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  1. Sent you a private message.
  2. Yes there will be a tax on the 1040X for Div, Interest etc. the penalty will be on the form 114 for not filing it, but I was reading that if you have a good reason for not filing and have paid all the tax owed on income from the accounts they could wave it. I told her the law is she has to file. after reading it also said if she files the form 114 and had paid all tax on 1040x before they asked her for or caught her as a non filer her chances would be better of no penalty being assessed.
  3. Client has foreign bank accounts since 2008 and now has decided to tell me in year 2018, even after I ask every year if she had any. I guess she thought she had to be in the foreign country for it to count. It is over 10, 000. we filed the form 114 and claimed the 2018 income on the 1040. She wants to go back and file all returns and pay tax owed. So will IRS accept amended returns past the 3 years? I know no refunds would be issued, which there won't be any. We are hoping after reading on late form 114 returns that if we file all returns and pay the tax she won't get any penalties for not filing form 114. Does anyone have any experience with this. TIA
  4. ATX has client portal, I have never used but think that is what it is for.
  5. Look up online, there is a worksheet for the merger. Or if it doesn't make a difference on return go with zero basis.
  6. I would switch the names for 2018 if apply. I have had this happen in 2016 and still fighting the service to switch it to the wifes single return. Sent many letters and copies of all checks. Called too, they just can't seem to get it switched over.
  7. they can both e-file the returns.
  8. She can claim EIC also with giving up the child with 8332
  9. Congrats.... beautiful picture
  10. I just found out this year also, but it also is my first amended 1120S. a lot of detail listing of any changes on worksheet which is attached.
  11. Thanks for the reminder I was working on a trust and have one that hasn't even came in yet and I was thinking the 16th. !
  12. I also would not report this on 4794 If IRS audit said no farm business then they disallowed any deduction on the "farm" equipment. So it would only be reported on Schedule D if a GAIN personal loss not deductible. All deduction for 179 would have been taken care of in the audit.
  13. But was there any Sales in the one minute before she sold her shares? so wouldn't beginning & ending inventory be the same and zero,
  14. But now different is the input in Drake? I like ATX , have been with them from the beginning. I don't usually have to call support so that isn't really a problem for me.
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