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  1. I had the same problem.
  2. I'm getting a pay-per-return menu when I open mine. Can't wait to sit on hold.
  3. In NYS we do not forgive loans. We tax them. That being said, I assume NYS will make this an add back so they get their tax on an S-corp or partnership. Any word on this for sure yet?
  4. Do I still have to paper file a late 2019 return. Is there any tiny chance we can efile late returns yet? I really don't want this person going in a pile.
  5. So whats the bookkeeping now to get the loan off the books when it's forgiven? Is it still income on the books and then a Schedule M adjustment to remove from taxable income?
  6. My client had an unusually good year and needs to increase the Jan payments. But these were set up in efile in April and are already set. Is there any changing this or do we just go online and made 2nd Jan payment?
  7. I just don't want to do this again...... I haven't updated my software yet. I haven't sorted thru 1099 people yet. I haven't even purchased some jugs of water for the fountain. I don't have any motivation. I don't have a secretary - maybe that would help. This season is just going to stink!
  8. I was considering doing that but was afraid eventually the paper one would be processed and gum things up more.
  9. I don't know who to trust and am wondering if any of you use a PC cleaning software?
  10. I have a client in NYS that is now doing some sales in PA and needs to collect and remit in PA. Other than that application, is there anything else we need to do? Do we need to register his business? Or get special licenses? He is a SP LLC who repairs and sells farm tires.
  11. oh let be snarky for a minute, but don't CPA firms do anything any more?
  12. ha - I was part of that conversation and I had the same problem then! Thank you.
  13. 1571942\Admin AuthenticationType: UUMS-MFA-Email Logout Thats all I get. I have cleared cookies. I have tried google, explorer, firefox. Any advise?
  14. more migraines this year than ever!
  15. grumble...mumble..... I guess I figured it would be easy to go online and set up and be done. We'll wait. My client was great about it. He filed and paid in March last year - 2019 for the 2018 return, and IRS sent him a notice that he didn't pay. So he figures even if he pays on time it gets screwed up anyways.
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