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  1. I make people get their transcripts if they don't know or have confidence in their info. It is very easy to go on Get My Transcript and request them to be mailed. I do that in my office and tell the clients to get them to me when they receive them in the mail. Of course this is not 100% fool proof, but it has prevented a host of problems.
  2. The key language is the UNLESS in this paragraph: Taxpayers do not need to file amended returns unless the calculations make the taxpayers newly eligible for additional federal credits and deductions not already included on the original tax returns. And of course they are not going to examine to see if filing a superseding return to go from MFJ to MFS provides a better result now. We still have work to do. The IRS is only going to grab the low hanging fruit.
  3. If they added these advanced calculations into the base software and increased the price, everyone would complain. With ATX Advantage, or now it seems you can buy just the advanced calculations without going all the way to Advantage, this allows consumers choice. Those who don't need them can get their software for less. Those who do want them pay more. Seems like a good approach to me. This is not an uncommon approach in the software industry. I upgraded to Advantage a few years ago and it is an important tool for my business.
  4. If they were going to pay with an efile debit, efile the return and initiate the payment using Direct Pay.
  5. We are still waiting for the IRS to update their schema. ATX has posted about this on their daily blog.
  6. It's there starting in 2019. Try it. You'll like it!
  7. Scenario: Some people have already filed. MFJ, they have UI, and are above the $150,000 threshold. Now all the sudden MFS may provide a better result. But they already filed! Perhaps a paper-filed superseded return could be used here, but how many months before that gets processed given the backlog? MY BRAIN HURTS!
  8. The following tips were posted on the ATX blog today. What they are saying is this: since our programming practices are too lazy to find and fix our memory leaks, you need to close the program every 15 minutes and reboot your computer three times per day. ----- The following are best practices that you should use in order to ensure optimal ATX performance: Restart computers daily to clear the computer's memory, helping your system work more effectively. Close ATX and/or PCR whenever you leave your desk for an extended period (e.g. for lunch or a meeting), or, at least at th
  9. I was hoping to choose between TaxDome and Taxaroo before this season got underway but never managed to. So now it will be on my to do list for after this season's filing deadline. If the finish line gets moved, I may be able to look into these sooner. Thanks GGRNY for sharing your experience!
  10. Paper the file the return. That will build in a big enough delay!
  11. Tell us how you really feel! (And I agree with you)
  12. It wasn't reported that way pre-2020. Only thing available is 25d - total income tax withheld.
  13. All I heard after Technically was blah blah blah! Like the teacher on Charlie Brown!
  14. In previous years (dating back to the stone age), putting a negative number in these fields was acceptable. This was useful when we needed to enter reductions to provide an easy-to-see trail. This year, it is not allowed. UGH.
  15. You need to look at Step 4 on page 2, lines 9 through 13. You will see here the adjustment. This is after Worksheet A comes in to play.
  16. My form does not read the same as yours then. It has worked this way for years. See screenshot.
  17. Line 4 is the number from the federal return. You should see a 2 there. Line 5 is for children >= 4 and < 17. You should see a 1 there. The Form and ATX are correct. They should have at least explained why they closed the ticket.
  18. GRRRRR!!! I'm liking my workaround even more!
  19. Yes - the difference is the presence of the 4562.
  20. I am seeing this more this year than in years past. I always have the Task Manager up to give me an idea of when I need to close the program to free up the memory issues inherent in ATX's lazy programming practices. Whatever you do, don't click on CLOST PROGRAM. This will cause you to lose any unsaved work. Instead, "X" the error window, save your changes, then close the program as you normally would.
  21. Yes, but it will reject if the dependent is already used elsewhere, just like an initial 1040. I used this strategy last year when the college kid took their dependency for their $1,500 W-2 costing the parents the AOTC. e-file the amended return for the college student wait e-file the amended return for the parent adding the college student and AOTC Worked like a champ!
  22. Schedule C client. Has assets. Uses vehicle and takes the standard mileage rate. New in ATX 2020, ATX is throwing an ERROR that the vehicle information must be entered on the 4562. More changes that impact efficiency! I am seriously thinking of this screenshot as a workaround
  23. And wait a year for it to process? No thanks!
  24. Funny that you are quoting me - something I know I wrote - but I don't see what I wrote in the thread.
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