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  1. Yes, according to the form itself 1-3 are required..page 4 comes from page 3..it was the 'no disabled child' box being left unchecked that kicked all those out of the automated system as being incomplete.
  2. Initially there were some problems with what was being sent in the efiles as well, but I know other companies, like Intuit (who actually kept their customers much better informed and updated) and Drake have issues as well. It boiled down to the residency questions 26 - both parts and 27.
  3. I use the MAX program so the 1099 is included in the Payroll module this year...wondering if they plan on charging extra for that next year? Anyway...I charge $50 for w2's (each employee) and I only had to issue 5 1099's - ironically, 4 were to myself on my business clients behalf. I really couldn't see charging them $50 for those - so I cut in half. None of them complained - 2 actually thanked me for being so diligent.
  4. There was an issue with the IRS computers thinking the 8867 was incomplete if the 'no disabled child' was left unchecked and the return was kicked out of the automated system for error resolution. The IRS started issuing refunds this week after it decided to stop sending letters and realized how large this problem actually was. Its industry wide and affects hundrds of thousands of returns. I personally have about 25 affected. Today some of them finally updated to say the refunds would be deposited on 2/26.
  5. I even gave my clients a copy of Pub 2043 and explained the wait time...they still call anyway....I tell them ahead of time, I don't have access to any other information than you do...they still think I have a magic red phone somewhere.....Hubby says he's going to buy me one just to put it on my desk as a joke......I glared at him.....my sense of humor is broken until about March 1st.
  6. The only thing I did not do on page 4 was check the box that there was no disabled child. I cannot honestly believe that would be holding things up. If the child is under 19 - disability isn't an issue. None of my EIC clients have received refunds yet, not even the ones without children. Granted 21 days comes next week - but my phone is still going crazy. On the NATP LInkedIn board, someone is saying the IRS is mailing letters and calling preparers. I have not heard anything.
  7. I just posted on the other board...I was able to get 2 thru before the weekend...now nothing?????ARGHHHHHH
  8. I did manage to create and send one now...waiting for the ack now....good luck to you:)
  9. I am having the random 'network update' and 'program stopped woring' errors frequently..sometimes have to reopen the program 4-5 times to complete a return. Had an issue with WI state now requiring pdfs attached for credit. That appears to have been solved - I was at least able to create and transmit the return. Even with all the glitches I have been able to complete returns and have over 65 efiles transmitted and accepted. I have noticed that acks are coming back very quickly. I installed from CD in Dec and updated when it was available. I do agree that 12.5 seems worse than 12.4 was. I've only had 1 rollover I couldn't open. Running Windows 7 home, McAffe antivirus. So while I'm abit frustrated with the product so far this year; I'm not quite ready to jump ship - especially when my calendar is already full for the next week.
  10. Has anyone been able to e-file these yet? I keep getting an error saying the Sch H needs a rent cert or prop tax..which are there (even deleted and recreated the) and even created and attached pdf it prompted me to (ATX MAX). Still no go.
  11. I only add $1 of interest on the Fed form to do a WI Homestead alone...been having to do that for a few years now. I've had to 'Unlink' several WI returns for submission ID errors because it seems they were accepted before the Federal was. Also have about 10 outstanding WI acks out there from as far back as 1/25 that CCH is supposedly still working on...it seems to be 1 out every 6 I file gets hung up....Having a great time here...LOL
  12. Some of the DD refunds due 2/1 went to 2/3 - including my own..and another one actually reads on the IRS site that it will deposit 2/6...so...is the IRS now trying to deposit every day to catch up?
  13. Nevermind - it seems there is an IRS issue with this when the credit being repaid isn't the maximum.......if only he'd paid $100 more for his home.....just being sarcastic.
  14. I'm having a reject problem with the repayment. States the repaid amount cannot exceed credit received. I did not prepare the 08 return but it reads $7,490. Client also received a letter from Fresno center denying the credit back in 09. He states he did receive the credit and also received a letter from a different center reminding him to start paying back this year. I'm thinking maybe the centers aren't communicating properly with each other and maybe we'll have to paper file this return. Any other thoughts out there?
  15. I've heard of creating a file with the rent certificate, property tax, etc for attachments to W-RA; I have never used it - seemed easier to me to just mail them in once the return is accepted.
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