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  1. I do the same with my Corp & partnership accounts.
  2. Plus how can you close out an S-Corp when you still have a business checking account and paying bills. Or maybe I was assuming they were. Did they renewal their S-corp status with their State each year?
  3. Then file it with what actually happened. Wait for the correction to the W-2 if ever.
  4. It doesn't for the rollover returns either, it gives you a total line.
  5. someone is paying tax on it but they also are getting a stimulus payment that they are not entitled to. If joint account I would split the income from the investment account.
  6. Yes, I thought that is the only place you can now take it.
  7. per instruction that is the correct way, but in the past it just came up as a warning and not red error.
  8. How do you "stop the print spooler" ?
  9. Ok, when all else fails read instructions. I guess that is correct, not sure why but it is.
  10. I have a office in home with mortgage interest and property taxes. I thought They should get that deduction no matter what. But they can't itemize so ATX moves it down below on the 8829( line 16 & 17 ) and then it is carried forward because this year they have a loss. Am I thinking wrong?
  11. they are working on fixing this according to tech I talked to on Saturday. Not fix date set.
  12. no and I think I read where SBA is asking banks to send out corrected 1099's.
  13. I would report on mothers return and nominee out to daughter. Daughter would report her share on return. this way computer match with IRS.
  14. Have we heard when they will be fixing the error on the 1040 worksheet for taxable SS with the 300.00 donation deduction? it is still wrong. if you are not at max taxable SS and do the 300 donation it is wrong.
  15. grandmabee

    2019 E-file

    are they accepting 2019 e-file returns today also? I still can't get onto ATX support. I had one rejected.
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