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  1. its the depreciation that drives me nuts on these joint split schedules.....
  2. Long ago on a planet far far away, you used to could check a "joint" box on the Schedule F. Now you have the spend the best part of an afternoon forcing the split. GRRRRR.......
  3. Situation Normal: All F****d Up (when my kids learned what SNAFU meant, they all most died. It was previously just a weird thing Grampa said.)
  4. what a nightmare the next few months will be. I have an older client who's wife died in early 2019 so I thought, based on filing a joint return, he was could keep the 2400 that he received. This is telling me otherwise. This makes me sad. He will be so confused. https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/irs-explains-how-ineligible-taxpayers-should-return-their-coronavirus-stimulus-payments?position=editorial_1&campaignname=ACT_Bi Weekly_Tax Practice-05072020&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ACT_Bi+Weekly_Tax+Practice%2B'-'%2B05072020&bt_ee=Xn6a3SJq%2FwXSwwk50MK1nARfi8jdHK%2BHDyDyKnTinSK3i2oiVuYctvySCzejLzpm&bt_ts=1588867293656
  5. We live in Western NY and there are a number of local farmers that raise only meat goats to send to NYC. I don't think I've ever tasted goat meat or goat milk. But I do like my goat milk soap.
  6. It's one thing if they put off payments until then. But lets get the tax returns done. I have enough people dragging their feet, and I have vacation scheduled in September......
  7. wow - Thank you everyone! It looks like I'm buying another Dell! I really appreciate it.
  8. I am in process of upgrading to IMacs. (I think.) Before I jump too far, has anyone encountered any significant problems when changing to Apple?
  9. all this said - show me a farmer that actually make a profit (who's last name isn't Koch).................. And no farmer who's trying to start out can possibly give up a full time job to become a full time farmer. Equipment and taxes (I'm in NY) will eat you alive. And to give it a true go, it takes a few years. You don't grow and profit on tomatoes overnight.
  10. I find myself often digging thru files looking for 2848s. They seem to get put in the tax folder. They are frequently lost or forgotten about. Or have expired and I need a new one. Have considered starting an excel sheet to try to keep them sorted, but you know how that goes. Have considered separate filing cabinet to keep them in. How do others in this forum keep these sorted out. It's one of those extras that I am getting more and more of, and I need to get a handle on keeping track of. Would love your input.
  11. I was just noticing that the other day. I don't think you can sort B any more.
  12. to all my ATX brothers and sisters. Every since the filing date got moved to July 15th, I have been in vacation mode. Nobody's bringing stuff in, or wanting stuff done, but I do have a ton of work still to do. But I'm so unmotivated. And now every body and their brother is asking about the CARE laws - nooooo - I haven't studied it yet. It's too early for CPE....... I just want to stay in bed with the rest of my lazy family.
  13. You know when you fill out these things you're always trying to second guess what the bank is thinking.
  14. The application for Disaster Relief is asking for COGS. Now - is that truly COGS ? Or do we include operating expense?
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