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  1. Yeah! I looked at both websites yesterday and saw nothing.
  2. I have a client who called Friday to set up an appointment, 19K unemployment, after an explanation, he decided to wait. But he also hasn't received his 2nd stim. check. My post was merely to show the poor treatment of NECPA's client received. I used to live in the "world" of unemployment, (construction), and they wouldn't even talk to you if you had a part-time job!
  3. This is pathetic! I saw a post somewhere of a wife who got a part-time job just as the (hold my tongue) pandemic hit. She made a couple thousand dollars, then collected close to 20K unemployment.
  4. I provide a SASE with an identifying code only I know above the return address. I use Catherine's method, but also tape the envelope (w/postmark) to the back of the form. Again, I use Catherine's method, but also make the client initial the old date with the current date. Overkill maybe, but I'll be damned if they'll (IRS) penalize me after NOT paying me to do most of their work!
  5. And at the time, there were discussions that some federal agencies started doing this by default.
  6. So is the nephew of this proud uncle! Back home, sort'a, in Columbus.
  7. Actually it was here in a thread titled "EIN for Estate" Max posted: Did you try during 7 AM and 10 PM EST?
  8. FWIW There was a post on, (I think), the Drake forum that said this can only be done during certain hours - and the earlier the better. (7 or 8 am EST IIRC) Also, prayers, and hoping your son is still flying high!
  9. Ditto! There is a link on Scr 1 if you haven't found it. Why not a "got 'em both" check box?
  10. Oops, brain fart! I meant 4 & 6, i.e. proper amount of tax withheld.
  11. I know of a married couple whose "checks" were sent separately. Husband received 1200 & wife received 600. They filed joint last year.
  12. 1) Was the 8700 spent on the daughters support? 2a) No SE 2b) I would, but I have seen others who would list it on Line 21 (or whatever it's called now.) 3) I deal with "tipped" employees very seldom, but IIRC, the employer should've taken care of this. Are boxes 3 & 5 correct?
  13. Drake suffers from this also.
  14. I have seen 1 out 12 so far. I haven't got mine, and my check is a month old!
  15. Went there to watch Sammy Sosa try and break the home run record back when, (he struck out 4 times). That food stand had about a hundred lines and there were 20 to 30 people in each line. There were more people at that stand than in the stadium. A couple of people said it was worth the wait, but alas, I would wait!
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