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  1. indyscott

    Union Health & Welfare

    Jerry, the union's health & welfare fund probably is a 501 c 9 entity, but I think it is analogous to a private health insurance company. The fund receives money from the employer, and in this case from the employee, and the employee's contributions are akin to an employee's share of health insurance. What confuses it somewhat is that the H&W fund provides not only Health Insurance, but also ST Disablilty coverage, and life insurance benefits. That's the "W" part of it. It still looks like a Sch A Medical deduction to me.
  2. indyscott

    Union Health & Welfare

    These are deductions from the employee's pay. I'm getting it from his year end paycheck stub, just below the union dues dedution. Tom's reply to treat them like health insurance on Sch A sounds most reasonable to me, but I'd just like to find a solid foundation for the deduction, and not miss getting them deductible, if it's appropriate. As medical deduction they won't get over the 7.5%, but if they're somehow includeable in the Misc Deductions along with union dues they will get over the 2%.
  3. indyscott

    Union Health & Welfare

    Are Union members contributions to the Union's Health & Welfare fund deductible?
  4. indyscott

    NT / Peachtree Users

    Peachtree's payroll is very flexible, but rather arcane. Check the employee record, on the EmployER tab, and see if you can identify what's different between the employees who are correct, and those who are not. If it weren't the filing deadline, and I'm still working on returns myself, I'd take time to call tech for you. I'm a "certified consultant" for Sage. Doesn't mean I know it all, but I know who to call to find out. I'll call later for you when I get time. Meanwhile, you may need to just use your white-out and calculator.
  5. indyscott

    Printer recommednations

    I looked at that Brother HL-5250DN last week at Staples, and was pretty impressed with the speed and the neat way it does duplex. It prints one side, then pulls the paper back in and prints the other side. Pretty slick. And it's small enough to not take up too much space on the desk.
  6. indyscott

    1099-R w/ employee contributions

    My taxpayer who received a civil service annuity in which he had paid in contributions would normally have amortized those contributions using the worksheet with those actuarial tables on it, except he died last year, so I assume I can take the entire unused contributions amount on this return, right?
  7. indyscott

    Should 2005 1040 be filed? Easy question...

    refund claims must be made within two years of when the tax was paid, or within three years of when the return for that year was filed, (or the due date for the return) I think your friend has waited to long. The money reverts to the general treasury.
  8. indyscott

    Attn Eric

    We already have a Tax Vendor section at the top of the message board. Why not just start discussions there. The only thing in there now is Eric's list of links to places you can find other software company's sites. Wait.. I see, the SubForums are where you're talking about. I agree that a separate subforum would be good for other software exploratory topics.
  9. indyscott

    Out of State Student in NY

    I wasn't aware of that. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever get the job of doing payroll for a college.
  10. indyscott

    Strange IRS letter

    I"ve always listed the primary and secondary names the way they had always been listed on the returns, (ie. dead primary T still gets primary spot) since that's the way the two taxpayers have always been listed on the 1040's and that's the way they are in IRS records. Instructions from the 1040 say: "Enter 'Filing as surviving spouse' in the area where you sign the return. Dead people don't snore.. or, do they?
  11. indyscott

    Out of State Student in NY

    My daughter, an Indiana resident, is a fulltime student in NY and had NY wages reported on her w2. I don't need to file a NY return, do I? There was no withholding. Also, I'm not sure why but her college/employer didn't report her wages as SS or Med wages. Is there a valid reason for that?
  12. indyscott

    To MAMalody or other Clergy Pros

    My wife is an employee benefits specialist. I'll ask her tonight. ;)
  13. indyscott

    CP-2000 NOTICE

    I had a very similar occurance last week. Older couple, always pay their bills on time, never any problems.. they got a 1099-C from Chase Bank. We called Chase from my office, which was funny, because the taxpayer spouse, whose name was on the 1099 is as deaf as a fence post... anyway at one point in the conversation the name of their son, who lives in Arizona came up.. We asked Chase for a full transcript of the account for them to review. They're going to send it. My guess is that sonny opened an account in Mom's name and got a card for himself without telling her. Identity theft, like murder, often involves someone you know.
  14. indyscott

    State Estimated Tax payments

    The Rollover routine brings forward all the State Estimated Payments from the prior year, right.. that's good. And the 1040 doesn't put them in as actual payments until you enter a date paid.. that's good, too. But the State Estimated payments from the 1040 worksheet get pushed onto the Indiana IT40 even if you don't put a date paid on them. I'm supposed to remember to remove them from the worksheet if they're not paid. Well, guess what I forgot to do on Dr. D's return. Indiana's Department of Revenue must be getting more efficient than I thought they were, because they sent him a notice of revision dated April 16 for a return I efiled April 8th. I'm going to put a suggestion in that the program not push those estimates onto the return as actual payments if we don't enter dates paid.
  15. indyscott

    High School Graduation Picture

    These pictures you can put up are called avatars. I've been doing some research on avatars. I started out at dictionary.com, where I learned that an avatar is a Hindu concept, relating to the incarnation of a god, or simply a concrete manifestation of an abstract concept. The advent of computer message boards has brought a new meaning to the word, but the underlying idea remains the same. It's not supposed to be just a picture of youself. The earlier mention of MySpace pictures prompted me to ponder how a shared interest message board differs from a social networking site. I view the social networking sites rather as an antithesis of this board, and in fact the name MySpace makes me think of this board, or the other tax boards as "OurSpace". The avatars do allow a little personalization and personality into the mix, but the focus is not on members as individuals, rather it is on the ideas and topics to be discussed. It's not about us as individuals, but about our shared concerns, etc.. and our desire to assist each other, and share knowledge. IMHO (see, I can do the hip texting stuff, too) having a picture of oneself is just too distracting. That's more information than I need or want to know. I appreciate some the avatars that members here have posted, although if I'm going to critique them, I must say that JB's is a little disturbing, but that's ok with me. I did get on to a website, where there are hundreds of avatars people have uploaded to be shared, or used by anyone. http://avatars.jurko.net has an interesting collection of avatars. I think I'll work on creating one for myself. I assure you it won't be a picture of me, although my highschool senior picture wasn't bad. I should say that I've never been offended by Julie's high school picture. Maybe high school pictures are ok. They might well be a very good example of "a concrete manifestation of an abstract concept". Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth of opinion in the matter.