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  1. Does anyone know what Drake is doing with their customer support? I tried to call them yesterday (10/06/2022) and their pnones lines were not answering. I called today and got a message.
  2. Has anyone fouind the "secret" of getting a client their past year's refunds being "lost", misplaced, in the IRS' system; even though the tax returns qwere E-filed and accepted by the IRS. I've got 2 clients waiting for refunds from 2020.
  3. Wht are the reporting requirements for the PPP forgiveness for a partnership ie, form 1065?
  4. Cathrine, You need to contactyourUScongressman. Terry
  5. I have 3 clients that still have not received their 2019 Federal tax return refunds. the IRS "where's my refund" site says "We have received your tax return and it is being processed." Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Thank you, Terry
  6. I got into a slightly heated discussionwith my new partner's son, who is a preparer. A remodeling Sch C (not a current client) called and asked if we would E file his self prepared 2019 tax return. I asked and he stated that he self prepared the return and could not E-F the return in Jan (I suspected that IRS had shut down E-F then) and the reason he wanted it E-F was because he was going after Small Bus "free money". The son said we can't do it because we had to prepare the return. I asked him and he said it was part of the ERO requirements. I think he was suspecting fraud and I told him to prepare an engagement letter stating we were only E filing a self prepared return and have the persp client sign it. I know I've gotten too old. But I'm curious, who's correct?
  7. You must "sign in" to see the donate button. Thankyou for the reminder and a BIG THANKYOU to Eric!!
  8. I tried searching my username, "TAG" but that doesn't seem to work.
  9. I got lucky and found the oldest post; it was dated 4/10-20 but when I went to find it again it wasn't there.????
  10. How do I find 2 topics I posted in Feb, Mar,or Apr 2020 in the "General chitchat"? I tried my acc't name "TAG" and I scrolled through all the postings, but could not fine them. I've gotten old and my eyesight is no longer very good. Terry
  11. The taxpayer moved back into a house which had previously been a rental. It had started out as her personal residence, then she got married and moved into her husband's house and rented out her old residence for approx. 2 years; now they moved back into her house. They are not doing this to try to save on taxes when the sell the house; they plan on living there forever. Are their any tax implications I need to address because of this? Thank you, Terry
  12. Catherine, THANK YOU. what I thought but my partner had me confused!! Terry
  13. Schedule C YE 12/31/18: Business was sold 1/31/18. It was a Sch C and operated for the month of Jan. Should the ending inventory (which was sold 1/31/18) be listed on the Sch C or should the Sch C ending inventory be listed as -0-? My brain is frazzled! And thank you.
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