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  1. grandmabee


    I don't know, I just went to a security update class by an attorney and besides scaring the **** out of me they suggested we use the MFA along with many other things. Every time I go to one of these classes I just went to quit!
  2. grandmabee


    It was on OUR website but it didn't say if Max offered it or taxwise, Total Office.
  3. grandmabee


    Does ATX Max offer MFA. I searched and it said some software but not sure if MAX is one of them. Don't see where to set it up.
  4. Doesn't it seem slow to you? I log in for a client and reclass where they put things in expenses and it is so slow going from one screen to the next and how many steps to get it done. Desktop is so much faster for me. I have a fast computer so it is not that.
  5. A lot of reading materials online. then if you get stuck ask here. google is your friend for start then double check with the IRS Regs.
  6. Do you put your income by client into QB? I just put totals for tax work with the deposit. I use the return manager and print it out each year after I mark that they paid and amount. It doesn't keep all year just current and then I have a file for each year. It probably would have been handy to see all the years together but at this point I am not changing. Hoping to retire in 3 or 4 years.
  7. I have a Irrevocable grantor trust. I file the 1041 with nothing on it. All is reported on grantors 1040. It has a rental property in California so I need to file a Ca 541 return. Only income is from rental. Gross rents of 9600 and net of 5400. Do I still need to pay tax to CA? when I do the forms it shows a tax due. This is a 2020 return. Isn't it the same as federal and it all get reported on individual return? Any help is appreciated. TIA
  8. I did but this is not withheld, it paid on the Canada tax return. It want to put it under withheld and it is not.
  9. Need help working on form 1116. I have rental in Canada and reporting income on Schedule E. I can't get the tax paid to Canada on part 2 ling A (p) and line A (T) for tax paid. It just keeps going to taxes withheld and that is not the case. they is no jump to for it to get to the correct box. I have been struggling with this. Anyone have help with the form? It has changed since last year because no problem with getting it in the correct box. Thanks,
  10. This what I had now. But now smearing ink on right side of paper.
  11. My printer went out so using my backup. I will be looking for new one soon, after 15th. I prefer a black and white stand alone. Don't need the all in one. Any suggestions on what you have had good results with? I have been using brothers but had HP in the past. Open to all brands.
  12. I do, that is the problem it won't move the completed ones out of list.
  13. Just received letter for a client who had both SS and unemployment, I thought ATX was figuring it wrong for awhile but I thought it was now fixed. I had an early client that just received the letter changing the tax figure saying that we figured taxable SS wrong. I re-did the return with the latest 1040 form and it is still figuring it the same tax due that I originally had. Now I am not sure if IRS is correct or ATX still has not fixed it. Anyone had this?
  14. Anyone have trouble with the return manager stop working. I mark the returns complete and they should not show up in the return manager any longer. They don't move any more to the completed list. I use this to keep track of how many I have left to do.
  15. I have seen all of this and it is not a final answer. Your link is from January 2021. All my research says wait until the legislative makes a decision. But ATX doesn't seem to make the adjustment on the state forms so maybe they are waiting too. Sorry to waste your 5 minutes of searching. I did spend more time than that before I posted. I thought maybe someone from Hawaii would answer with some other insight.
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