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  1. I have an Amish client that we've been around in circles trying to get him verified. He's filed for years. But he has no debt to use as verification. We are now waiting for the IRS to send him a letter with a super secret code. It's been over 6 weeks of fooling around.
  2. .....ugh.....do I have to change the FEIN for payroll............ It was a husband and wife and the husbands health issues have caused him to step down. So it makes sense to dissolve 1065 and move to Sch C. But I'mma gonna have ta change the payroll stuff, aren't I........ I want to dissolve with the 2020 return (which is on extension). But 1st quarter payroll has been filed under Partnership EIN. Have we waited to long to change now?
  3. I feel like they are automatically denying the first round. Re-word slightly, and send again.
  4. Any thing further on yours, FDNY? Haven't received love letter for NYST&F yet either.
  5. In both cases, they received their Federal refund as direct deposit and the bank numbers are correct. Both were set to draw on May 14, 2021. Any one else having these issues?
  6. General Announcement: If you have kids, I ain't doing your return anymore. It's bad enough to have to do the 8867 for every return with a kid and a child tax credit or a education credit. A bigger pain when EIC triggers. But this is really going to be a nightmare!
  7. Where are you in New York? I'm in south-western NY near Olean.
  8. well - as per usual in our "clean up crew" position, this happened in Sept without my being involved with the guidance of a banker, of all people.
  9. Small S corp has made a very decent income for 2020. Originally owned solely by one person, during 2020 a second person signed on as shareholder providing some needed capital. However, this second person is only acting as an investor, and is not active in the business. He is holding a 35% share. He doesn't not want K-1 income. I'm not sure if there is such a way to not share the income with a shareholder. He's telling my guy that I should know what to do. I feel like this is B.S. but thought I'd put it out here. Maybe there is something that I'm not aware of that an S-Corp guru knows.
  10. This extension has been the worst idea ever!
  11. How does someone obtain their PIN if they never got it in the mail. My client received a letter that said they were issuing him a PIN but does not have the PIN letter. Now he has called the number on the first letter and they said to mail in the return. Well who on earth wants to paper file? This is just nuts!
  12. Most clients get some sort of Courtesy Discount. Until the last week. Discounts are done.
  13. Isn't that the weirdest law ever. We can get small fire crackers and stuff like that in the nearby PA shops, but I figured we'd need to travel a little further to get some good ones. Our friend has traveled to FL for years and probably for 15 years we have set off fireworks at our house on the 4th. Tons of people come down. We have a huge yard and we have built some platforms and safeguards. We have a lot of fun with it and love having half the town down in the front yard. One person lost a taillight once on a wild one that hit their car. But generally a pretty good time.
  14. Brad said we'd end up is SC but I'm trying not to go that far.
  15. We're in western NYS and you just cannot find good fireworks near us. We have friends that usually drive to FL each year and bring back some, but they did not go this past year. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find decent fireworks in PA, MD, DE or VA. You know - a good road trip, but don't kill me in the car kinda trip. (I'm hoping to find some in eastern MD and then I can convince my hubby to take me to Ocean City for a night or 2)
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