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  1. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    -----Does anyone know why CA is proposing this? ---- Because California is California. Probably because of HRB "up front pricing."
  2. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    One little section in the bill: (d) The written disclosures required to be provided in this section shall be made available in English and the five languages listed in Section 1632 of the Civil Code. Hopefully, Google can translate into the five acceptable languages!
  3. That's the way I do it for Ca. I did for years with ATX and am doing the same with Drake.
  4. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    New law being proposed: https://ctecstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/AB1140 Tax preparers - disclosures.pdf?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_7_21_2016_COPY_01
  5. JRS

    CA 540

    CA 540 now prints without watermarks....finally.
  6. No. Page 6 of THE pub 1031 days residents are taxed on all income no matter the source. I don't think the FTB would consider him a part time resident since he maintained residence in Ca.
  7. I can't find anything for the "print/view" screen other than for the form or message view. I tried to change the check boxes, but had no luck. Maybe tech support can help or give you some ideas.
  8. Mine are now missing, but the Fed message states some forms still in development. Go to tools and click on update manager then states and read the 1/30 .ca update.
  9. Yes. I emailed Drake and they replied almost instantly. There are a bunch of forms that are still in"development. " I checked message on the print view screen and there was a list.
  10. JRS

    Drake & Firefox

    Works fine. In my opinion it works faster.
  11. JRS


  12. The donor tag shows whether you are logged or not. I check the forum daily, but rarely sign on.
  13. It's ready for download.
  14. I am gone until about the 5th of December, but it always seems to be ready when I get back.
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