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  1. He paid me and that's not the issue. And he gave me extra money to cover the tax he owed, and a couple bucks for my doing it for him. So my lazy side this morning wanted to just pull it from my account and get his return out of here. But I did go to the post office and got a MO. But it begged the question, if my info shows on someone else's return, can the IRS or state lien or levy my back account in the event the same taxpayer didn't pay tax due.
  2. this is not payroll - just income tax. But I think I'll just go to the post office and get a MO Just wondering if anyone had gotten bit before
  3. I know, I know - probably a dumb question. Guy paid me extra cash to just "take care of bill for him" and I was considering just drawing from my account. But the little devil on the other shoulder says its a bad idea to put my info on his tax account. What if the guy has a lien in the future and the IRS finds my account. has anyone else ever done this?
  4. Ok - I get it . The estate returns on the PA side don't reflect entirely how the Fed taxes stuff. So the Estate took the Fed tax on the capital gain, but PA has to push it thru to individual. There - answered my own question. Love this forum.
  5. I would also think that the PA K-1 would show the dividends.
  6. And it may very well be from the sale of an asset. (I think the stocks that create the dividend income.) But there is no sale /schedule D info on the Federal. Hence my question.
  7. The Federal K-1 shows only 2900 of dividend income. The PA K-1 shows on line 4 income of/from estates or trusts, 94000. Line 6 shows PA nonresident tax withheld of 2895. No mention of dividends. Yes - this was a PA estate and my client is the only beneficiary. I expected the K-1s to be similar. Can anyone enlighten me on possible difference before I contact this attorney who has already dragged his feet until today.
  8. And then late file a 1099 for the rent? I had one of these problems last year.
  9. I did not know that.... I thought we were still paper filing all amendments. Good to know. I'm struggling with a very complicated 2017 1040x right now.
  10. Actually, I think its the state that I want to efile worse. NYS wants the kitchen sink attached. Paper up the wazoo!
  11. https://www.asimplertime.com/Accountant-Wood-Profession-Sign-with-Optional-Personalization/-1883111972707150096/Product
  12. I am waiting for a grumpy older lady to send back the signed efile form. She has already received her executor fees and doesn't want to do anything more. She lives a distance away so the forms were mailed to her. The attorney does not have authority to sign as executor. I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not sure how to convince her to sign papers and don't know what alternative I have.
  13. Not sure which one is embarrassed. But thank you BobH for sharing form # and phone #
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