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  1. Please read the IRS instructions. You have basis in a security when you buy and proceeds when you sell.
  2. New rumor from CNBC is May 15.
  3. https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/lawmakers-ask-irs-to-extend-tax-season-until-july-15-due-to-covid?position=editorial_1&campaignname=LIVE_ACT_Weekly_IRS%20Watch%2020201110-02242021&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LIVE_ACT_Weekly_IRS+Watch+20201110%2B%27-%27%2B02242021&bt_ee=EQttwmVVkLPlw79kBJ9%2FRhR2GDhJQz0WvQJIEyObfE%2Fdl4BYt%2BQRvDMwV6r%2Fhf3s&bt_ts=1614186065406
  4. California requires the 1099NEC to be file directly to the state even if filed to the IRS.
  5. $10.4 billion in fraud in California.
  6. From what I understand, the charitable above line deduction is $300 per return for 2020. For 2021, it is raised to $600 for married filing joint.
  7. Issue Number: IR-2021-10 Inside This Issue IRS ready for the upcoming tax season; last-minute changes to tax laws included in IRS forms and instructions WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service today assured taxpayers and tax professionals that updates to key federal tax forms and instructions are complete and will be available when Americans begin filing their tax returns. Most individual taxpayers file IRS Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR once they receive Forms W-2 and other earnings information from their employers and payers. IRS has incorporated recent changes to the tax
  8. Drake has the second round in the latest update.
  9. JRS

    New Drake Download

    States now available for download.
  10. This is a Drake product, so you should go to their knowledge base and look up 10307. Support will also answer your question.
  11. First release is ready for download.
  12. None yet. Fingers crossed!
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