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  1. I just went through this a few years ago. My research said hot tub cost less increase in value to property equaled medical deduction. But most R/E sites were ambiguous as to value increase, more than a few said a hot tub devalues property. The client ;got an opinion letter from a R/E appraiser that backs up devaluation. We used the full cost and never heard a word - Rx & appraisal were at the ready should it have been questioned. FWIW Rheumatoid arthritis, and client (100K+ income) says she would be on disability without it (After re-reading, my client got the Rx first.)
  2. Be careful, there is a waterfall (by/under a bridge) along this route. A stop to sight see here, has sucked many an hour out of my days.
  3. I would enjoy seeing a "Tax Star Emeritus". KC would be the obvious, but who remembers Louis Sheffield, JN Mealer etc...
  4. I had a school teacher (Kentucky) who qualified for this due to teaching in a certain area. Backed it out of income on Line 26 with the explanation "section 108(f)(1)" and it was never questioned for 10+ years.
  5. Yes, and same with the $50 senior credit. Joint return - 250 worth of credits, separate returns - 500 worth of credits. It is (almost) always better to file separate in Ohio, given that Fed taxable incomes are within the same tax bracket. Disallowance of certain Fed items "if" filing separate, and Soc Security taxability are possible trips-ups, but minimal effort to check can double you income.
  6. Or a third with the formula - (Column A - Column B); zeros are even easier to see.
  7. So the unasked question here: "He goes to work one day, and a "wildcat" strike breaks out. He is locked in the plant for 331 days. Is he entitled to the exclusion?"
  8. I would wait as well. I had this situation 20 some years ago, and client, (who had good records of payments), received a grossed-up W-2 that included minimal "income tax withholdings". Gross, less all taxes withheld from W-2, equaled payments received.
  9. Here was the gist: "A planned maintenance event will require certain systems to be unavailable from 9 p.m. EDT, Friday, July 22nd through 9 p.m. EDT, Sunday, July 24th."
  10. I had to dig up my log-in info just to offer my congrats. (Nephew is still with SkyWest btw.) Jim
  11. I tried 6 times, before I used my "typical" work around. Just be sure to rename the GOOD return "w/2013 rollover", or similar wording so you don't rollover the wrong one next year. Jim
  12. I assume this is another "2013 enhancement". I ended up duplicating the return, (One for filing and one for next year's rollover.), and deleting the asset for filing 2012. Jim
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