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  1. A member on another forum (Drake?), said they ignore this and enter all (codes A & D) on Line 1a/8a. Then they list the cumulative wash totals as a single entry on the appropriate line of 8949. A few others agreed that they also did this, and none have ever had any problems. YMMV!
  2. Don't give me too much credit, I don't remember it either. I have 2 google bookmarks, the second is a search result that includes site:, so I can remember how to do it!
  3. Maybe you know, maybe not - "site:irs.gov" in your search and google will search only the IRS. One of the few good things left about google.
  4. That's the same way I started, the went to (Lotus) @if(round(blah blah blah,3)" ","NOT BALANCED"). Just a blank cell (" ") if balanced, but if it isn't ("NOT BALANCED") - much easier to see quickly. And the rounding to 3 places always caught the discrepancies of mis-entering the cents (ie. 125.513). Incidentally, that was a problem the old "spreadsheet based" ATX had. Formula "display" rounding to 2 places, but the formula itself did not round.
  5. If Yale gives (even partial) credit for the Dartmouth course, wouldn't it still be part of a degree program?
  6. We need a constitutional amendment that ANY tax law, from ANY taxing agency, must be enacted 3 months prior to the start of the year for which it is in effect! The taxpayer should be allowed to plan. (They won't, of course.) Just imagine a March budget crunch rolling around, and congress, retroactively, reverts to the 2119 treatment of home sales.
  7. Yes, drives me crazy! I have seen it take over a week with Drake (and with ATX in the past).
  8. Ditto! I guess I can quit HOPING your non-compete will expire!
  9. Jim Oh Bkkr


    Or maybe not. I tried to find the cite, but I think what I read was about mixed-use properties.
  10. Jim Oh Bkkr


    I thought I read an IRS notice last year that this was allowed for '19 and beyond?
  11. The name Best doesn't ring any bells, but in the early 90's I was using some "off the shelf" program, don't even remember the name. One year they added business returns, and if you shut a business return down improperly, you had access to a "return manager" (you actually had to force access to it). After a little "snooping", I discovered it was ATX. 600 bucks for MAX, and I NEVER had to worry about ANY form ever again. Stayed with ATX, until Drake in '16 or '17.
  12. @sbcglobal.net (originally tied to @yahoo.com) still works after about 6 years on cable internet. Sign-in is more of a pain in the a$$, since att separated from yahoo, but it still works.
  13. Thank you guys for a multiple, laugh out load, morning!
  14. "Hello in There" was more the mood the news left me in. This was one of those "albums" that was so worn out, that I could listen to both sides at the same time!
  15. What he said! (Except I'm using Drake now.)
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