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  1. I can bake a good cake. I'll come visit. At least we're not running to the post office. When I started in this insane business I was the runt at the firm. There was one post office in the area that would stay open til midnight on the 15th and guess who was appointed the midnight run? We would have trays of envelopes to go. That's also when the extension was until August 15 and we had to turn around and make up another pile of extensions for the next round.
  2. has any one working anywhere in NY as a resident or as a non-resident not owed more to NY?...............just sayin'........hate NY.
  3. Without a secretary working for me (since I lost my assistant when Covid started because she has some other health issues, and can not find a replacement because unemployment is too good) I was in a frenzy last week trying to make sure I had extended everyone I needed to extend. But I missed one. I had his return done for him, but he had not been able to get efile papers signed and back to me (married and wife did not come in with him). I should have automatically set up extension. I don't know how I forgot him. I sent him on Friday. Hope they don't notice........right........ugh.........and he had 2 states........boo......
  4. This post is kinda old but it helped me today! Thank you for noting where you found to input it. ATX needs to add the PATR to their list.
  5. prayers and peace be with you. Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death.
  6. I have a boat load this year!
  7. I have never used bulk extensions. And now I want to and cannot find where you do it. Isn't it an option? Am I crazy? Too many summer days at the office?
  8. I think this is a great win either way, really.
  9. I'm going to scream before I get thru this. Table 1 of PPP Schedule A worksheet SBA Form 3508 "List employees who: Received compensation from the Borrower at an annualized rate of less than or equal to $100,000 for all pay periods in 2019 or were not employed by the Borrower at any point in 2019." Why do I have to read this 10x to make sense of it.
  10. They are great! Good people. Very knowledgeable.
  11. I'm so confused..... His total 2019 salary was 163800 and other guys was 81007. During the 8 week period, his was 15400, and the other was 10097. Over the year, he will exceed 100000. so either way, his is 8/52 of 100000. other guy is 8/52 * 81007 = 12462.62 or 10097 which ever is lower. Am I right?
  12. Small S-corp employs both stockholders of the company. I thought that when you calculate the payroll for the period, you have to exclude their current payroll and use 2019 figures to ensure they are not inflating their salary for the purpose of qualifying for forgiveness. So now I'm looking at their salaries for 2019 - and they bonused themselves in 2019 during the period, and 2019 gives them a much bigger payroll figure. Can anyone clarify this for me.
  13. The 3rd party settlement co (123 something or other) took his money and never paid bank of america! He paid the 3rd party 39K between 2015 and 2017, closing it - or so he thought - in 2017. In 2019 he received the 1099C. How's that for a mess.
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