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  1. Thanks for the reminder I was working on a trust and have one that hasn't even came in yet and I was thinking the 16th. !
  2. I also would not report this on 4794 If IRS audit said no farm business then they disallowed any deduction on the "farm" equipment. So it would only be reported on Schedule D if a GAIN personal loss not deductible. All deduction for 179 would have been taken care of in the audit.
  3. But was there any Sales in the one minute before she sold her shares? so wouldn't beginning & ending inventory be the same and zero,
  4. But now different is the input in Drake? I like ATX , have been with them from the beginning. I don't usually have to call support so that isn't really a problem for me.
  5. ATX does NOT do the math for us. I struggle with this each year on a couple clients.
  6. they are all over the place with price for the same package. I have talked many times with different reps and they all say everyone is getting the same price. I finally found one who told me yes there are different prices for different people. Really !! She said the way it works is when you sign up for a price even if it is a special they only raise everyone by the same %. So a long time customer will always pay more than a first timer. I haven't renewed yet still deciding if I am changing to Drake or something else.
  7. You might want to point out to her if the return is late she is responsible to the it out of her own money. Hopefully she saved money to pay you before distribution.
  8. go the elections form and then on tab for depreciation you will find it. down towards bottom of page.
  9. I am so glad they brought back the" Date" by the preparers information.
  10. I had no idea we were going back to two 1040's. this time is called Senior 1040-S Didn't look to see who gets to file this form. Hopefully we can still file them all on the regular 1040. I didn't use 1040A or 1040EZ.
  11. to jump on the same topic I have a new client with Schedule C for Bed & Breakfast from 1995 thru 2013 filed with no depreciation on the house. 2014 thru 2018 not business use. they just let the son live in the home. they kept as second home because they moved out of state. In 2018 house sold. If I do the 3115 the only place I can put it is on line 21 because no Schedule C since 2013. Old preparer said he didn't want to how to mess with depreciation when they sold. I said its allowed or allowable. Now I am thinking maybe he meant he was going to disallow the depreciation because it wasn't exclusive use at that time. Any thoughts on both questions? line 21 for 3115 if I adjust or depreciation wasn't allowed.
  12. grandmabee


    Both those items were upgrades probably after 2016, I am thinking it was 2017 returns.
  13. or you could post on line 21 as" prior business expense" as a negative number.
  14. I agree he can move his OFFICE but not personal. no on the broker fee for apartment rental. IF he has OIH he can deduct the same %. I am assuming he is a Schedule C filer and not W-2.
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