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    Family, fishing, biking, little bit of gardening, sports, friends, anything that's fun and keeps me out of trouble -:)
  1. I am having trouble with AZ 140 dependents field. The parents are automatically sent to page 3 & no deduction is being allowed for them. Any ideas? Thanks!! Eli
  2. Looking to go to the Dallas forum. It's a good 8 hr drive or a 90 min flight from where I live. Hopefully meet up with Bulldog Tom! Eli
  3. I have one from February 4 & one from February 14th, I have two that were accepted Feb 5 & have not issued refunds yet. I've called for both & all they will will tell me is that they are being checked. I ask why there hasn't been any correspondence with the taxpayer & their rely is that the don't need any further info. If that's the case, then why can't they just issue the refund? Eli
  4. Congratulations!! At 83 years young, my mom has about 115 grand, great & great great grandchildren. She still gets excited each time she hears a new one is on the way
  5. Eli

    Almost there

    Well said, Terry!! Glad to hear you have had a great season. Eli
  6. Happy Birthday, KC!! God bless
  7. I didn't notice any difference. At least it hasn't messed it up any either Eli
  8. Wow! Good to hear from you, Kerry!! Hope you & your family are doing well. It's been a while since we had seen you on here. I'm sure your kids are growing like weeds Take care & don't be a stranger. Eli
  9. Thank you, Maribeth Eli
  10. Working on a couple's return. He has 5 K-1's. On one of them there is foreign income, but it says 'other countries'. When I do an error check, it says: If there is an amount on line 3b for other deductions, the line 3b 'Statement for Other Deductions related to Gross Foreign Income must be filled out. Any help where I can find the info that goes on there? Thanks! Eli
  11. If you ever want to take credit cards, Square is pretty simple & just charges a per transaction % fee. I've used it a few times this year. Eli
  12. Yes, some previous year returns can be e-filed. Update your previous year program. Eli
  13. I've got 487 e-files with hardly any problems. I'm using a custom built computer utilizing Windows 7 Ultimate, an AMD Phenom II x4 940 3.00 Ghz processor, 8Gb ram, & 64 bit operating system. Eli
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