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  2. schirallicpa

    does church benevolence require 1099

    If a church gives an individual over $600 to pay their rent, (the money is given to the individual, not the landlord), does the church need to issue a 1099 to that individual?
  3. schirallicpa


    I will quote you all season.
  4. schirallicpa

    got my xmas gift from ATX

    hmmmm....big box....how exciting. Oh look - the 2017 deluxe version of "the Tax Book". (got that last year.) And 2018 version of the State Tax Handbook. (Also got that last year.) And the 2019 Master Tax Guide. Well, at least 1 thing I can use. Do they just send a kid into the inventory room and tell them to clean off the shelves?
  5. schirallicpa

    grumble mumble ATX!

  6. schirallicpa

    grumble mumble ATX!

    You have your 20 digit code memorized? Why? Most of us don't and didn't know we had to. Registration codes get filed away with the disk and the purchase docs. Not on my rolodex. The thing is - why is ATX making us jump thru hoops to log into their "help" site.
  7. schirallicpa

    Locked out, change password

    see my grumble mumble post
  8. schirallicpa

    grumble mumble ATX!

    I have been dragging my feet to change. But I see more and more people loving drake. What was the learning curve? I have an assistant that does some of my initial input.
  9. schirallicpa

    grumble mumble ATX!

    I just tried to log into MyATX and was not able to log in. Nothing new - their obsession with password changes usually trips me up. So I tried to click on "forgot my password" and it would not proceed without my registration number. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I don't happen to have that memorized, nor do I even have it handy. So, I picked up the phone and called the ATX help number on my rolodex (yes - rolodex. still got one.) And - when I put in my customer ID, which certainly hasn't changed - my number is INVALID! and possible reasons are because I have not RENEWED! Unbelievable. Now CCH is going to block me until I pay up for the new year. I can't believe this company sometimes and I cant believe I stick with them......
  10. schirallicpa

    New Form 1040

    Certainly no eco friendly! Which leads me to question how many of us still print returns for all of our clients and how many ask if they want a digital copy instead. I think I am pushing the digital!!
  11. I have an older couple that moved to no-wheres-ville western ny in 2017 and sold their former residence in Queens. He has capital gain to report because of the very high sales price. Does he need to file anything in NYC for this? I am not familiar with the city taxes. I would appreciate any insights.
  12. schirallicpa

    NT - The Honeymooners

    I wish she had been the one to get out and start swearing and yelling.
  13. schirallicpa

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    Can't they have fax in the internet like the rest of us...........IRS BOO.......... And then I forgot to check the box for use of intermediate service provider. BOOO. Monday. I'm going home.
  14. I feel like the IRS is slower than ever getting POA's processed. I fax and mail, but to no avail. (and I rhyme!) I wish we could efile them or at least have some way of knowing that they are received and when processed.
  15. schirallicpa

    desktop purchase advice

    I'd make sure the computer you buy still has a CD reader. There are still a few CD users kicking around, and I have found it was worth having that included as an extra. A lot of the new PCs don't have it and you tend to not think of it. And I agree to get the business windows version too. I've always had luck with Dell