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  1. or you could post on line 21 as" prior business expense" as a negative number.
  2. I agree he can move his OFFICE but not personal. no on the broker fee for apartment rental. IF he has OIH he can deduct the same %. I am assuming he is a Schedule C filer and not W-2.
  3. How was the transfer? did the depreciation go over well?
  4. grandmabee


    I don't think ATX does it right. It automatic added it into the worksheet the entire gain on a sale of rental as qualifying QBI income.
  5. Mine is still down at 3:55pm PST
  6. I am going to try and switch reps anyway. I don't care for Health. Never can get ahold of him. and pretty much said I was lying about the price. She sent me a copy of her bill so I am going to be ready this year.
  7. Same for everyone one else?
  8. No, everyone does not get the same price. The person I recommended two years ago gets a better price than me and I have been with them since the beginning. She paid 995.00 for the MAX program and I paid 1595. thus year. I think it depends on who your rep. is.
  9. I had one also just like that. My client put money into an IRA and everything worked out. I worked on those worksheets for hours and couldn't get it to work. Maybe I was tired also but lucky they could do IRA and solve the problem.
  10. I do it ever year. Not sure I am renewing with ATX next year with all the mistakes on Oregon and ATX not willing to fix them.
  11. You are correct. 39 yr. property. Some people brag about writing off stuff and they don't actually do it. they don't know the difference. Probably just go in and sign return not even talking to the CPA.
  12. I did the worksheet W & X but it gave me the entire premium paid for a SE deduction and didn't make me pay anything back of the credit so I know that I am missing something. Which software do you use?
  13. Client Schedule C received some advanced health insurance premium and paid a small portion. Income is up over the 401% because only 2 in household this year instead of 3. she has to pay all of it back about 11,000. So if she has to paid it back then I put under SE health insurance on page 1 of 1040 (schedule 1) it puts her back down under the 401% and lets her has some of the credit again. I know there is some kind of formula to make this work but I can't find it. Any help please. thanks
  14. You elected out of the 1031 exchange. Basis of new property is cost plus buying expense.
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