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  1. Just went into the forms and the date on voucher 1 is fixed. I opened a case last night and they took care of it.
  2. I tried to alert ATX but of course with new hours they are closed. Better to not have updated but expected to see July 15, 2020.
  3. Hi, I am preparing estimates for a client. I noticed the 1040ES said there was an update. I updated forms and now the first estimate instead of being due 4/15/20 it says 12/16/19. What the heck is going on? Linda
  4. Thanks Gail. I actually had an IT person login remotely and check my computer yesterday afternoon into the evening. He used Teamviewer. He was able to see that the program would not allow me to create any efiles. We created a new file and got the same message "none of the forms in the file are eligible for efile" He also watched me go to EFile Manager and attempt to send a file that I had created the day before. He saw that it showed "unable to transmit error in file" even though the federal had transmitted at midnight the night before. He ran virus detection with BitDefender and no issues there. He found in a blog online a suggestion to re-download forms. So We also tried re-downloading all forms for the return using Support/Customer Support Utilities/Redownload forms in marked returns. That also did not work. In desperation, I logged onto ATX and opened a case and explained in detail my issues. Low and behold this morning I went into my program and was able to create an efile with the same file that it rejected yesterday, I then went to EFile manager and was able to send the return it said yesterday that had an error. I also transmitted the new file I created today. I am unsure what happened overnight but I feel so blessed that my program is now working. Thank you everyone for the replies to my desperate message!
  5. Unfortunately ATX is closed until Monday. Hopefully on Monday I get a quick answer. I will reply after they let me know what the issue was.
  6. Update on issue. Another return that I e-filed the federal last evening was accepted so I tried to e-file the state now and it will not transmit. The message says an error has occuirred and is preventing this e-file from being transmitted" Is anyone else having this issue???
  7. Greetings, Last evening I rolled over a return from 2018, entered all data, checked return and selected e-file. The return showed up in my e-file folder. I did not e-file last night because I needed to verify this morning that the direct deposit was going to the same bank as last year. Once I spoke with my client I tried to e-file and got a message that none of the forms included with the return are eligible for e-file. So I deleted the e-file and went back to the return and tried again. Now it will not allow me to create an e-file. So I duplicated the return and tried again. No success. Now I deleted the 2019 file and again rolled over the 2018 file. I re-entered everything and it still gives the same message. So I now created a new file using a different name and only entered the w2 information and tried to efile. The same message appeared...."none of the forms included with the return are eligible for e-file". Help can anyone tell me what to do? Of course ATX is not open for telephone support or online support on Sat or Sun. Thanks in advance. Linda
  8. If the decedent did not sell the stock there would be no gain on the final 1040 which would only include the income from 1/1 to 8/31. The estate would then file a 1041 and if they sold the stock within the estate the tax would be paid by the estate prior to distributing the cash to the beneficiaries. If the stock was not sold and was instead distributed to the beneficiaries then their basis would be the Sept 1 basis.
  9. Margaret and Rita, Thank you both for your helpful responses. I now understand how to enter it into ATX and I have contacted him for the actual expenses. I cannot express how much it means to have everyone here as a resource. Linda
  10. Margaret I added the 1040 Clergy Worksheet form and entered the housing allowance on line 4a. However when I do that it carries it to page 1 line 1 and adds a notation of excess allowance. Thereby causing the housing allowance to be subject to federal and state income taxes. The Schedule SE is computing correctly. How do I get the housing allowance entered on the Clergy Worksheet not to carry to page 1, line 1? Thank you so much for your assistance. Linda
  11. I was asked by my minister to prepare his tax return as his account just retired. I have never prepared a tax return for a minister before. I asked for a copy of his last year's return. I noticed that his w2 showed no social security or medicare taxes withheld. However when the 2018 return was filed Schedule SE was prepared and he paid SE tax on his earnings. However they did nothing with his housing allowance. In doing some research by reading Publication 517, it appears that his housing allowance while not subject to income taxes is subject to social security taxes. I use ATX and when I add the form for ministers and show the housing allowance it also adds it to taxable income. My questions are: 1. Am I correct that the housing allowance subject only to SE tax? 2. If yes, how can I get it in ATX without the program trying to subject it to federal and state taxes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or insight you can add. Linda
  12. I have re-read the instructions for Worksheet 1 and I have to manually add the converted Canadian pension amounts. Thanks Judy!
  13. Thank you. One more question since I use ATX software. Do I just combine the Canadian income that I have converted to US dollars with the total U.S. Social Security? I see no other place to enter it in order to have it appear on line 20a
  14. I just found this on several sites. Now the issue is how to input this in ATX??? The taxation of payments received from Canadian retirement programs that are similar to the U.S. Social Security system receive special tax treatment due to an income tax treaty between the United States and Canadian governments. The way this income is taxed depends on the recipient’s residence. The special tax treatment applies to payments receive from the following Canadian retirement programs: Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), and Old Age Security (OAS) If the recipient is a resident of the United States, the benefits: are taxable only in the United States, are treated as U.S. social security benefits for U.S. tax purposes, and are reported on Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (or Form 1040A) on the line on which U.S. social security benefits would be reported. If the recipient is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder) who is a resident of Canada, the benefits are taxable only in Canada. Again, thanks for your input! Linda
  15. The $3,000+ is described as #46 taxable Canada pension benefits. Since it appears that there is no tax on income below $11,635 in Canada, I would assume no Canadian reporting is required and is also the reason there was no non-resident withholding.tax shown. I think I should report the pension on his 1040 on line 21. The old age benefits do not seem to fit anywhere else so I would assume line 21 for them as well. Thanks in advance for your replies. Linda
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