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  1. Agree! I do like using It for the same purpose, but it isn't that friendly for anything else. Love the tax software though!
  2. I have a client who has received a W2 for in home health support service (box 1 shows 0) that is excluded as gross wages due to notice 2014-7. It was my understanding however that the amount she was paid could be used as income for purpose of Earned Income Credit. Anyone know how to enter this in Drake? (Box 3 and 5 show the amount she was paid)
  3. California was the first to shut down. We've hade a shelter in place order for several days now.
  4. I have a client who received a W2 for third party sick pay. Not a problem, I know how to handle that. But the client was recently awarded Social Security Disability and because they have retro back to 2018 the third party sick pay insurance company wanted to be re-imbursed for which the client wrote them a check. The W2 is reflecting the total paid to her but not reducing it by the amount she paid back. Any suggestions on how I should handle this? It would seem to me at the least they should have deducted it from what they paid her, or sent a corrected W2. Is there some magical way I can handle it? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. Exactly what I thought. We had this discussion last year but either he didn't understand or thought it would not matter. You can tell he is only half hearted about officially leaving CA
  6. I have a client who works out of state. He worked 258 days in Texas but his family remained here in California. He did not change his address on anything, his car is registered in CA, his driver's license is in CA, as far as I can determine he lives here in California. Naturally he would like to exclude his income from taxation in California, but I am not seeing anyway around including all income to California. I know he could put in a claim for taxes paid to another state however it is Texas and not state taxes. Am I missing something?
  7. Ok, so this year I got rid of my 17" laptop and went to a 15". The Personal Client Manager font is so much smaller. I have tried increasing the font thru Windows (10) but to no avail. Is there a setting in Drake that I can change to make that screen bigger? I can hardly even see the boxes to check which forms I want to print. I can't believe it would be that much smaller even though I stepped down a size.
  8. Thanks, at least I can print with line references!
  9. Mine does not have any information at all regarding California. It is completely missing. That is where I would have expected to see it and have looked but the only message or note I have concerns the EIC question I missed.
  10. What is the print view screen? Where can I see the list?
  11. Does this just for the printed copy? I already transmitted a return and it was accepted.
  12. I have been noticing that when I go to print my California forms, the form is printing with a watermark saying do not file client copy only and there are no lines on it just the figures. Anybody else having this problem?
  13. I spent some time using their practice returns so by the time the season got cooking I was up speed. It is different but I do not regret switching at all.
  14. Everything I have read is they can keep their current W4 however they want to make any changes they have to use the new one.
  15. Has anybody ran any projections based on the calculations of the worksheet for the W-4, then compared that outcome to the employer tax withholding assistant from IRS? I just did. I had completed the W-4 worksheet based on married filing jointly with two jobs. One earning 100,000 per year paid monthly, the 2nd earning 50,000 per year paid monthly with 4 dependents under 17. For the 100,000 per year the worksheet indicated $777 per check being withheld, but the tax withholding assistant from IRS is indicating only 52 per check
  16. A while back (couple of years) I was using Symantec End Point Encryption Software. When Windows tried to update the Symantec software locked down my computer. My computer guy was able to finally get it to un encrypt the hard drive and allow the Window update to install. Since then I have not tried running the software, but I do like some of the add-ons like PGP Shredder. I would like to use Microsoft's Bitlocker to encrypt the hard drive but am concerned that keeping Symantec on the same computer might cause a conflict. Anybody have any experience with this? Deb!
  17. Dummy me, I checked their knowledge base it was posted there. You are right early December.
  18. Does anyone know when Drake will be releasing 2019 software for up coming filing season?
  19. I had many a phone conversation with him as he always went the extra distance when issues came up. I have missed him greatly ever since ATX was bought out. Truly sad to hear of his passing. Deborah
  20. Thank you for the confirmation. I goofed on one of my clients and in researching this helps right a wrong. Should have known that but don't remember coming across the info until just now. Will amend and client will get a pretty good refund!
  21. This too is what I found out researching it yesterday. I had a client in a similar situation except it was a rental before she moved into it, do there are non qualified days, but correct me if I'm wrong, we don't go back to when the house was first purchased to establish non qualified days, we begin from January 1, 2009 correct?
  22. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this was changed a few years back. I believe a partial exemption but not full. I will have to double check but I do believe you forfeit full exclusion.
  23. California will have the penalty mandate starting in 2020. So we are not out of the woods yet!
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