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  1. FDNY - I have prepared tax in NYS since 1991. Have never seen anything easy in NYS. Now they try to force everything thru their online system. I have a personal account - because I am a NYS resident. I have a business account because I am a business in NYS and reporting payroll. And I am a professional in NYS with clients whom I would like to represent. I have never been able to get thru their online system. One way or the other it is screwed up and I am lucky if I can even find my own stuff - let alone get attached to a client like I wish. Apparently being 3 things in this state at once is too complicated. sorry - just grumbling....
  2. When in doubt, pay up. That's the NYS motto.
  3. I'm in same boat - in NYS the minimum will be pushed to $15 soon enough so that's where I'm starting. The hard part is - like you - I'm in a very rural area and also have not hired someone by the hour in years. I recently loss my assistant of 13 years because we are in such a slumppy economy here in Western NY. I really really dread dealing with a new person.
  4. My quick google search told me the taxpayer forfeited the exclusion when he converted house to business. That's why I'm confused again. I swear - after October 15, just don't ask me to do any tax work again until December 15.....
  5. Why is it in November my brain just stops working? Guy has residence he purchased in 2013. In 2017 he moved in with girlfriend and rented his house. Now they're married and bought another house. Selling his. Since he changed it to business asset, does he loose his residence sale exemption of $250,000?
  6. yes - so in this case the spouse did get her own 1099. I guess I had just never seen that spelled out before on a 1099 so it threw me.
  7. Box 1 - Gross distribution 85397.64 Box 2 - unknown Box 4 - Fed tax withheld 9247.40 Box 5 - Employee Contrib 7032.37 Box 7 - 7 normal distribution Box 9b - Total employee contributions 185407. I've not come across this before where the annuity 1099R form states at the bottom "gross annuity reduced by 28938.66 paid to (x-spouses name) under court-ordered apportionment. Taxable amount not determined." Whats my taxable amount? Doesn't she get her own 1099R? Don't I take her portion out as part of my calc? Previous tax preparer did not, that's why I'm looking at it closer.
  8. Sorry - I'm a newbie. I have a trial version of the portal. I "added" my new client. Now how to I invite him to upload his file for me? I'm only seeing how to send something to him.
  9. He paid me and that's not the issue. And he gave me extra money to cover the tax he owed, and a couple bucks for my doing it for him. So my lazy side this morning wanted to just pull it from my account and get his return out of here. But I did go to the post office and got a MO. But it begged the question, if my info shows on someone else's return, can the IRS or state lien or levy my back account in the event the same taxpayer didn't pay tax due.
  10. this is not payroll - just income tax. But I think I'll just go to the post office and get a MO Just wondering if anyone had gotten bit before
  11. I know, I know - probably a dumb question. Guy paid me extra cash to just "take care of bill for him" and I was considering just drawing from my account. But the little devil on the other shoulder says its a bad idea to put my info on his tax account. What if the guy has a lien in the future and the IRS finds my account. has anyone else ever done this?
  12. Ok - I get it . The estate returns on the PA side don't reflect entirely how the Fed taxes stuff. So the Estate took the Fed tax on the capital gain, but PA has to push it thru to individual. There - answered my own question. Love this forum.
  13. I would also think that the PA K-1 would show the dividends.
  14. And it may very well be from the sale of an asset. (I think the stocks that create the dividend income.) But there is no sale /schedule D info on the Federal. Hence my question.
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