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  1. grandmabee

    1099's SSN copy B

    I don't want to truncate SSN on copy B of 1099's. where is the option to change this now we are in a new program this year for payroll/1099. I can't even find the community center for the official ATX site yet.
  2. grandmabee

    Printing in 1099 program - not printing

    How do I UN Mask the SS number on copy B. I have looked in preference. Old program this was really easy to do. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. grandmabee


    It might get rejected because of death and SS already closed out the SSN.
  4. grandmabee

    Payroll - Printing individual W2s, 1099s

    I am using desktop QuickBooks.
  5. grandmabee

    Payroll - Printing individual W2s, 1099s

    cbslee, Do you use QuickBooks payroll? I don't see how they handle the new transit tax that is supposed to be in box 14. Looks like we have to input manual on each one !
  6. grandmabee

    QBI you vs them

    I agree the information MUST be on the K-1 for the personal return preparer to then see if they still qualify. 3 different update seminars I went to said that was going to be the biggest problem this year and also a big liability for the entity preparer if they don't include it on K-1's.
  7. grandmabee

    HSA Distribution

    Is the disability from a on the job injury? Maybe that is why the company still offers the benefits.
  8. grandmabee

    Locked out, change password

    Thank You ! would be nice if they used the same word!
  9. grandmabee

    Locked out, change password

    I was locked out when I was trying to install new program. So I went to reset password. Now it wants a "registration code" ????? I have a install code but don't know what/where my "registration code" is. On hold now for 45-60 minutes time frame. Anyone what the registration code is? Thanks,
  10. Really, you do this or am I just too tired to see the joke in this post?
  11. grandmabee

    Atx down or just me?

    I just sent two corp. returns with no problems. I am in Oregon
  12. grandmabee

    Power of Attorney

    If he wants to deduct it you should tell him he has to claim as self employed income on his return. SE tax. he will change his mind. But I agree it is not deductible to his parents and I think it taxable to him. he is providing a service.
  13. grandmabee

    Advice please - Collections and IRS Rev Officer

    Or you could contact taxpayer advocate services.
  14. grandmabee

    Partner Buyout and Balance Sheets

    Also the scary part of this is you have no time to finish this by 09/17/18 ( or at least I wouldn't), so late penalty will be 195. per month. BUT if they have never been late before then I always been lucky getting a penalty waived. You can back into the balance sheet but the books would have to be clean and it doesn't seem like that is the case. Good luck.
  15. grandmabee

    Closing out an estate -final 1041

    final year of estate loss goes to the K-1's and to schedule D. so they would be limited to 3,000 loss each year.