BEING WORKED ON....., OR JUST TELL ME TO BLOW OFF THAT IT IS WHAT IT IS.......
  7. 1040PRO

    My ATX

    well ATX is to busy to send an email to tell there customers how to fix this problem (but they can find time to send email to try to sell us some thing) the fix to get it working is to go into tool in internet explorer and delete cookies browsing history and temporary files this worked for me if you dont understand please call ATX so they can walk you thru 800-638-8291 the rep at at said they cause the problem and this is how to clear the aftermass and as usually she gave the insincere "sorry for your trouble" dont mean to be so irate to every one but ATX should know better and have sent email since we could not get the there web page. cliff
  8. Sorry for the delayed response The biggest problem I have had with Chase is customer getting their checks cashed We have many Chase branches locally (formerly Bank One) they are a different division than Chase Bank products (RALs) and in short it is like Chase Bank product division is the stepchild and Chase Banks doesn't like to accept those checks. To get a RAL you need drivers license/state Id and SS card, but Chase Bank requires 2 form of ID and one can not be a SS card. I have had several discussions with upper management at Chase Bank Products and have been told that that is Chase Banks policy and they can not do any thing about it. I have signed up for Chase. But only as a back up to Republic Bank, because Republic s sign up and customer service was not super helpful to get signed up. So I am very skeptical how helpful Republic will be when the rush hits. Planning ahead Making sure that if grass is not greener That I have plan B in place Cliff 1040PRO of AZ
  9. I have been doing ral for over 15 yrs, (total 2008 tax season efiles 1200 and of those almost 200 RAL's) and like some of us we have become frustrated with ATX, I have been frustrated with CHASE BANK and there ral product so i have put an application in with REPUBLIC BANK. I would like to have any input of your experience good or bad about REPUBLIC BANK thanks in advance cliff 1040PRO in Arizona
  10. In most cases the only reason some one goes to a preparer is becuase they like the preparer or the preparer allows thing that some might not. with this in mind his business is worthless .. if I was to purchase I would only pay him a flat fee or a percentage of billed per client after the tax year was over. It my experience that most will still prepare return on the side with out letting you know (with or with out a non compete clause -- try to enforce one in court $/time) people will still find him if they realy want him. I would say that most of his clients might come to you the first year, but when you meet with them you may not like them or they may not like your style. if he uses the same software as you do make sure you get a complete copy of his 2007 returns on hard drive, so rollover is alot easier. have taken on several businesses and seems to be the usual CLIFF 1040PRO of AZ
  11. 1040PRO

    Server still down

    I am not a big supporter of ATX's communication to us but they have posted it on the lastest news section of the web site. this is what it says: updated 4-10-08 at 6pm-- If you are attempting to connect to the EFC to send returns or pick up acks, you may be experiencing difficulty connecting. We are making some changes in the EFC to alleviate this problem, but basically all of these errors are similar to "busy signals". You may see "server error", or "Unable to connect" or "Unable to receive". We expect to resolve these issues later tonight. updated 4-10-08 at 6pm--Some Returns missed the drains April 9-- We had some EFC issues late Wednesday that prevented some returns from making the 6pm or midnight drains. We are sending these returns to IRS all day today. Most will be sent by the 6pm drain tonight (Thursday) but some will make the midnight drain tonight instead. CLIFF 1040PRO of GOODYEAR AZ
  12. Their is no communcation from them on any problem. Since they have our email addresses, if they would use them by sending us notification (or post it on there web site) of problems we would at least know that they are aware of a problem and are handling it. and most of us would just wait, rather than calling tech support. I feel that they are trying to make us want to find another tax software company or something because they sure dont seem to care. they will post some thing tomorrow saying there was a problem. just a little late. cliff 1040PRO of AZ
  13. If you get past the issue of whether she should claim it or not i would never give any one my SS#, I have my clients get and EIN via SS4. Because I am sure most of you have heard about identity theft and one way to help stop it is reducing who you give it to. Just because you trust your family, freinds, doctor etc once you give it out, how well do these peolpe really protect it in the future. CLIFF 1040PRO of AZ
  14. I have never use 1040a or 1040ez, i have found that when the 1040a/ez forms are used, it does not catch forms that need to be added for other taxes, credits, deductions etc. i do efiles for preprepared returns and almost always find some thing that the 1040a/ez does not catch. i then am able to get the client more money and they think i am a miracle worker. think it would be great if they made a software with out 1040a/ez cliff 1040PRO of AZ
  15. I also received the same codes on 2 of 15 returns i sent in. I came to the conclusion that I have two choices one call ATX, wait on hold for an hour or so, explain the situation to someome that has never preparer a tax return, and get very frustrated. (almost think tech support is in india and they have real good english accents -- some people here might remember a few years ago when tech support went to india --- or these people in tech support just took the H&R tax course and failed the final, so they now work for ATX) two wait for a fix. sorry for the sarcasm. cliff 1040PRO of AZ
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