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  1. you will need to file the 4868 by July 15th to get the extra time to 10/15/20
  2. its on bottom of input listed as UPE you can only put a number.
  3. What kind of LLC, single member, S-corp etc. If single member it won't matter. If S-corp you don't want to put real estate into Corporation.
  4. I have all my letters say to be efiled and when I receive the signed 8879 back I efile the return. No need to change the letter before efiling.
  5. Fill out the injured spouse form. There is a calculation that is done.
  6. There is a credit she would qualify for the repayment of taxable income. Depends on the amount if credit or Sch A. deduction.
  7. Compensation is W-2 wages. If they didn't pay wages last year, take it to distr. if they are over their basis then tax it. For 2020 set up on Payroll. You can't redo what didn't happen.
  8. grandmabee

    1099 c

    2019 is better than 2018 which is a real mess.
  9. I agree it is a prize not gambling, that is why it is in box 3 other income. no losses to offset.
  10. Yes, I realize that but if information is not available then paper it will have to be.
  11. I have one like this also from 2005 before I started doing her return. Now she is hunting to see if she has the return. otherwise I am going without it.
  12. The news I read they were talking about the 6 month extension, which is automatic anyway. But there were thinking of extending the payment due past April 15th. I don't know if I even care, I am so burnt out by April 15th I don't think I would be working on taxes until May any way.
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