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  1. I have 3 990s and 1 1040 that I cannot get thru. Keeps getting rejected by EFC. Says I need to update forms. They are, they have been repeatedly. I have been trying to submit them for the last 3 days.
  2. I just went to the post office with the extensions. .....in the rain.......boo
  3. I have 3 efiles I am trying to get thru for 990s due tomorrow. I have been trying to efile them every since CCH ATX got efile back online. They keep giving me the error that the efiles were created after a program update. I have requested new program updates, I have resaved files, I have re-created efiles. Multiple times. With computer restarts, with removal of efile forms. I have exhausted all ideas. Can anyone advise what to do?
  4. Unfortunately the spouse died while waiting for the refund check, so there was already a form filed asking for a check. However, my secretary ran into a similar problem and the direct deposit would not go thru either.
  5. have you tried working with a taxpayer advocate?
  6. I think I read some time ago that the IRS will no longer have the authority to pursue this tax. I have not had any clients in the situation until now, so haven't needed to know for sure. Does anyone know for sure or have reference.
  7. Taxpayer passed away during 2018. She was an American citizen but had relation in Canada. A few years back she inherited money that was put into an Ameriprise account. Her son, who is Canadian, was beneficiary on the account. He has since transferred the funds in Ameriprise to his own account. Other than the usual reporting of div and capital gains on the account on the 1041, is there special reporting for the transfer of the funds to Canada? The son says he has already paid the Canadian tax on the transfer(?). Also, since the son will be getting an K-1, he will have to file and pay tax in the US.
  8. Make my own correction - it wouldn't be income, it would be re-capture of credit. But still don't know where.....
  9. I'm thinking that a few years ago I had another client where this happened and we did not amend the prior year return, but reported the credit as income. But where? Is this a line 21 item? (American opportunity credit.) I wish the universities had better reporting methods!
  10. The bank refused the check. I found where we needed to send it back. We also sent the 1310.
  11. Spouse has died before jointly issued IRS check was deposited. Now need to file 1310 to get check reissued. What do we do with the first check?
  12. I have a client that was applying for a loan and the loan officer did a tax search and found that the great state of NY shows that the 2011 return was not filed and the franchise fee was not paid. My paperwork is all in the file. However, how do I prove now that a return was filed and accepted by NYS. The myATX website only goes back to 2016. Wondering if there was another trick to finding that a return had been efiled. (At this point I haven't tried to upload old ATX data files on the old computer to see if it would provide anything. But I'm thinking I need something from NYS's end not my end to make my case.) I appreciate any insights. (I just dread trying to deal with NYS!)
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