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  1. I also think you need to dig for more info. I think - unless it's a preparer that is part of this group - most people don't understand passive losses and have no clue how to handle carryforwards and application on the taxreturn.
  2. Trying to manipulate the master form so my billing makes better sense and is easier for the assistant working up front meeting people. Would like to subtotal the cost of the tax return and then add on the other admin fees or 8821 fees (if they opt for it) so that that I don't need a separate bill for that. And so the person helping me isn't having to stop and do math to back it back out. (Just because this is an accounting office doesn't mean anyone who helps out lately has any basic math skills.)
  3. Well - then it reduces the capitalized expenditures. It's either income or reduced cost of capital expenditures. But it doesn't reduce the current basis.
  4. It is income but would be offset by the expenses of converting the house to single family. I suspect his regular rental income is reduced (from 2 payees to 1) so this would make up for it. Why would the basis of the house be reduced? The cost that has gone into the house should not be negatively impacted by an incentive to change the "type" of house it is.
  5. I now have 4 clients that have received the letter to prove their identity. So far we've done nothing but go around in circles with these things.
  6. Come here (What) What that (I don't know) Look like dog poop to me (Yah, looks like dog poop to me too) Hm pick it up (What?) Pick up (Oh) Feel like dog poop? (Yah, feel like dog poop) Smell (Hm?) Smell (*Sniffs* uh) Smell like dog poop? (It smell like dog poop) Taste (Huh?) Taste Taste like dog poop? (Yah, tastes like dog poop) Hm good thing we don't step in it (Yah good thing) (edited for our rated G audiences)
  7. I have a spreadsheet that goes back as far as 2001 for my billing. But I had -until 2019 -awesome secretaries helping me. In 2020 I had a number of idiots and 2021 hasn't been much better. My spreadsheet system seems too overwhelming for them. (let's see, column for name, column for type of work, column for charge, column for amount received, column for date. Yeah - that's a lot for people to handle any more.) (Sorry - I'm a little sarcastic, but I just don't know why it's complicated.) How do you guys track billing and income?
  8. I feel like we could batch efile extensions at one time. But not now. And I agree - you might consider bumping up out of the ATX level.
  9. I saw that that was an option. I'll check that out today and see what we need to do.
  10. I have a corp that we didn't know existed. That should have been filing in the past. They are located in NYS. And they have a sizable income. I cannot efile just the estimated payment. I have to do it thru EFTPS which i just realized so now I'm not likely to have the PIN number by the 15th. What is with that. They give you your EFIN number immediately when you apply, but I gotta wait for a darned PIN number that I am using to GIVE them money. Then - NYS - I set up an online business account for that and it says "Our records show that your business is not registered to pay corporation tax in New York State. If you believe our records are incorrect, call our Corporation Tax Information Center." Are you kidding me.............Again...trying to give them money.
  11. Did you every figure out which to go with?
  12. I read your teaser line and looked at this the other day (and got a quick laugh.) But I fell for it again and am laughing again. I keep reading that and thinking you're in an AA program or giving up a tax-practice secret. (which half of my tax practice secret is the alcohol.....) Good grief.
  13. A tool would be awesome. Hopefully they have one AND keep it available for a while. I still need the first round stimulus tool............
  14. I really dread this tax season. I was going to spit out a letter to my clients with children that they need to bring me their letter from the IRS and confirm the amounts reported. Which you know won't be right........... Which you know the letter won't get out til March................
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