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  1. JRS

    Update IRS services

    Subject: Update on IRS Services Due to staff limitations, Practitioner Priority Service line, the e-Services Help Desk line and the e-Services FIRE and AIR system help desks are closed until further notice. Please make IRS.gov your first option for answers to questions. We are temporarily suspending acceptance of new Income Verification Express Services (IVES) requests at this time and are experiencing delays with existing IVES processing as well as CAF number authorizations. Practitioners with e-Services accounts and with client authorization can access the Transcript Delivery System to obtain prior-year transcripts. Taxpayers should use Where’s My Refund? and Get Transcript, both common requests. Additionally, we are unable to answer any questions as yet on stimulus payments. Normal operations will resume as soon as possible. Please check IRS.govfor updates. We apologize for the inconvenience during this difficult period.
  2. California governor Newsom just ordered shelter in place.
  3. Ca Newsom called for all bars and wineries to close. Called for home isolation of those 65 and older.
  4. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/energy-incentives-for-individuals-residential-property-updated-questions-and-answers Last sentence of the page states nonrefundable credit.
  5. Is this a passive loss from sch c or a NOL?
  6. I finished a carryover a few years ago, but the only thing on the FTB site was dated Tax News article from 2015. "When contributions are greater than the applicable 50 percent, 30 percent, or 20 percent of federal AGI limitations for a given year, the excess contributions are carried over and may be deducted for five years. The ordering rule is to first deduct current year's contributions, and then look to prior years' contributions carried forward, by each separate limitation amount. It is always important to know the correct limitation category (50 percent, 30 percent, or 20 percent of federal AGI) for contributions; both for the current year's contributions return and for prior years' carryovers. This is especially true if you are preparing a new client's return for the first time and they have contributions carried over from prior years."
  7. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    -----Does anyone know why CA is proposing this? ---- Because California is California. Probably because of HRB "up front pricing."
  8. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    One little section in the bill: (d) The written disclosures required to be provided in this section shall be made available in English and the five languages listed in Section 1632 of the Civil Code. Hopefully, Google can translate into the five acceptable languages!
  9. That's the way I do it for Ca. I did for years with ATX and am doing the same with Drake.
  10. JRS

    CA CRTPs

    New law being proposed: https://ctecstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/AB1140 Tax preparers - disclosures.pdf?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_7_21_2016_COPY_01
  11. JRS

    CA 540

    CA 540 now prints without watermarks....finally.
  12. No. Page 6 of THE pub 1031 days residents are taxed on all income no matter the source. I don't think the FTB would consider him a part time resident since he maintained residence in Ca.
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