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  1. From Drake: "I am writing to you today to extend an invitation to apply as a part-time, remote agent with our Customer Service team. Your in-depth knowledge of our software and exceptional understanding of our products makes you an ideal candidate for this exciting opportunity. Your insights and experience would be invaluable as we strive to provide exceptional customer support during tax season. This part-time opportunity offers a flexible work arrangement that allows you to contribute your skills and knowledge while maintaining your current commitments. As a remote customer service agent, you would play a crucial role in assisting our customers, addressing their inquiries promptly and effectively, and ensuring their continued satisfaction with our products and services............."
  2. I stayed with Drake when I retired. I do six returns and have two that cover the software cost. (But not license etc, no big deal.)
  3. California also has a list. Broken down into individuals and corporations. It's been around since around 2011/2012. A few celebrities have had the honor of the top 500.
  4. California has already issued 1099-MISC to any "refund" sent. The letter with it states to contact your tax professor or read IRS publication 525.
  5. I know a few Drake clients that didn't like the religious theme of their Christmas cards, but the reason I bring this up, there were no Drakes listed on the Christmas card this year.
  6. No above the line charitable deduction. Those who do not itemize cannot take the $600 above the line deduction for 2022.
  7. As long as the IRS and their payment company get their $$$, I doubt they care. I have been semi retired for a couple of years and only efiled four each year.
  8. JRS

    Tax Refund

    It only took seven months, but we finally got our refund. No letters or anything and thanks for the interest!
  9. JRS


    I am down to two returns plus my daughter's. I have two widows that date back almost forty years ( with husbands) and will not let them go. So we will see who goes first. Obviously, with my costs, I am not doing it for income, so I am already retired and enjoying it.
  10. I am not positive, but I would think you would need a second license for laptop B.
  11. I remember getting finger printed by an IRS agent at a CSEA seminar way back when. What it was for "sad to say", I have no idea.
  12. No resolution on mine either. The agent I finally talked to came to the same answer. He could not find any way to find any problem or be able to pull information from wherever the return went.
  13. "The IRS called me back............" The exact same scenario for my own return! Did nothing and are now still doing nothing. "Did you receive our letter? No. Oh, we didn't send one. We will get back to you in 30 days."
  14. 36 years and now semi retired.
  15. The FTB announced Friday that due to the high volume of returns being e-filed, the FTB’s return acknowledgements are being delayed by up to three days from the time the return is e-filed.
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